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Performance Solution: An Unexpected Error Occurred

You may have encountered an error indicating an unexpected performancepoint error. There are several ways to solve this problem, and we will do it shortly.

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    3. The web app has an auto service policy for men or women if the bank account has access to the content database

    An alarming error has occurred. Bug 46645. Exception specific: System.ServiceModel.FaultException: The server cannot allow you to service the expired request due to a fatal internal error. For more information about the error, enable IncludeExceptionDetailInFaults (either from the ServiceBehaviorAttribute or from a specific configuration behavior) on the remote computer to send the details of the exception to this rule to the client. Enable tracing according to the Microsoft .net Framework SDK documentation, but check the server trace logs. Server stack trace:

    at System.ServiceModel.Channels.ServiceChannel.ThrowIfFaultUnderstood(MessageResponse, MessageFaultFault,Action, String MessageVersion-Version,FaultConverter faultConverter)

    at System.ServiceModel.Channels.ServiceChannel.Call (string action, Boolean one-way, ProxyOperationRuntime Object[], inputs, Object[] outs, TimeSpan timeout)

    at Microsoft.PerformancePoint.Scorecards.IBIMonitoringServiceApplication.GetRenderControlPreview(RepositoryLocation fcoLocation, String viewType, Longer string,line height, String nav, String isDesigner, String pageQuery) error

    Application if you find /_layouts/15/PPSWebParts/OlapViewPreview.aspx Error=An unexpected error has occurred. Bug 46645. More details soaked your administrator.

    at Microsoft.PerformancePoint.Scorecards.BIMonitoringServiceApplicationProxy.GetRenderControlPreview(RepositoryLocation fcoLocation, String viewType, String width, String gradient, navigation line, isDesigner line, pageQuery line)

    Error message when you receive exception ‘System.Web.HttpUnhandledException’ (0x80004005): An exception of type ‘System.Web.HttpUnhandledException’ was thrown. —> Microsoft.PerformancePoint.Scorecards.BpmException: An unexpected error has occurred. Bug 46645 – Additional information to write to the administrator

    performancepoint an unexpected error occurred

    at Microsoft.PerformancePoint.Scorecards.BIMonitoringServiceApplicationProxy.GetRenderControlPreview(RepositoryLocation fcoLocation, String viewType, String width, String height, navigation line, isDesigner line, line

    An unexpected pageQuery error occurred. Error 19106. Exception Details: System.ServiceModel.ServiceActivationException: The requested service “http://epmserver:32843/a326fd7459d34025a9357a248171c3a2/PerformancePointService.svc” could not be activated. See the server diagnostic logs for more information. Searchin server stack: System at.ServiceModel.Channels.HttpChannelUtilities.ValidateRequestReplyResponse(HttpWebRequest Request, HttpWebResponse Response, HttpChannelFactory Factory, WebException ChannelBinding ResponseException, ChannelBinding) via System.ServiceModel.Channels.HttpChannelFactory.HttpRequestChannel.HttpChannelRequest.WaitoutaitSpanelService .RequestChannel.Request(Message message, Timeout) Time interval in System.ServiceModel.Channels.SecurityChannelFactory`1.SecurityRequestChannel.Request(Message message, Timeout) Time interval in System.ServiceModel.Dispatcher.RequestChannelBinder.Request( Message message, Timeout) out) Timeout found in System.ServiceModel.Channels.ServiceChannel.Call(String action, Boolean oneway, ProxyOperationRuntime existence, Object[] ins, Object[] outs, Timeout) Timeout in System.ServiceModel.Channels.ServiceChannelProxy. InvokeService(IMethodCallMessage methodCall, ProxyOperationRuntime with operation) Syst em.ServiceMode l. Channels.ServiceChannelProxy.Message) Invoke(iMessage Exception is thrown again with [0]: at System.Runtime.Remoting.Proxies.RealProxy.HandleReturnMessage(IMessage IMessage reqMsg, retMsg) every System.Runtime . Remoting.Proxy. RealProxy.PrivateInvoke( MessageData& msgData, type Int32) Microsoft at.PerformancePoint.Scorecards.IBIMonitoringServiceApplication.RenderReport(Boolean proxyCacheAttempt, String& proxyCacheKey, SubstitutionList& proxyCacheSubs, DateTime& proxyCacheExpiration, String& html, String& script, WebPartContextUpdate& webPartContextUpdate, Repository isContextRepository web) .PerformancePoint.Scorecards.BIMonitoringServiceApplicationProxy.RenderReport(String& html, String& movie script, WebPartContextUpdate& webPartContextUpdate, RepositoryLocation reportLocation,String renderTargetId, Unit availableHeight, Unit availableWidth, context WebPart webPartContext, boolean isAccessibilityMode)

    Create a recycling program based on the Performance Point application pool for IIS on all application servers running this service. SharePoint doesn’t create it by default, so you’ll have to do it yourself.

    For my Farmville farm, this was the solution to the problems associated with this error.

    1) Click the application pool that hosts the Performance Point service application:

    2) Right click application pool, select reuse option:

    3) Set the best agenda for the scenario and confirm the setting….

    performancepoint an unexpected error occurred

    I’ve already had experience configuring the PerformancePoint service and creating PerformancePoint dashboards using Dashboard Designer. But once there was a request to set up the PerformancePoint Service to create dashboards on the client platform. Has the customer set up their SharePoint farm to suffer from their IT department and experts?

    So I’m starting to develop a PerformancePoint service by following this guide from Microsoft at http://technet At that time, the Perform serviceancePoint didn’t have a specific owner. So I’m using the web application pool user.

    Everything was fine until I proved that I could create a dashboard. This dashboard designer is giving me an error before displaying the data connection properties dialog. What I mean is that if I then click OK, select the data source model, I will get an error

    No, whatever data source I choose. I always get an error message: “An unexpected system error has occurred. Additional details have been randomly recorded for your administrator.

    Okay, let’s look at the SharePoint ULS log files. And…

    The PerformancePoint service application has never been configured and is required to use PerformancePoint features. The service can be configured under Manage Service Applications in the SharePoint Central Administration.

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  • That’s it. No other errors or messages that could make it clear what is really wrong and what needs to be done to fix it. event in the viewer is the same story. In the meantime, just news, not bmore. Google helped a lot. In fact, people involved in this project have posted similar questions. The main takeaway of any foreign article content is indeed a configuration issue. Either a PerformancePoint configuration issue or a Farm Sharepoint configuration issue (some prerequisites are missing or some SQL Server drivers may have been installed, etc.)

    Make Sure The PerformancePoint Service Is Running

    By the way, that was my case. So just check if the PerformancePoint service is running by going to Central Administration > System Settings > Manage Services on the Server, and if so, start the PerformancePoint Service.

    Installing SQL Server Feature Pack Drivers

    In case my SharePoint farm was set up with SQL Server 2014. Our brave customers are male or female. I’d rather not install something new and fresh that helps without first releasing a service pack.

    Then download and install the following drivers on all servers in the city, or make sure these drivers are already installed:

    Enjoy a faster