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Best Way To Resolve Nested Mount Filesystems

If you get a nested mount filesystem error, this blog post is here to help.

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    If I am safely interpreting the commands, I have created an NMFS read called Staging that is mounted at / Staging. I can see the mount point in the GUI.

    # 1 Then I created a suitable 5GB filesystem and mounted it at / Staging / Staging1

    # 2 Then I created a 2TB filesystem that is mounted and located at / Staging / Staging1 / Other

    # 3 Then I created this 4TB filesystem and nested / Staging / Staging1 / Productions

    Our users are assigned as Staging1 $ CIFSServerName Staging Staging1 and then access miscellaneous and products.

    My mission is to reproduce these systems. I copied the Staging1 FS and then created a precise mount pointing to our Celerra target. However, when I try to replicate Other FS or Productions FS, both fail. I suspect it has to do with mount points / NMFS.

    I decided to start from the back and then work straight ahead.

    I was able to reproduce the production and a mount point was created = / Staging / Staging1 / Productions

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  • I was able to easily reproduce others and this usually created mount point = / Staging / Staging1 / Other

    I amI tried to replicate the 5 GB staging filesystem (which we are using as the installation point) and it failed. Usually there are special requirements?

    I also created this special NMFS mount point first, but it stopped working too.


    I definitely have filesystems that depend on other people’s mounts in their filesystem tree. How can I make sure they are installed in the correct order?


    An example of this, also known as “nested mounts”:

    / dev / oralv hangs while / oracle
    / dev / orhomelv mounted from / oracle / home
    Added / dev / orainstlv / oracle / home / orainst
    / dev / oraloglv mounted as / oracle / home / logs

    If the managed volumes and filesystems were not specifically created in this exact order, when you are done, importvg will be mounted to run for this large group.

    For example, if checking the mount of / oracle / home before mounting the parent filesystem / oracle, there will be no directory to mounti am / oracle / home because the lists exist on the / oracle filesystem.

    # / oracle / home
    mount: append 0506-324 Unable to mount / dev / orhomelv against / oracle / home: the file or directory with the specified name does not exist.


    While you might be tempted to manually edit a specific / etc / filesystem and rearrange certain types of filesystems in the correct order, this is really not recommended. The main problem is that the file systems for this file are requested when exporting a new volume group and re-added on import. If added, they will be in the order they appear on the back of the VGDA, which might be the wrong order for assembly purposes.

    Typos or other errors in / etc / filesystems can potentially cause filesystem problems when mounted at system startup.

    1. Remove file systems from anywhere in the volume group and recreate the company in the order you want to mount them.

    This may not always be useful if it isalready contains information and is in use.

    2. Use Mount Groups to mount file systems depending on the job.

    The “-u mountgroup” solution for crfs and chfs can be used to add a personal mount name to any filesystem.
    As an option “-t type” to mount then mounts all filesystems that are equipped with that “type” or in particular mt. Group.

    A) First, partition the filesystems you want to change into groups and use external agencies to give them a “type” for each group.

    Using the above file systems as a new example, let’s create 3 groups or, to simplify the mounting order of these products, let’s call each one “first”, “second” and “third”.

    Create an incredible first group:
    Chfs number -u “prime” / oracle

    Create as a second group, which depends on the specific edits made in the previous group:
    # chfs -u “second” / oracle / home

    Create my third group, which depends on the two previous groups:
    Chfs number -u “third” / oracle / home / orinst
    # chfs -u “third” now / oracle / home / logs

    b) we need to modify the whole / etc / rc script to use these install groups.

    The current version of the / etc / rc script contains this part, which starts all local mounts in the game through filesystems that were not mounted at boot:

    Make a backup copy of all / etc / rc files:
    # cp / etc / rc /etc/rc.ORIG

    nested mount file system

    Modify each script to use your group media in the correct order before adding up the rest of the filesystems:

    nested mount file system

    mount /tmp/fs1.$$ / etc / filesystems
    go up -t first
    Second build
    Mont -t -m third
    put it all together
    unmount / etc / filesystems
    rm -f /tmp/fs1.’mount $$

    all ‘can cause errors on all filesystems in your currently mounted mount groups, but that’s okay.

    The / etc / rc file is considered a user-configurable script and is not overwritten during updates (for example, during technology-level updates or service pack updates).

    Enjoy a faster

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