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Best Way To Remove New Outlook Email Notifications From Notification Area

In this guide, we are going to find out some of the possible causes that can cause Outlook to be notified of new emails in the notification area, and then suggest some possible solutions that you can try to fix the problem.

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    In Outlook, select each File menu.Select options. “Select the Mail option in the left pane.Scroll down to our own New Arrivals section. Typically, if families want the notification bar to be displayed when they receive an email, select the Show Desktop Alert check box.

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    How do I get email notifications on my taskbar Windows 10?

    Open Settings from the Windows Start menu.For Actions, select System> Notifications.In the Notifications section, enable the Receive notifications from apps and other senders option.

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    Lack of little things can also be the biggest problem; how much new mail you see in the envelope, the notification area (also known as the actual taskbar).

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  • This guide explains what to expect from an envelope, when and what language does, when it appears and never appears.

    • When should the envelope appear?
    • Make sure the option is selected.
    • Make sure the envelope is not hidden in the notification area

    When Should The Envelope Itself Be There?

    When? button The envelope indicates which messages will be delivered to you in your standard mailbox, each for a story. If the message is intercepted only by a spam filter or is transmitted by a rule, the icon pack is not displayed. The icon is also usually not displayed for additional mailboxes configured from only your Exchange account.

    How do I turn on email notifications in Outlook?

    Go to File> Options.Click Mail in the left column. On this tab, usually look for the “Inbox” section.In the main Incoming Message section, select and deselect the Show perfect desktop notification checkbox.

    For manual send / receive actions and the first send / receive action after starting Outlook, the envelope icon is usually not displayed either.

    If you want to receive a new email alert for messages that have been recruited to a rule, you can purchase a new email alert rule.

    Make Sure This Option Is Still Selected

    If you don’t see this envelope icon every time you expect it, the first thing to do is to make sure this setting is still enabled;

    • File-> Options-> Mail-> Section Parameter group: Inbox-> Option: Show popular envelopes in the notification area.

    Unused and inactive icons in the notification area disappear pretty quickly on their own.

    To show hidden values, you can expand the field notification to display unused templates, or customize the field notification if you still want to display the envelope.

    outlook new email notification in taskbar

    Windows 7
    To customize the icon for the notification area in Windows 7, use;

    1. Start -> Panel Controls -> Appearance in addition to customization -> Taskbar and Start Menu -> Click Customize …
    2. find the envelope and click the dropdown and customize them from “Show notifications only” to help to you with “Show icon and notifications”.
    3. Click OK twice to close open windows.

    Windows 8
    To customize the notification area icon in Windows 8, use:

    1. Right-click the Start menu -> Control Panel -> Appearance or Personalization -> Taskbar and Navigation -> Customize Button …
    2. Find the envelope and click dropdown and initially set “Show only notifications” to “Show with notifications with icons.”
    3. Click OK twice to access the following open windows.

    Windows 10
    to configure the use of the notification area icon in Windows 10;

    1. Start-> Settings-> Personalization-> select the taskbar-> which icons appear on the taskbar
    2. Look for an entry for Microsoft Outlook that may contain an envelope icon.
    3. Click the special switchSelect Off to set it to On so that the image is no longer automatically masked.

    Why is my outlook not notifying me of new email?

    Activate or deactivate notifications Select File> Options> Mail. In the Birth Announcement section, select or clear the Show last warning on desktop check box, and then click OK.

    Customize the taskbar so that the envelope for new e-mail messages is always displayed in the notification area.

    Often the reason for disabling this route is because you previously right-clicked the letter icon in the notification area and then selected: Hide envelope.

    To temporarily hide the envelope, you need to mark a message as read carefully in Outlook, or select a great message that has already been read and press CTRL + ENTER

    Hiding an envelope with an acceptable click completely disables this option.

    The package icon will also appear on the Outlook icon itself, unless you have customized the taskbar windows to display specific icons. Works regardless of notification settings.

    How do I get email notifications on my taskbar?

    Open Windows 10 Settings or click Personalize.Click here system tray on the left pane, so scroll down a bit until customers see Show icons on system tray buttons.For these icons to be displayed, turn our button to the ON position.

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