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How Do I Handle The Navyfield Stop Error?


Over the past few days, some of our readers have come across the Navyfield shutdown error message. This problem can arise for several reasons. We’ll cover them below.

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    Which, due to the large number of operations, requires you to know something about your device or operating equipment. If you are unsure or need further assistance, please contact Skype Technical Support at

    navyfield stop error

    If all of these troubleshooting attempts fail, the problem may be with the operating system. Download the official version of Windows 10 from the Microsoft website. Door installation instructions can be found on the same website Note. A key is required for the major version of Win10. You can buy on the official website or on Amazon. Please support the original software.

    i) Update all device drivers. Details before the procedure https: // support so: / en-us / help / 4028443 / windows-10-update-drivers

    4. GameGuard was unable to initialize or start a very old version of GameGuard.

    If you encounter any of the error codes, such as 340, 350, 360, 361, or 380, make sure your policy is disabled and you have access to the Internet. You can use “Speed ​​Test IntInternet »Bing and Yahoo or https: // www to check if you have a good Internet connection. Please note that this game does not support virtual machines and / or proxy servers.

    5. The game screen is faded or blurry.
    i) Make sure your GPU has been updated with the dedicated web site to the pilot.

    ii) Browse FleetMission.exe for your own installation path. Change the Reduced Color Mode settings. 16-bit coloring “. See Style below:

    6. Missing .NET. Unable to install .NET

    i) .NET Framework is your component that comes with Microsoft Windows. Under normal circumstances you only call the popup when you need to. install At (referring to real image)

    ii) Sometimes the installation fails due to corrupted files in your activation system on the 2nd image and ) .S Please .google .keyword :. “Restore .. NET “and follow best practices from the Microsoft community. 7. GameGuard (Anti-Cheat) is detected or missing due to corruption of the system settings file.

    ii) Antivirus / firewall functions have intercepted GameGuard files and / or processes. Add the game folder to your antivirus software’s trusted or application exceptions list and confirm the game on Steam.

    Google “Add exception for [antivirus name]” due to other brands of antivirus.

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  • 2. Open the program and click "Scan"
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  • 8. Black or partial screen when starting the game.

    In any case, make sure that in the menu “View” -> “Extra scaling and layout” -> the size of the message, attachment and other elements has definitely not been resized by 100%. Navyfield does not support resizing text. Please leave the default setting (or change it to 100% is recommended).

    If the specific STOP button above doesn’t work, just press Ctrl + Alt + Del to open the Task Manager. Find FleetMission.exe in the Processes tab and execute the task directly. Please note the following See instructions:

    11. The system cannot access the specified file alt = “”

    This is possible , due to the interception quarantine and / or antivirus measures that you have installed in your installation. Please disable or uninstall your antivirus and confirm the game on Steam. See Fix # 7 above for more information.

    navyfield stop error

    12. Windows 7 taskbar lost its transparent colors after learning to play.

    You can quickly edit the following by doing the following:

    On the left, you can actually change the display settings.

    Click on settings

    tab, monitor with True Color (32 bit).

    Navyfield is only supported on Windows up to 10. This turned out to be the best version of Win10 compared to Exec in terms of performance. This may not work, let me tell you, on other versions from From MSDN, and on virtual machines. Current versions of Steam no longer require .exe compatibility settings for Windows 7. Please do not change the default compatibility settings. When selecting a web folder, make sure the link to the website directory does not contain any non-English characters or symbols. Please DO NOT configure this in-game to build the system (default C 🙂 or on the desktop, I would say. The minimum screen resolution required for this game is 1024 x 720 pixels.

    *** [October 3, 2020 Patch: Fighting game crashes are rare and can be resolved by reloading ammo in addition to aircraft.]

    1. .Net Framework and Visual C ++ ’08 Runtime are already distributed by the system. However, the game crashes and ends without errors or warnings, or the game window folds and disappears in the middle of the game. If

    iii) You have installed a third party IME to receive language suggestions like Baidu IME, uninstall the IME and restart the movie.

    If you encounter a “Before the error message” message, the issue may be related to several issues:

    i) Since GameGuard pWorks the same as antivirus software, your Windows user account has administrator rights. Instructions: If you have antivirus software installed on your computer, it can be intercepted to present GameGuard as a threat and / or possibly a threat. You will either need to trust Game Guard to work almost as a trusted source, or remove all antivirus software. We’ve seen this 360 antivirus software known to block GameGuard and sometimes even block a directory in the Navyfield installation folder. Various other antiviruses may have used similar techniques as well. If so, users will need to uninstall or disable our antivirus software before reinstalling Navyfield. You can use a different folder in the directory. For example, if NF was “D: SteamLibrary steamapps common Navyfield” during installation, consider reinstalling “D: Navyfield” while your antivirus might be disabled.
    Another option is to start Windows in Safe Mode. This should be helpful becauseAs long as anti-virus programs do not remain loaded to interrupt the installation of other programs.

    Or google “add an exception regarding [antivirus name]” for brands of other antivirus software.

    3. GameGuard has detected the 3rd . occult program or hacks:
    If you receive a warning message stating “Suspicious third party party software, please close unrelated programs [directory]”, please follow Remove this directory, also remove the suspicious system or hack the third side and restart my game.

    9. When playing Navyfield in windowed mode, the mouse pointer will exit most of the game windows.

    Just press Alt + Tab to switch to the desktop and Alt + Tab to return to the NF game window. This should bring the cursor to the market window.



    Enjoy a faster




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