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How To Fix File Parsing Error At The End Of Java?

Hopefully this blog post will help you in case you encounter a Java error while scanning on your computer that has reached the end of the file.

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    The “End of file reached during parsing” error is a compiler error. t ends in full, maybe there may be parentheses, especially at the end. Each opening of the suspension requires a closing device. The only purpose of the extra parentheses is to limit the scope.

    The Java message error has reached the end of the file in the overall scan result if there is no closing parenthesis, if there is no code block (for example, operation, class).


    In the following code, the main policy being called does not end with a closing curly brace. The compiler tends to parse the code correctly and returns an error.

    public class Main
    public static void main (String [] args)
    System.out.println (“Whoops did not see the parenthesis ..”);

    Avoid Mistakes

    Since the nature of the error is common and easily manageable, use a code editor such as Visual Studio Code , or an integrated technology framework such as Eclipse . Expert-provided code editors with function parsers and syntax checkers for many Java families (or any language) catch errors before compiling.

      public module mod_MyMod extends BaseModpublic channel version ()     Dial "1.2_02";public void AddRecipes (CraftingManagerRecipes)  .AddRecipe recipes (new ItemStack (Item.diamond), new object []      "#", Character.valueOf ('#'), Block.dirt   ); 

    What does error not a statement mean in Java?

    This is almost always caused by :, This error causes Java to ultimately fail to find the if statement that matches your else statement. Typically this type appears after a pause or a specific return instruction. You misspelled the variable name, class name, or keyword in one place. Remember Java is case information.

    When I try to compile it, I get the following error:

      java: 11: end of file reached despite parsing 

    requested Feb 11 at 2:44 pm


    Isn’t That The Address You Are Looking For? Answer The Other Basic Questions Flagged As Java Compiler Errors, Or Skip To Your Own Question.

    You need to access and close your class in ... , for example:

      public class mod_MyMod offers BaseMod  public channel version ()      Dial "1.2_02";    public void AddRecipes (CraftingManager recipes)       Rezepte.addRecipe (new ItemStack (Item.diamond), Object [] fresh        "#", Character.valueOf ('#'), Block.dirt);   


    said Feb 8 11 at 14:48


    You must wrap your class in and therefore in . Some additional notes: According to the Java coding conventions, they should

    • Enter your { on the appropriate line as a method declaration:
    • Name your main classes with CamelCase Initial
    • Name your methods with camelCase (with initials)
      public class ModMyMod multiply by BaseMod    Client line version ()         Return "1.2_02";        public void addRecipes (CraftingManager Recipes) Rezepte.addRecipe (new ItemStack (Item.diamond), Brand new object []          "#", Character.valueOf ('#'), Block.dirt       );     

    answered Feb 11 11 at 14:49

    What is a compile time error in Java?

    This is most likely a common Java compilation error, also known as a syntax error. Caused by invalid syntax, not found group, invalid class list, or invalid method name. In this context, a file cannot mean a great Java TV show, it could just be truncated Java code, but somewhere with poor syntactic composition.


      if (condition) {  // Your computer code is here *  {// This does not close the code block 
      if (condition)  // your code exits here // Close the code block 

    java error reached end of file while parsing


    How do I fix error reached end of file while parsing?

    The Java error logo reaches the end of the file on parsing when there is no trailing loop for a rule block (e.g. method, class). Strategy. The plan is simple – just re-read your own code.

    answered Apr 21, 2015 at 11:29 pm


    What is the meaning of reached end of file while parsing in Bluej?

    This error occurs when the bounding parenthesis, i.e.E. H. “}” is not often known for a block of access code (eg, method, class). Note. The absence of the luminescent open parenthesis “{” does not cause the error “End of file reached despite parsing”. The most recent other compilation error is displayed.

    Yes. Didn’t you see the “{” under the public clarification line? And then one to some end of your code to keep it running.

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  • answered Aug 16 ’09 at 11:20

    java error reached end of file while parsing

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