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How To Easily Fix Database Connection Error Ora-12154

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If you’re getting a database link error with the code ora-12154 on your computer, check out these troubleshooting methods.

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    If you are familiar with database traffic in Oracle databases, you may have run into the errorwhich “ORA-12154: TNS: cannot resolve connection with id” specified. This is a common error and can be caused by a number of factors. I’m going to focus directly on the importance of industry variables today in order to avoid such accompanying errors (in particular, reporting a healthy “TNS_ADMIN” environment variable).

    For the rest of this show, I’ll be working on a secure schema named “ARO” based on the database “dbl121” (Oracle The server named “mylab01” is running Linux.
    My database link “MY_DB_LINK” is created as OraenvORACLE_SID[DBL121] follows:

    mylab01> = ? DVL121[…]mylab01>sqlplus aro[…CREATE Link]sql> to database my_db_link USING ‘DBL122’;The database link has been created.

    The database junction points you want to use if the database “DBL122” is on an Oracle server “mylab02” (same version and OS). The “DBL122” directory also contains the “ARO” scheme using the same password, which is why I didn’t mention “CONNECT TO IDENTIFIED ****, ****”. One is creating when referencing the data source.i

    Because I’m only specifying “USING “TARGET_DB”” as theIn connection strings, the “Local Naming” method is used to resolve the service’s “Net” domain name. (this is dbl122″, which means that it helps to store information in another tnsnames.ora file).

    How do I fix my ORA 12154?

    Option 1: Make sure it’s tnsnames. The file already exists and is in the correct directory.Option 2: Verify that the name of the service that everyone is connecting to is in TNSNAMES. and ora if installed properly.Option 3: Make sure tnsnames does not contain format errors. OPA file.

    My tnsnames.ora file, located at $ORACLE_HOME/network/admin when it is mylab01, contains the following information:

    DBL122 = (DESCRIPTION = (ADDRESS_LIST = = (ADDRESS implicit (TCP protocol) (HOST = mylab02) (PORT is 1521)) ) (CONNECT_DATA = (SERVICE_NAME = DBL122) ) )


    How do you fix error ORA 12154 TNS could not resolve the connect identifier specified?

    Make sure “TNSNAMES” is listed as one of the typical NAMES values. The DIRECTORY_PATH setting in the Net oracle structure (SQLNET.Make sure TNSNAMES.Check who is used for the network service name you are using, basically there is this login id in TNSNAMES.Make sure there are almost no syntax errors in TNSNAMES.

    Typically, I will only be able to work with mylab01 until the end of this article!

    Before testing a new database connection, we can help you with some basic tests.”mylab02″

  • server reachable from “mylab01” port 1521
  • Database “dbl122” is definitely managed by “mylab02”. The listener is ready to accept new connections.
  • I can connect to some remote databases “DBL122” using web solution name with “dbl122” user “ARO”:
  • mylab01> sqlplus [email protected][…To choose ]sys_context(‘userenv’,’db_name’) double sql>;SYS_CONTEXT(‘USERENV’,’DB_NAME’)————————————————– —- ————————–DVL122

    Local Connection

    For the first test of options, I’ll choose a local connection (Bequeath NT protocol), which means I won’t integrate Oracle Net me to connect to your database. Warning: appearance

    (If your environment is set to “TWO_TASK”, you will get a connection to the city, not through Oracle Net!)

    mylab01> . oraenvORACLE_SID means [dbl121]? DVL121[…]mylab01>sqlplus aro[…]SQL> select quantity(*) received from [email protected]_db_link; NUMBER(*)———- connections

    Now 4

    Listener I Will Try To Successfully Connect To The Same Database Using Exactly The Same Schema And Theme, But Using Oracle Net (if All Your Software Connecting To The Website Is On The Same Host Is Different, Basically This Is The Method Chosen To Connect To The Database).

    Mylab01>.OraenvORACLE_SID[DBL121] = ? DVL121[…]Mylab01> Sqlplus [email protected][…]SQL> Select From Count(*) [email protected]_db_link;Select From Count(*) [email protected]_db_link *ERROR Is Available On Line 1:ORA-12154: TNS: Cannot Resolve The Specified Login Id

    RejectionResponsibility: I Can’t Find Any Evidence Of This In Oracle, So It Will Most Likely Be Based Solely On My Financial Information.

    Oracle Handles Storage Links Differently, Depending On The Type Of Links Families Have With The Database. Especially Permissions For Network Name Services.

    When You And Your Family Connect Locally To Your Family Database (using The Bequeath Protocol), Oracle Resolves Your Database’s Callback Name Using Your Most Recent Value In The Tns_admin Environment Variable.

    ora-12154 Database Link Error

    If You Connect Privately To A Database Through Nett (using The Oracle Net Listener), Oracle Resolves Your Database Website’s Cyberspace Service Name, Database Reference, Using The “TNS_ADMIN” Value Found On Your Server. The World Has Been Asking. Wide Web Database Exactly The Data At The Same Time Your Database Starts Up.

    This Is A Very Important Point, Because When You Start The Database, You Always Check Your Environment Conditions “ORACLE_HOME” And “ORACLE_SID”, But “TNS_ADMIN” (personally Rarely, I Never Checked Before Encountering This Problem).oblemoy).

    ora-12154 Database Link Error

    Users May Now Want To Check Which Field Variables Were Defined When They Were Defined In Your Database. This Can Be Achieved In Two Ways.


    I called “system” a system method because nobody would use an Oracle program with that method. The command depends on your operating system.

    For each step, the first step is to determine the specific pid of the majority “smon” process for your database instances. There are so many ways, here is the one I use:

    mylab01> -ef|grep ps smonOracle 8258 7 0 Dec04? 00:00:00 ora_smon_DBL121


    mylab01> lines /proc/8258/environ|grep TNS_ADMIN

    How do I troubleshoot a DB Link?

    Ping someone’s server.Server ping.Test TNS on scott/[email protected] sqlplus: sqlplus.Ensqlplus test: buy * [email protected] from.

    (In my case the command returned “TNS_ADMIN=/tmp” because I have a check value for before starting a specific database “DBL121”).


    myaix01>ps eww 8258| sort’ ‘n’ | grep TNS_ADMIN


    mysol01> options -e 8258


    How do I grant a database link in Oracle?

    To create a link to a public database, you must have the CREATE PUBLIC DATABASE link system privilege. In addition, you must have the SESSION create system privilege available on the remote Oracle database. [[email protected] Desktop]$ sqlplus system/oracle SQL> users create From 1-2-3 abc, user-defined created abc;.

    Unfortunately, there is no easy way to find the environment in HP-UX using the instruction system.

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