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How To Fix Imanager Error 500

In this user guide, we are going to find out some of the possible causes that can lead to the imanager 500 error, and then I will give some possible solutions that you can try to resolve this issue.

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    imanager error 500

    I have a problem connecting to Netware Server v ° 6.5 sp1 because I am testing.

    “Server computer error!
    An internal error encountered cannot fulfill your request
    . Either the server is overloaded or there was an error in the

    br> CGI script.
    If you are doing this to save the server error, contact your webmaster.
    Error 500

    I have restarted Tomcat and Apache several times.
    I researched this bug in the Novell manual and it doesn’t seem to have a good solution to the problem

    Four Hundred Errors in iManager
    Hello!Hope one of your colleagues can help me. Every time I try to log into iManagerfor my Netware 6.5 server I am getting the following error:Internal server errorThe device encountered an internal error, possibly a misconfiguration, and was unable toto fulfill your desired request.Please contact the server administrator, [email protected] and find out moreher at a time when a certain error occurred, and all that you could suffer fromcould cause an error.More information about this error may be availableAvailable in Poor Server Choice Magazine.Apache server / 2.0.49a (NETWARE) mod_jk / 1.2.6-dev inhsmdnv1.lan.bcr …

    iManager Error 100
    This is a fresh install of NW6.0 SP3. I get an error that says your diet is healthier whentry using iManager. How did I solve this? thanks a lotError: / eMFrame / webaccInternal 500Location: Servlet error:java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: com.novell.webaccess.common.Session:UseCookie () Z-method not foundTOcom.novell.emframe.servlet.eMFrameServlet.service (,compiled code)under javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet.service ( ( (…

    iManager 500 Error – Starting NWSBS 6.5. I just installed SP2 to see if I need to fix itI have problems while running.When I face the error I get the following to start iManager from the internetDirector.Server error!The server encountered an internal error and was able to completeYour request. Either the host is overloaded or another good error has occurredCGI script.If you really think this is a server error, please contact your webmaster.Error 500By collidingon the Java Show, I only test one running Catalina, so I thinkThe problem is in Tomcat4, but I don’t know what to do next.Ah …

    iManager Error 500
    Apache suddenly started throwing a strong internal 500 error, howevertry accessing iManager. When I look at the latest error log for Tomcat is specificwhat do I see:[Wednesday 11 14:26:44, 2005] [jk_ajp_common.c (1477)]: Related errorHangover. The boat almost certainly won’t start, or is it listening in the wrong place?Harbor. worker = ajp13admin failed errno = 54A few hours ago everything was working fine and nothing will change.Very strange. I restarted the server and immediately tried to start Tomcat.but so far my report has shown nothing.Ideas? NW6.5OES what is running, imanager … 800

    Error: iManager
    Hello!I had the last problem with my Netware v6.5 sp1 server since I started testing.When I try to use iManager I get this error!Message:”The server server encountered an internal error and was unable to commit your total scoreNeed. Either the server is overloaded, or there was an erroneous CGI for a whileScenario.If you think this is oshserver side, contact your webmaster.Error 500 “I have restarted Tomcat and Apache several times.I searched for this error on the Novell site and could not find a solutionfor the the owners have any ideas? PleaseThank you Nerik write …

    Imanager Error 500
    I have encountered a Linux operating system where sometimes I am unable to get Imanager to work. I amGet five hundred error messages when trying to use IManager from a browser. Thisworked, then I started having problems with NetStorage and NAM.In any case, as soon as we got these of you back to work, Imanager stopped working. hereI get when I try to restart Tomcat.z Stop tomcat4: use CATALINA_BASE: / var / opt / novell / tomcat4Using CATALINA_HOME: / var / opt / novell / tomcat4Using CATALINA_TMPDIR: / var / opt / novell / tomcat4 / tempUsing java_home: / opt / novell / lib / java2Catalina.stop: …

