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Error Content Analysis Solutions Are Not Allowed In The Prologue.

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    Hopefully this user guide will help you if you find that error parsing is not allowed in the prologue. This error message always occurs when the XML content of our start element is invalid. Example: additional reduced point “. First through the XML element. Any characters before “

    I have been battling this totally annoying virus for 48 hours, in fact I thought I was finally going to throw the towel and try asking about availability before throwing my laptop out the window.

    parsing error content is not allowed in prolog

    GeneralUsually I am trying to parse the XML response from I-Handy that was posted to AWS SimpleDB. The answer falls back to strings; for example, it might look like this:

                   Audio          Course          Document Content          LectureSet          Metadata          Teachers           tag                 42330b4a-e134-6aec-e62a-5869ac2b4575          0.0000071759      
      XMLEventReader eventReader matches xmlInputFactory.createXMLEventReader (response.getContent ()); 

    and call eventReader.nextEvent (); multiple times to get the data. I want.

    And here’s the strange thing – the situation on the local hosting server is working fine. The answer comes, Pars, I have it, everyone is happy. The problem was that when I provide the value to Google App Engine, the social query still works and the XML resolution looks 100% the same and best to me, but the answer is enough to continue with the significant Pars exceptione:

      com.amazonaws.http.HttpClient handleResponse: to defuse reaction (ParseError at [row, col]: [1,1]Message: Content does not play in prologue.):    Audio   Rates   Document content < / DomainName>  LectureSet   MetaData   Teachers   Tag      0.0000071759 ParseError in Content [row, col]: [1,1]Message: Currently not allowed in the prologue.    at (unknown source)    com (source unknown)   at com.amazonaws.transform.StaxUnmarshallerContext.nextEvent (    ... (other lines omitted) 

    I found double, triple, quadruple this XML checked for “invisible characters” or non-UTF8 protected characters, etc. I looked at the byte array used for byte order markers, or similar nature is appropriate. Nothing at all; he passed every validation test I could throw at him. Even stranger But it does happen when I also use the best Saxon parser – fortunately ONLY on GAE, it’s still okay in my area.

    It is very difficult to trace your code back to problems as I will definitely be running the debugger in a great environment that works great (I haven’t seen any good way to easily debug GAE). However, with the specific primitive resources I have, I’ve explored a million approaches, including:

    • XML with prologue without prologue
    • With and without line breaks
    • With and without encoding = attribute in the prologue.
    • Two line break styles
    • With and without information often present in the HTTP stream.

    And I’ve tried my best to point out in a few combinations that they make sense – nothing! My wisdom has come to an end. Has anyone ever seen a problem like this one that can hopefully shed some light on us?

    We use the SAX parser for If you have analyzedWhen you edit the XML file, you will receive the following error message:


     org.xml.sax.SAXParseException; System ID: ../src/main/resources/staff.xml;  one; lineNumber: ColumnNumber: 1; Content cannot receive prologue. 

    What is SAXParseException in Java?

    All implemented interfaces: serializable. The public class SAXParseException extends SAXException. Wrap XML parsing error or XML warning. This module, both the source code and the documentation, is publicly available and provided WITHOUT WARRANTY.

    In short, invalid text or invalid list of parts before an XML or other extension declaration throws a sax error - content not allowed throughout the prologue .

    • 1. Invalid text before XML declaration.
    • 2. BOM at the beginning of the XML file.
    • 3. Other encoding format
    • 4. Download source
    • 5. Links

    1. Text Is Not Valid Before XML Declaration.

    How do I fix content is not allowed in prolog?

    Delete item by code.In Notepad ++ check UTF-8 encoding without BOM.In Intellij IDE, select the option to Delete the list of parts directly for a specific file.

    At the beginning of the XML declaration, part of the text leads to Content is still not allowed in the error prologue .

    First of all, the following XML file contains a new extra small dot . before the general XML declaration.


    parsing error content is not allowed in prolog

     ...              young          mook kim          mkyeong          100,000     

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  • How to solve the problem
    Remove any text before the declarationeat XML.


                  young          mook kim          mkyeong          100,000      

    2. BOM At Each Beginning Of The XML File.

    Many automatic text editors add BOMs to your UTF-8 file.


    Tested With Java 11 And Java 8, But The Built-in SAX Parser Can Parse A UTF-8 BOM Directory Correctly; Several Developers Have Argued That This Specification Caused An XML Parsing Error.

    To Resolve This Issue, Remove The BOM From The UTF-8 File.

    1. Remove BOMs From Each Of Our Code By
    2. In Notepad ++, Enable UTF-8 Encoding Without BOM .
    3. In The Intellij IDE, Navigate To The File And Select BOM Remove.

    PS Many Text Or Code Editors Have Attributes For Adding A Delete Mark Or Byte Sequence (BOM) To A File. Discover The Functions In A Specific Menu.

    3. Different Format

    New and interesting coding has also resulted in popular contentXML has been banned here in Prolog.

    What is Prolog in XML?

    The prologue to an XML document covers everything from the beginning of the file to the root tag of the document. It can contain an XML declaration, control statements, comments, and a document rendition definition.

    For example, a UTF-8 XML file.

                  mkyong          help          5000                   Test ]]>                  yflow          Administrator          8000               

    And we use UTF-16 encoding to parse the above utf-8 encoded XML file.

      Manufacturing Plant SAXParserFactory = SAXParserFactory.newInstance ();  try (InputStream also = getXMLFileAsStream ()) SAXParser saxParser means factory.newSAXParser ();      // Parse the XML and match it to the idea, works but not recommended, try JAXB     MapStaffObjectHandlerSax-Handler = newMapStaffObjectHandlerSax ();      // new configuration parameters      XMLReader xmlReader implies saxParser.getXMLReader ();      xmlReader.setContentHandler (handler);      Source InputSource = new InputSource (is);      // UTF-16 to be able to parse a UTF-8 XML file      source.setEncoding (StandardCharsets.UTF_16. tostring ());     xmlReader.parse (source file) д);      // publish everything      List  result = handler.getResult ();      result.forEach (System.out :: println);   fish for (ParserConfigurationException SAXException | | IOException e)      e.printStackTrace ();   



     [Fatal error]: 1: 1: Prologue content; Line number: 1; Column number: 1; In the prologue, content is allowed that is not java.xml / ( java.xml / $ JAXPSAXParser.parse ( com.mkyong.xml.sax.ReadXmlSaxParser2.main ( 

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