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You Have A Problem With Java Comp User Not Found Transaction.

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    Here are some simple methods that can help you solve the Java user transaction not found problem.

    [“Business Unit”: “Code”: “BU059”, “Label”: “IBM Software without TPS”, “Product”: “Code”: “SSEQTP”, “Label”: “WebSphere Application Server”, ” Platform ”: [“ code ”:“ PF025 ”,“ label ”:“ Platform independence ”],“ Version ”:“ 8.5 ”,“ Business sector ”:“ code ”:“ LOB45 ”,“ label ”:“ Automation »]

    APAR Status

    • Closed Due To A Program Error.

    Error Related To Description

    •  Displays the log of the destination FFDC server.Javax.naming.ConfigurationException[Another root is javax.naming.NameNotFoundException: name"comp / UserTransaction" does not execute the found "java:" context.]

    Local Correction


    Problem Summary

    •  ******************************************* ****** ********************* INTERESTED USERS: all users of the WebSphere ibm application ** Server version 8. some ************************************************ * * ************* PROBLEM DESCRIPTION: "javax.naming.NameNotFoundException: ** Name "comp / UserTransaction" instead of found one ** in the context of "java: *"*********************************************** * * ************* RECOMMENDATION: ************************************************ * * ************Endpoint Server Logs, Impressionsthat have an exception in ffdc forjavax.naming.NameNotFoundException:Name Not "comp / usertransaction" in context "java:

    Problem Solving

    •  Each season, the task is removed and a new endpoint container is remove the end point. The container looks again, butfailure because the requesting thread is not associated withServer application. Has the code been updated to include the file? don't createSearch.A fix for this APAR is probably currently included inHotfix Please read all recommended updatesShipping information page:

    Temporary Troubleshooting




    APAR Information

    • The APAR Is Routed By One Of The Following System Routes:

    • An APAR Was Sent To One Or More Of You, You Will See The Following:


    Correct Information

    • Fixed Component Name


    • Fixed Component ID


    Applicable Component Levels

    • R850 PSY

      java comp usertransaction not found


    • APAR Number


    • The Name Of The Component Being Reported

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  • Registered Component ID


  • Message Sent


  • Status


  • PE

    java comp usertransaction not found

    No PE


    No HIPER

  • Special Attention


  • Submission Date


  • Closing Date

    March 21, 2013

  • Last Modified Date


  • I had an EJB application deployed to the Internet in Websphere, but in the meantime I started it. Mister. in view of the bottom exception:

      ** CNTR0020E: The EJB threw an unexpected (undeclared) exception when calling the getABCMethod method for vegetables "BeanId (ABC-ear # ABC-ejb-3.9.jar # ABC, null)". Exception data: org.hibernate.TransactionException: was able to find UserTransaction in JNDI [java: comp / UserTransaction] ** and was never found.   In org.hibernate.transaction.JTATransactionFactory.getUserTransaction (   In org.hibernate.transaction.JTATransactionFactory.createTransaction (    available at org.hibernate.jdbc.JDBCContext.registerSynchronizationIfPossible ( 213)   with helporg.hibernate.jdbc.JDBCContext.  (JDBCContext. java: 103)   here at org.hibernate.impl.SessionImpl.  (    at org.hibernate.impl.SessionFactoryImpl.openSession (    at org.hibernate.context.JTASessionContext.buildOrObtainSession (    at org.hibernate.context.JTASessionContext.currentSession (   Under org.hibernate.impl.SessionFactoryImpl.getCurrentSession (** Caused by: javax.naming.NameNotFoundException: The name 'comp / UserTransaction' was not found in the context 'java:'. **   At (    at ( 1141)   located at (    net (    Affects (    at (    at javax.naming.InitialContext.lookup ( 436)   at org.hibernate.transaction.JTATransactionFactory.getUserTransaction (    ... more 39 

    I have previously purchased various solutions available when changing the JNDI name to “jta / UserTransaction”, “UserTransaction” to “java: comp / UserTransaction”, but none of them worked.Is it WebSphere Hibernate compatibility or is it a core issue with Websphere tell me what is the solution. Thanks in advance.

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    Polzovatelskaya Tranzakciya Java Comp Ne Najdena
    Java Comp Utentetransazione Non Trovata
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    Java Comp Benutzertransaktion Nicht Gefunden
    Java Comp Usertransaction Introuvable
    Java Comp Usertransaction No Encontrada
    Java Comp Gebruikerstransactie Niet Gevonden
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