You are currently viewing Bug Fixes And Fixes For Norton Antivirus Software For Windows 98

Bug Fixes And Fixes For Norton Antivirus Software For Windows 98

At times, your computer may display an error indicating Norton Antivirus Software for Windows 98. This error can have various causes.

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    Symantec is expected to release the latest version of its popular antivirus suite next week, some of the first Norton utilities for Windows 98 users. Norton AntiVirus 5.0 continues to protect Windows 95 and Windows NT users, but also includes some features. specially designed for use with the latest Microsoft operating system.

    Is Microsoft Defender better than Norton?

    Norton 360 is often better than Windows Defender in some ways — it has better malware detection, better online protection, more advanced features, and coverage to support more platforms.

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    Is Norton still a good antivirus?

    How Good Is Norton’s Antivirus Software? Norton’s antivirus software is good and also ranks high in our ranking. It offers a number of advantages over many of its antivirus competitors. First, Norton’s LifeLock anti-theft protection and know-how provide comprehensive protection against identity theft.

    Registered in the USA on November 6, 2001


    I don’t use Windows on any laptop that I use regularly, but sometimes it ran slowly and kept getting non-standard error messages. I bought Norton Utilities in 2002 to fix this problem and that’s exactly what I did, however I found that keeping Norton Disk Doctor open and running to constantly monitor your current system slows down a bit.However, if someone keeps it private and utilities like Speed ​​Disk or WinDoctor are running from time to time, the following should keep your tiered server running smoothly. Also note that the first time you run Speed ​​Disk (basically a hard disk defragmenter) it may take a while (it took me about an hour and part of the Pentium III Mais 466), it doesn’t take half as compared with a long time after that first time. I think it was worth it.

    Can Windows 98 get viruses?

    (IDG) – In recent weeks of research, there have been several reported cases of HPS, the first computer virus to infect Windows 96. Despite such reports, Windows 98 is actually probably less vulnerable to Trojans than Win 95 and MS-DOS.

    Retrieved in USA March 25, 2002

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  • I also received the wrong program from Amazon, except that I received my Verizon prepaid phone in the mail, which was decided in a practical way, although I should have just bought it later from an important local store. Okay.
    I am switching to Windows 2000 Professional and Mac, and after some experience with the Mac version of this product (which is great) I expected a lot … it’s not bad software, but not great either. And I only encourage advanced users who are immersed in the product to practice its most advanced fufunctions even if the software goes deep into your performance system to fix / tweak something. The installation boot disk is Win98 only, so don’t worry about it, Windows 2000 users.
    I also ran into a conflict and you mean my mcafee software was throwing an error caused by installing it and needing to use it does it hurt when reinstalling? and even this won’t work properly if things don’t stop. The software installs a lot of nonsensical things by default that you probably won’t like (like the Norton protected trash can). You should definitely study the manual for the app, as the help will not help you get to it quickly.
    On top of that, it performs many functions and provides useful diagnostic information that Windows does not (but should). Heartbroken is that Microsfot has to build such an OS with tools. Or at least a private version of this use, whichwho you can “trust” (since of course you can trust any MS software). Price, but not recommended for beginners. Could you easily do terrible things on your personal computer if you didn’t know what to do?

    norton antivirus software for windows 98

    Retrieved in USA Oct 30, 2002

    I bought this program with the assumption that the “Designed for XP” sticker should indeed be XP compatible when it was packaged. However, the scanner’s floppy disk cannot access the NTFS file system, allowing the full functionality of the XP disk while XP is running – and basic boot floppies also do not support NTFS. So you will spend a lot of money on this utility so that it can run Windows scans. Also, rescue disks are always written in DOS, so they don’t work well with non-DOS systems like XP, and a lot of features only work on 98 or ME systems! This is not meant for XP – this is a program designed for Win98 that will cause problems with XP if someone sticks a sticker on it with authorization function. It deserves 2 stars because other tools might be helpful.

    norton antivirus software for windows 98

    Retrieved in USA May 16, 2003

    Is there a free Norton version?

    Try Norton Protection for free We have many ways to protect your devices, online privacy, and your family’s identity. Choose a free pA robust version with the plan that works best for your business: Norton AntiVirus Plus – First for PC or Mac.

    If you need to consider buying Norton Software System just because they offer free discounts, reconsider. While Symantec is very well known and produces tools you can trust, when we talk about them, they are starting to enjoy discounts. Yes, a liar. You really deserve it. In fact, from the band’s personal experience, I think they are worse than the infamous I / O Magic (also known as Hi-Val, Digital Research). Last December, I purchased several Norton software products and immediately submitted upgrade licenses with the required items. Guess what, so far I only have one, and it has been going on for almost 6 months now. I think they are testing my memory, but unfortunately, I followed closely every discount I made. This is what we should do when our team buys discounts on participating Symantec software applications, although I would rather advise you to avoid this as much as possible More.

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