    Error 500 when using Imanager
    NW 6.5 + SP3AI get this error every time I try to use Imanager.”Server error!The computer detected an internal problem and was able to deal with yourEither the server is often overloaded, or there was an error in the CGIStsenariy.If you think this is a real server error, be sure to contact your webmaster.Error 500 “I have 11 servers, 4 of which have the same problems at the same time. serverthey were all reset and this resulted in 4 servers you can havethe same problem at the same time.I even uninstalled and reinstalled imanager and now I have the same…

    iManager 500 Error # 4
    When you finally try to open iManager, you will receive the commercial message “Server Error – Competent Server.internal error and could not fully respond to your request. Or the device is overloadedor there is a new error in the CGI script. Error 500. “Server – nw65sp3.I went there when you needed TCPCON and listened to 9009 and 9010. I didn’t have port 636. Javatype -show on the game console showed two lines:org.apache.catalina.startup.Bootstrap ……………. (suspended)org.apache.catalina.startup.Bootstrap ……………. 356I’ve never defined “blocked”.iManager was launched at least some time ago ….

    The imanager error is calling 500
    Hello!I have upgraded from Novell 5.1 to Novell 6.5SP3.The Imannager is installed from all base plates ovInstalled Imananger 2.5when i try to access https: // serverip: 2200 i get 500 read error requestI have all the problems but imanager doesn’t work right away.Hans iManager 2.5 does not run on Apache, which uses port twenty-two. Tryaccess iManager without revealing the port number, for example:https: //serverip/nps/iManager.htmlHope this article helps [email protected] Hello> wrote:>> I have upgraded from Novell 5.1 to Novell 6.5SP3.> Install Imannager for …

    NSBS6 SP3 iManage Problems
    I have a strange problem with port twenty two hundred of iManage. The header is loaded, butIn this bottom frame, I am getting a new internal server error (500). Errors thatVERY generic and I was unable to create a custom log file so you can use iManage orLink to this in the form of Apache general logs. I cannot easily find the TID that seems to fitmy problem.If anyone knows a simple reason or can target me with oneSolution or log data, I would be glad.- Mike Mike Schultz,> I have an extraneous problem with the iManagePort2200. Header is loading> but in a unique framework I get internalnew service …

    Error 2 iManager 500
    Hello!Hope for help from iManager.I am getting the following error in iManager when trying to work with iprintA printer. I am using NW6.5 .sp3. With. File. latest fixes in package .iPrint.+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++Server error!The server encountered a hardware error and generally couldn’t do it.ask for yours. Either the server is probably overloaded, or there was an error in the CGI.Scenario.If you think this is a server error, please continue to contact the webmaster.Error 500<** here is my server's dynamic nameserver **>Wednesday, deleted Jul 20, 2003 10:11:44 AMApache / 2.0.52 (NETWARE) …

    iManager Error 500
    –____ XCBMYBVYDYTYWGPNVKCI____Content type: text / plain; Character set = iso-8859-1Content transfer encoding: printable quoteI really wanted to post a solution to the IManager problem I saw. I was =Trying to run IManager from two different providers will result in both =one error out of 400. Restart checked to fix the problem once would be =Pause. The server is probablycould no longer be “fixed” by restarting, so I decided to dig =one and find out what happened at the end. Not enough for a long time, we went to NRM =http: // server: 8008 for each server and change the default address for =Tom …

    Error accessing imanager 600
    I have a Netware 6.5 sp3 web hosting server where I recently restored the pkidiag certificateuse. Now I cannot access the imanager anymore. I get this:”Server error!The server encountered an internal problem and was powerless to resolve yourEither the forum is overloaded or there was a big error in the CGI script.If you have any reason to believe that a host error has occurred, contact your webmaster. 500 “this isThe error also occurred on another server. Didn’t find how to fixone and ended up having to reinstall the system. However, I see a pattern. Any suggestions on how …

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  • Problem with iManager
    Hello!I created many new 6.5sp2 boxes, each of which knew iManager would work for this test.Tree in front of DSREMOVE. Having presented the new iManager tree so far, noresponds longer and, in my opinion, gives an errorBbc 500 when creating iManager remotelyDirector. When I browse through https: // serveripaddress / nps / iManager to.html I get the real error500.I followed the letter without asking questions until tid10093343 and still keep the situation. May ILDAP binds to 389 and 636. PKIDIAG shows Neo problems.Any guide is welcome.Gavin. FIXED.It is your fault that you bought the TOMCAT. Don’t complain about http: // localhost: 636 andLoad pr …

    imanager error 500

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