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How To Fix Error?


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    I am a new overflow user, when torrents are uploaded there is no sower. I suspect this is constantly related to tracking bugs and some VPNs. Here is the output called by ‘deluge-console info’:

    Name: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    ID: 629a3f43dc2ad9366935a36dea0ec31fbcbb3492
    Status: Download Down 0 Speed: 0.0 KB / s Download Speed: 0.0 KB / s
    Seeds: 0 Pairs: (-1) 9 (-1) Availability: 0.00
    Size: 0.0 KB / 0.0 KB Ratio: -1000
    Start time: days 0 00:00:00 Active: days 0 01:06:18
    Tracking status: error: timeout
    Progress: 0.00% ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~]

    I WOULD LIKE TO:Name: f105dd901e63e3319c2b259b055fbb6e08a65ab5
    Status: Downlink Download Speed: 0.0 KB / s Download Speed: 0.0 KB / s
    Seeds: 0 Pairs: (-1) 0 (-1) Availability: 0.00
    Size: 0.0 KB / 0.0 KB Ratio: -1000
    Boarding Time: 0 days 00:00:00 Active: 8 days 01:06:18
    Tracking status: error: timeout
    Progress: 0.00% ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~]

    Name: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    ID: c30154ce7878ea73093023b93e28a4e0397f4a27
    Status: fill rate 0: .KiB / s
    Seeds: 0 0 (0) Pair: 0 (0) Stock: 0.00
    Size: 700.3 MB / 700.3 MB Ratio: 0.000
    Start time: 12 days Time 16:43:30 Active: 12 days Status: 16:44:06 tracker: error: operation canceled

    Name: checkmyiptorrent
    ID: c548ce5f264b305d8ae1108b1678fc4b67b5f01d
    Status: 0 suspended
    Size: 0.0 KiB / 0.0 KiB Ratio: -1000
    Sowing time: days 0 00:00:00 Active: days 0 00:00:00
    Tracker status:
    Progress: 0.00% ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~]

    The problem with real trackers is why I never see planters? Why do I receive tracking errors on a regular basis? The 2 most important torrents are downloaded (timeout error) and the third torrent only needs to be seeded (process aborted). TIA.Complete

    View version: [RESOLVED] Please help me with Flood: I suspect a bug

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    This is usually my first stop, so if something goes wrong with our column (I’m new here) …

    I leave

    I start in Deluge from the start menu, every step and everything looks fine …

    But immediately after a few minutes, “Error:connection timeout “(in the monitoring system status field)

    Quick and Easy PC Repair

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  • 1. Download and install ASR Pro
  • 2. Open the program and click "Scan"
  • 3. Click "Repair" to start the repair process

  • the flood page is ignored (as if I had no other torrents) and

    To get back to this particular function, I need to go to the system monitor and stop the process, and I would start over if more.

    Even when I look at this state on the system monitor, it says “sleeping”

    I am still using Deluge 1.1.6 from 9.04 Jaunty and I have it much better than Transmission (many crashes, out of memory).

    If you. register your. a family. Screenshot. in .jpg format instead of .xcf, people who need to open GIMP will be able to see them.

    No, I haven’t tried reinstalling with …
    I will definitely do it now ..
    (I am also using ie8 9.04)

    Ok, reinstalled …
    And information technology didn’t work …
    same problem as with fields

    (earlier it seems
    empty to work), but when you enable a specific torrent

    it becomes empty again .. is the torrent the reason? error

    Looks like you have a lot of torrents. Have you revisited some of the default settings?

    You may have a lot of torrentand there is not enough bandwidth to download them, but also to download them.

    I have about 13-14 torrents ..
    and yes, I did change the default settings
    maybe if I reset them to some default settings …

    Maximum number of connections: 500
    Maximum download locations: 18
    Maximum download speed: -1
    Maximum download speed: half of 80
    max – open connections: 50
    Connection attempts max. per second: 40

    Maximum number of connections -1
    maximum loading of Pai Gow Poker -1
    maximum download speed -1
    max download cost -1

    I have about 13-14 torrents ..
    and absolutely yes, I changed the default settings
    it might be obvious if I definitely revert them to their defaults …

    I thought it was back when it was the norm and you just had too many torrents, too little bandwidth and, as a consequence, possibly a closed port. Have you opened a port for Deluge about a router?

    I would advise you to try the torrent and wait for it to work.melts, then add more, etc.

    Actively use random ports 60153 ventilation This may be your problem, try a specific port.

    How do I make a large open port on my router floodable?

    I tried … it looks like 6- boot, 3- shutdown, 5-stopped now works (which I think is the cause of the problem since these 9 were recently added today)

    How can my spouse open an open port on my router to flood? error

    I tried … It seems so far 6- download, 3-download together, 5-stop (2 of which I think are causing the problem because these 2 products were added today)

    What kind of router do you wear, what brand? In fact, the best apartment is, you will be guided step by step.

    Oh, apart from random incoming traffic, I am using a specific port that is checked for yours, this is what I use, but there is definitely nothing special about it, just looking around:

    [] Allow remote connections <- I don't know if this works, so I disabled it

    hmm, thanks for the page
    My router / modem is simple: Touch Speed ​​585i v6, Thomsan
    the fastest way to do it



    Enjoy a faster




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