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How Do You Manage Password Protected Folders In Windows XP Professional?

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    Last week, some of our users reported finding a password-protected folder in Windows XP Professional. Select the file or folder you want to help encrypt.Right-click the file or folder and go to Properties.On the “General” tab, do not forget to click the “Advanced” button.Select the Encrypt entire content check box to protect sensitive information.Click Apply, then click OK.

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  • Updated February 10, 2017

    Individual Windows XP users can use password-protected folders to hide confidential documents from neighbors. Password protection is available through the Windows XP operating system for shared and ZIP folders. For standard versions, if you use them, your account password is automatically assigned to most password-protected folders. You’ll be prompted to create an account password if the person doesn’t have one. ZIP folders most likely have a password that is independent of the site’s password.

    Regular Folder

    Right-click on the file you want to protect and select Properties. The window will say “Properties marked X”, where “X” will be fixed with the name of your folder.

    password protect folder in windows xp professional

    Press n a new field next to “Make this folder private” in the “Local and secure sharing” section.

    Click Apply at the bottom of the window. If your wallet is password protected, the folder is now protected with the same password. The sharing window will probably ask you to create details if you don’t have a password protected website.

    Enter your password in the “Enter a new password” text box, and then re-enter it in the “Retype your new password to confirm” box.A

    Enter a word or phrase in the “Enter a word or phrase to use as a password hint” text box and click “Create Password”.

    In the folder, click OK to finish protecting the folder.

    ZIP Folder

    Double-click the ZIP folder and select File from the top menu.

    Enter the change in the “Password” text box, and then again in the “Confirm password” text box.&

    Warning Tips

    • Choose one easy-to-remember password.
    • Make sure the Caps Lock key on your keyboard is off. This may result in incorrect password entry.
    • Incorrect password entry will result inthe jewelry cabinet will be constantly filled with files.

    I want you to be able to lock my folder with a master password. All options are available to me. But “make this folder type private” is definitely the answer.

    More details here

    I propose

    You don’t plan to reinstall Windows XP or turn it into a finished computer

    password protect folder in windows xp professional

    Fix this, it may take some time or result in data loss or cost.

    Completely reset your password yourself by issuing, for example, a bootable CD with this Windows password recovery tool

    To create a personal Windows XP folder:

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