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How To Resolve Ora-00923 From Keyword Not Found Where Expected Jdbc

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    Over the past few weeks, some users have encountered an error message with the keyword ora-00923 not being found where jdbc is expected. This issue can occur due to several factors. Let’s look at them now. ORA-00923 occurs when attempting to execute a SELECT or FROM keyword without revocation using the correct form and location. If you see this error, a specific FROM keyword is misspelled or missing entirely.

    I’m new to Oracle and Java. I’m having a hard time understanding why my code doesn’t really work. Every time I run the last piece of code, I get this error. I tried for a long time to understand why, I can achieve this, but we cannot solve it. this In the code of everythingone SELECT statement, I think there are no code:

    import java.sql.*;government salaryrate public getWage empty static(int id_salary, java.lang.String[] w_name, java.lang.string[] w_lname,int[] w_salary, int[] w_month, salary_calc)throws int[] SQL exceptionTo attempt Connection conn = DriverManager.getConnection("jdbc:default:connection:");  StatePrepared pstmt = null;  ResultSet rs is zero; The Sql string implies "select last name, first name, salary, N_Month, value (A). TO HELP ?"; == connection pstmt.prepareStatement(sql);  pstmt.setInt(1, salary_id); = player pstmt.executeQuery();  if (      w_name[0] Rs is equal to.getString("name");    w_lname[0] Rs means. Getstring("last name");   w_lohn[0] Rs is equal to.getInt("salary");    = w_month[0] rs.getInt("n_month");   Assume salary_calc[0] rs.getInt("wage_calc");   different     w_name[0] "0"; means that w_lname[0] matches "0";   w_wage[0] is 0;   w_month[0] is 0;   salary_calc[0] means 0;       catch(SQLException e) System.err.println(e.getMessage()); 
    Replace or create procedure getWage(wage_id IN NUMBER, w_name OUT VARCHAR2,w_lname OUT VARCHAR2, w_lohn OUT NUMBER, OUT w_month NUMBER,salary_calc NUMBER) out AS java language name 'WageK.getWage(int, java.lang.String[],java.lang.String[],int[], int[], int[])';

    But when I try to access it with this code,I am getting the following error output:

    Enable servers;Call DBMS_JAVA.SET_OUTPUT(2000);Explain  w_name varchar2(20); w_lname varchar2(20); w_number W_month_number; salaries; pay_calc number;BEGIN  getWage(1, w_name, w_lname, w_wage, W_month, pay_calc);  dbms_output.Put_line('Salary:'); employees dbms_output.Put_line(' || a pay_calculation);End;

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    ora-00923 from keyword not found where expected jdbc

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    How do I select top 10 rows in SQL Developer?

    Microsoft Server sql SELECT 10 top column from table.PostgreSQL column table and MySQL SELECT with a limit of 10.Selecting an Oracle column from a ROWNUM table where 10 <=.Sybase SET rowcount SELECT ten of table columns.Firebird SELECT FIRST COLUMN FROM 10 table.


    scheduled ®As you can see, this is a trademark of Oracle Corporation.ORA-00923:

    The keyword is found, not when the expected error occurs, if the keyword is missing, misspelled, or missing in an Oracle SQL select or delete statement. The from keyword is used to determine the name of your current table. If the FROM lookup fails, the table name may not be validated. If the FROM keyword is aboutis missing from the SQL query, misspelled, or inappropriate in the selected material, the Oracle parser will not be able to accurately recognize the FROM keyword. If the FROM keyword is not there, found where it should be, you will most likely see the error message ORA-00923: FROM keyword not there, found where expected.

    The FROM keyword is used in a select statement to specify the name of a table or view. The select statement could not check table names if the from keyword was missing, misspelled, or. The problem is caused by the from or Before keyword, the code that writes the from keyword. Issue ORA-00923: Expected keyword not found anywhere resolved when your company rewrites query with keyword selection.

    If This Error Occurs ORA-00923

    How to resolve ORA 00923 FROM keyword not found where expected?

    Cause. Almost all SELECT or REVOKE statements had missing, misplaced, or misspelled FROM keywords of their own. The FROM keyword must follow the last selected element in any type of SELECT statement or permission statement in a REVOKE. Action: Correct this syntax. keyword Insert the word FROM in the most appropriate place.

    This occurs in Oracle Database when the FROM search clause is missing, misspelled with, or misplaced in the SELECT statement. An error can occur when there is a complication before each FROM keyword in the code. If you look at a specific SQL query and the You from keyword, perhapsOK, you’ll be ready to fix the mistake.Id, name

    ora-00923 from keyword not found where expected jdbc

    select emp;ORA-00923: keyword not found00923 locations.00000 - "The FROM keyword is no longer where expected"*Because:*Action:Error line: column 9: 18



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