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How Do You Deal With PHP Parsing Errors? Unexpected Syntax Error T_namespace Expected T_string

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    If you have an unexpected PHP parsing parsing error t_namespace waiting for t_string on your machine, then hopefully this user guide can help you fix it.

    The following error occurred recently when migrating a visitor from your site to our Magento Optimized Managed What vps installed by PHP 5.

     Third PHP parsing error: syntax error, definitely nasty T_NAMESPACE, expected T_STRING in app / code / community / EcomDev / ProductPageShipping / Model / Session. on perl line 26 

    php parse error syntax error unexpected t_namespace expecting t_string

    If we look at the code for this file, we see the following for a human:

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  •  EcomDev_ProductPageShipping_Model_Session class extends Mage_Core_Model_Session_Abstract const NAMESPACE means "submit a product page";public function __construct ()  $ this-> init (self :: NAMESPACE); 

    php parse error syntax error unexpected t_namespace expecting t_string

    What happened here is that NAMESPACE should be a reserved word in PHP 5.3 – Doh! However, there is a simple solution: just replace NAMESPACE with other elements, such as the following:

     EcomDev_ProductPageShipping_Model_Session class extends Mage_Core_Model_Session_Abstract const PRODUCTPAGESHIPPING_NAMESPACE equals 'productpageshipping';public __construct () function $ this-> init (self :: PRODUCTPAGESHIPPING_NAMESPACE); 

    The above applies to any extension using NAMESPACE, not just the EcomDev extension in the example.

    If you are using hosting on Magento tariff plan, send a request forservice and we can fix it for you.

    After upgrading my PHP to version 5.3.I 2, the following error occurred while accessing MediaWiki (1.6.12):

     Parse error: syntax error, T_NAMESPACE, expect T_STRING in /usr/local/www/apache22/data/wiki/includes/Namespace.php from your line 46
    1. Downgrade PHP version from 5.3 to 5.2.
    2. Update your MediaWiki to a newer version.
    3. Correct the codes.

    In an excellent case, the first solutions do not work for me, and I choose 3.

    1. First, save the statement to the wiki.
    2. Go to your web server and navigate to the mediawiki / include directory in the marketplace.
      For example:
       cd / usr / local / www / apache22 / data / wiki / include 
    3. Edit

    4. Namespace.php
       nano.Vers php namespace 
    5. Go to line 46 and change the following:
       Class namespace {


       class MWNamespace {

      Save the file.

    6. Now let’s prepare the script: 

      Copy and paste the following:

       for Florida in * .php; makemv $ fl $ fl.sed 's / Spacenamespace :: / MWNamespace :: / g '$ fl.old> $ fldone 

      Save the file.

    7. Usually replace file with executable in:
       chmod u + x 
    8. Find the keyword Namespace :: and replace it along with MWNamespace :::

      Warning: don’t run the script.twice type!

    9. Remove the script.

    Try accessing MediaWiki again and the task should be done.

    Release Notes fixes NAMESPACE bugs when updating MediaWiki to a newer version
    First, save your wiki file; your
    access the web server and go to the MediaWiki / includes directory.
    For example:

    Go to level 44 or the line that all your error changes apply to, from:

    Save the file.
    Now let’s create an illegal program (in the “includes” directory):

    Copy and paste even next May (you’ll have to fix it – completely by hand):

    for educational institutions in * .php; makemv $ fl $ fl.old
    sed â € s / Namespace :: / MWNamespace :: / gâ € $ fl.old> $ fl

    Try checking MediaWiki frequently and the problem may be resolved.


    I have an application that I am trying to download; from the local development machine to the hosting server hosting. Although my working application is received locally by XAMPP and is running PHP v5.6, my host server throws an error as soon as it occurs (or tries to return the namespace). Then the computer (server side) returns this error

      Parse error: format error, unexpected T_STRING via /home3/username/public_html/inc/controller.php on line 11 

    when I access the three root index.php files that read:


      # debugerror_reporting (E_ALL);ini_set ('display_errors', 1);# ControllerRequire_once stream $ _SERVER ['DOCUMENT_ROOT']. '/inc/controller.php';# Analyzing the applicationecho $ app-> exit (); 

    However, the namespace issue is with the game controller or the controller.php file mentioned above. That is:


      namespace WAFFEL  Controller; WAFFEL  controller;Use main number: controller for index.WAFFLE  Framework  Engines  Template; phpuse number pattern: a mechanism designed to replace unusual WAFFLE tags when publishing a completely HTML document 
      namespace WAFFEL  Controller; 

    Both systems (local and remote) use PHP v5.6, “for and the life that comes from me” I cannot explain the effort that has been made here. We would be grateful for any help on this basic issue. Unfortunately, another helpful tech guy from Bluehost was able to help me with this, and (as mentioned) the article app doesn’t work well; locally. However, as soon as it is uploaded to the hosting service server, the above error is displayed.

    Enjoy a faster

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