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Fixed: How To Fix Save Outlook Password In Windows XP

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    Over the past few days, some of our readers have reported that they have found out how to save an Outlook password in Windows XP.

    It’s simpleIn any case, you must reset this registry key before making any changes.

  • PressStart, Run, also type regedit in the box and click OK
  • MeIn the left pane, click the plus icon .
  • Software
  • Microsoft
  • Rightclick on Protected Storage System Provider and also select Export
  • MeIn the Specify file field, enter a unique alias for the key
  • MeIn the Save in field, select the locale for the file you want to save (I wouldI recommend the office)
  • PressSave
  • Always onIn the registerright click Protected Storage System Provider andselect Permissions
  • Presssurfer name for the user as they are currently logged in and make sure they areThe Read and Full Control permissions can be set to Allow.
  • PressClick the Advanced button and select
  • from the Permissions tab.

  • Highlightcurrent logged in user and make sure full control is listedin the “Permissions” column and that “This key and subkeys” are listedApply to column
  • PlaceCheck the “Replace permission entries for all child elements” box.Shown here are objects with records associated with child objects”
  • PressApply
  • BoxIf you are sure you want to do this, click Yes
  • Press OK.then click OK again to return to the Registry Editor
  • face=”Arial”>Pressautograph plus next to secure storage provider key
  • RightClick on the smokers sub-folder, which looks like this:

    How do I get Outlook to automatically remember my password?

    Click the File tab and optionally select Info > Account Settings > Account Settings.In addition to the password, select the email address you want to keep in Outlook. Select Edit.In your Exchange account settings, select Yesadvanced settings”, go to the main “Security” tab and uncheck “Always prompt for credential verification”.


  • PressDelete, then click “Yes” in the chat window “Confirm key deletion”.appears
  • AllAn identity can certainly have a Protected Storage System Provider subkey.Key. Deleting almost all folders of user subsections in this protected vaultSystem vendor key with the same procedure
  • Closeregistry and restart your computer
  • OpenOutlook Express or Outlook
  • If youwill be prompted to enter a security password, go ahead and enter it again, so make surethe Save password checkbox must be checked
  • Where are passwords stored in Windows XP?

    Windows XP passwords are usually hashed using either an LM hash, an NTLM hash (passwords of 14 characters or less), or NTLM only (passwords of 15 characters or more). The hashes are stored in C:WINDOWSsystem32configSAM.

    This shouldFollow the instructions to fix the missing code issue.saved in Outlook Express or Outlook.

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