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Tips To Fix Nwn2 Toolbox Not Working Anymore On Windows 7

Over the past few weeks, some users have encountered an issue that causes the nwn2 toolbox to stop working on Windows 7. This issue occurs due to several factors. We will review them now.

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    When you mentioned that you could move everything to a hard drive, I thought maybe there was something wrong with my processor.

    nwn2 toolset stopped working windows 7

    So I tried to change the port the portable player was connected to.

    I was seriously considering giving up the 8 years of hard work I put into this hobby. I thought NWN2 would be pretty outdated to even run on a regular OS.


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    Thanks for someone’s response. I tried the above procedure but the toolbox still doesn’t work. It works for me on Windows and 10, it doesn’t seem to me that she wants to “play well” on dx9.

    Operating system
    Windows 10 Home, 32-bit
    AMD Phenom II X4 sixty-one, 965°C
    Deneb technology, 45nm
    4.00 GB Dual Channel DDR3 @ 666MHz (9-9-9-24) AS MotherboardUSTeK
    Computer INC. M5A88-V EVO (AM3R2) 30°C
    W2253 (1920×[email protected])
    2048MB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 (PNY) 32°C
    1863 GB Hitachi HDS723020BLA642 Device ATA (SATA) 30°C
    153 GB Hitachi HDS722516VLAT80 ATA Device (ATA) 29°C
    232 GB Western Digital WDC ATA wd2500jb-00gvc0 Device (ATA) 27°C
    Optical Drives
    Memorex DVD+ – 550L RAM Peripheral Interface ATA v1

    As you can see, this is quite an old setup, although of course it should support NWN2. what he’s doing Although I can’t express myself, I don’t mind the situation if I change things.

    I’m currently hesitant about releasing a new version (money is usually tight) and have been looking at old games that I didn’t have access to even though they’re new…hence NWN2.

    I’ve run into a different issue on Windows 7 build 7100 (RC). I recently installed Neverwinter Nights on my Windows 7 system and as a result I get a “3D maps not found” error even though my GXT285 works fine with other games.

    nwn2 toolset stopped working windows 7

    I’ve done some googling and it seems that DirectX has some effect on 7057/7100 builds – and only on the game. reverts to build 7127.

    I tried to upgrade to 7127 x64 in 7100 x64 which had 3 consecutive failures (inprobably due to my RAID0 boot pressure on a Gigabyte SATA2 RAID) and decided to start over and the 7127 x64 connected with no problems. I was supposed to get the base working, but now I’m hearing errors when trying to run AVG or Nero: “parallel configuration errors” were making these applications (and many others) unusable. so i went back to b7100.

    Finally back to 7100, I googled a bit and found an important “fix” on the BioWare forums:

    To make NWN2 work on Windows 5 – download this file – click here – take ownership of the unusual file (see c:windowssystem32 and also c:windowssyswow64 afterwards, depending on your variant operating system), rename it (I recommend renaming each extension to something other than .dll in case you need the real file later), then move the main downloaded file to the same directory as the original. It’s good that you’re positive.


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  • the exact NWN2 toolset to run less than Windows 7 – you need to install the actual DirectX 9.0c software separately. The best version forUpgrade is Microsoft’s end user redistributable update because it not only keeps DirectX 9.0c files on your system, but it also updates all DirectX 10 files. The file can be obtained here – click here – download and read to unzip every folder on every system and run the dxsetup.exe report. Then the toolbox is executed.

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