You are currently viewing Solved: Suggested Solutions For Reinstalling Owa Exchange 2007

Solved: Suggested Solutions For Reinstalling Owa Exchange 2007

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    Here are some simple methods that can help you fix owa exchange 2007 reinstallation problem.

    I’ve often heard that OWA does not work with Exchange 2007. There must be several reasons for this, such as confirming configuration, missing files, unable to boot correctly ,. Errors, etc. p>

    There are definitely different solutions based on different reasons, but no one works or can try to restore the problematic OWA directory.

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  • 1. Download and install ASR Pro
  • 2. Open the program and click "Scan"
  • 3. Click "Repair" to start the repair process

  • Verify directory settings as part of the EMC before recreating them, such as internal URL, external URL, forms-based authentication settings, etc.

    • The first step is to identify the directory where the problem is occurring.

    Get-OwaVirtualDirectory can be used to get a list of virtual directories.

    • Now, suppose I have a problem accessing the owa directory website. Remove it using the command below.
    • Now recreate it with the following command.

    Note. If you are recreating non-owa directories that are older Exchange directories, the preferred use of “Exchange2003or2000” in OWAVersion is to usetoggling the “.” switch. use Exchange2007â €

    • Now set up the owa directory for basic options like InternalURL, ExternalURL, forms based authentication, etc. and test OWA by logging in for specific Explorer users.

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    I can still reinstall CAS without losing data, but it hasn’t been surprisingly smooth.

    3: Failed multiple times and the result points to the IIS server.

    4: I removed IIS from the Add / Remove Components window. Instructions to clear all checkboxes except for shared files:

    how to reinstall owa exchange 2007

    . 5: Error, zero, but everything happened too quickly to really delete something, and instead of complaining about cluster files * in a source that is older than some destination

    6: Finally, 6 after trying, I told him to replace the kernel files (I was very worried about this). During this time, I could not reinstall IIS, it used Moves, but it never worked, mainly because it was copying files. PerfectBut obviously there was a failure and the MMC snap-in was there, but it initializes “failed”.

    7: I ignored the email stating that typical files would be scanned and definitely disabled the root of the IIS installation. Thus, all files related to IIS will be deleted as well. (this only worked after you said yes to replace old files)

    8: Reinstalled IIS by checking the same checkbox (it was the 9th second when I tried to install IIS), unfortunately this time it took a while and a way to copy the files. (There are a lot of reboots at the moment, but I really don’t think it will affect the full result)

    9: From the command line, I have * exchange bin exsetup.exe / mode: install / roles: ca

    . accomplished

    12: Use Add or Remove Programs to install it. Finally it took a while

    how to reinstall owa exchange 2007

    13. This entire project took me over 2 hours to uninstall IIS and check the meaningful box. There is a certain program that is logically wrong with 64 bit Windows and after that I got the feeling that Microsoft supportsXia because it is zero.

    14. For this to work, I never tried to remove the OWA Directory website from the default site, although I only wanted it to work for a while.

    I really hope this helps someone as there is no help in this regard. I believe this issue is caused by Cumulative Update 4 and the OWA site may have been the default site earlier. I’m not sure because Microsoft only has 13 documents on their support site if you’re looking for “Client Access Role”.

    1: go to command line style and remove that CAS command line by line, not much).

    Enjoy a faster

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