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Tips To Fix Winamp Logitech G15 Spoke Plugin

This guide is designed to assist you in the event of an error in the Winamp plug-in for Logitech g15 sples.

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    Winamp G15 Rays Plugin – Does anyone have it?

    Hello everyone. Desperate

    I am looking for the Ray G15 Winamp plugin. All links to it are still dead, so I cannot download it. I hope that something from the bottom of my heart still has a problem and will be able to download or upload information technology? I’ve searched a lot or a little, even in these forums, and left the field blank too.

    I think it’s over ten years old and I know my chances are slim … I recently had to reinstall Windows 10 so I lost my tool.

    Logitech designed the G15 keyboard with an LCD screen, and Ray’s plugin will display Winamp information and a specific animated sine wave on the LCD screen. I currently use the PC keyboard G19s and until recently used this wonderful little plugin. Here is a YouTube video (VERY LOW QUALITY) in action:

    If you appearassuming you have this plugin, it might be in a folder like this tutorial:
    C: Program Files Winamp Plugins and the filename can be gen_15_ray.dll

    Feel free to give a drink, coffee, or anything else to an existing charity soul that might get my eyes popped out.


    I am desperately looking for Ray’s Winamp G15 plugin. All links to this are now dead so I cannot find the download. Hope there is still a lovely soul and I can send it to myself by downloading it? I searched all over the place, even in these forums and became weak.

    It has been here for over 10 years. I guess I know the chances are slim … I recently had to reinstall Windows 10 so I lost the plugin.

    logitech g15 rays winamp plugin

    Logitech made all types of G15 keyboards with an LCD screen, and Ray’s plugin displayed Winamp information and an animated sine wave on the LCD screen. I studied the G19 keyboard until I used this wonderful little Alexa plugin. Here’s a (VERY BAD) YouTube video in action:

    If anyone thinks you have this tool, it might be in a wonderful folder like this:
    C: Program Files Winamp Plugins, filename is gen_15_ray.dll

    I am very happy that I can give beer or coffee to any person who can also help me.

    NOTE. To do this, you need a Logitech g15 keyboard

    Okay, some of you may have seen this YouTube video.

    and now I was wondering how SHIZZLE DIZZLE did it.
    You should download Winamp which can be downloaded from

    then you need to find someone’s plugin here (this plugin will most likely be very difficult to find a link to its dl) php? id = 88

    Once it’s easy, extract the .dll file (dull at the installation location) C: / ProgramFiles / Winamp / Plugins

    now start editing winamp, put your music into game playlist then start groove

    By now, you may have noticed that only your M control buttons are blinking by simply continuously pressing the 4th LCD button (far right) to lock the volume control tofinally iterate over the options while holding down both Ctrl, which includes a new option that appears at the end of the list, the person you want to turn with (by pressing the play / press button) should be “VU-LED backlit”

    Once that’s done, someone has to be right, now all you can do is find a great piece of music that suits your tastes

    ALSO!! NOTE: Anyone using this plugin can disable and therefore play with the ability that helps to use the M keys !!
    youtube video plugin is definitely not for me
    Good luck moddin!

    The previous plugin I used for Winamp stopped working with my cpu usage plugins. I’m not entirely sure why, although I did your own reinstallation of my graphics card, so this plugin may be part of the Nvidia monitor package. A much better plugin was found in every tournament.

    The best plugin I have found for betting music via Winamp is an extension called Ray’s Plugin. Here is the actual video about t m how it works on YouTube:

    You need to extract a specific .dll file to (default application location) C: / ProgramFiles / Winamp / Plugins

    Programmable Key 1 (Standard)
    Specter Winamp
    Winamp NASA Title Competition
    Winamp Length
    Song Duration Winamp
    Winamp Song Rating (Progress Bar)
    Programmable Key 2 (Playlist)
    Use the volume wheel to scroll through the playlist. Read
    Press the button to listen to a funny song.
    Programmable Key 3 (Volume Control)
    Press the soft key several times to select different mixers.
    Use variety to change the volume.
    Returning to Winamp screen after 2 seconds of inactivity
    Programmable Key 4 (Configuration)
    Use the scroll wheel to navigate through the search options
    Use the Play button to switch between options.

    Also, you now notice that only your M keys are blinking, just press the 4th CTRL key and use the phone volume to switch aboutpts, even if both Ctrl keys were registered) – this is “Led VU backlit”

    After that, you should appear on the right. All you have to do is customize it to your liking

    For the Logitech G15 multimedia buttons (that is, the buttons below the LCD screen) to work properly, make sure they work or not in Winamp:

    logitech g15 rays winamp plugin

    (1) Start Winamp
    (2) Select Options -> Preferences …
    (3) Select “Global Hot Keys” then check the “Enabled” box
    (4) Click the Close button

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