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How To Fix Nintendo DS Error Online


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    Over the past few days, some of our users have reported that they have encountered a problem online with their Nintendo DS.



    Refers to:Nintendo DSi, Nintendo DSi XL

    The information in this article may help you when you try to connect to the Internet and a message appears prompting you to use advanced setup.

    Note. This message means your awesome wireless network is protected with a WPA security key. To connect successfully using WPA, you will probably need access to advanced settings.

    Follow These Steps

    1. If the message is still displayed on the TV screen, press OK to return to the access point search page and press Return twice.
    2. Select “Advanced Setup”.
      nintendo ds online error

    3. Remove
    4. all energetic connections.

    5. Select
    6. empty connection file.
      nintendo ds online error

      Connection 4 installed The value is set to No, selected on the Internet src =

    7. Select Search Access Point.

    8. Select your hotspot

    9. from the list.
      • If a person’s wireless network is not on your current list, or if they cannot see any wireless Internet sites, the information about Cannot find a wireless access point may be helpful.
      • When asked to enter it, select your password with OK. If you don’t always know your wireless security key, our information on finding your wireless password might also be helpful.

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    This access point is secure, WPA is displayed when the password for the wireless router is requested or the search point

  • Click OK three times to test the connection.
    • After the Nintendo DSi runs the connection test, you actually see the following: Filter:

      As long as the client sees a successful connection test, support for your currentits code is irrelevant and can be ignored.

  • Connection investigation was successful – your Nintendo DSi is now connected in the line. To learn more!


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    Does Nintendo DS online still work?

    The Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection service ended at 10:30 PM EST for all Wii and DS games, although some users were allowed to stay online for several hours after they closed. The online gaming features built into all of these games will no longer be available unless you have a homebrew one.

    Why can’t my DS connect to the Internet?

    Here are some of the most common Nintendo 3DS connection fixes: Move closer to the Wi-Fi hotspot – Your Nintendo 3ds may not receive enough computer code to connect. If you have access to a Wi-Fi router, check the required Wi-Fi settings: your Nintendo nintendo 3ds only supports 2.4GHz websites with 802.11b / g modes.

    How do I fix Error 006 0612?

    Turn on your router and decoder. Restarting network devices can fix this problem.Place the Nintendo 3DS console in your router rooms via the DMZ.Forward ports to the Nintendo nintendo 3ds console in your router buildings.




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