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How To Draw Windows Live Messenger 2011 Troubleshooting


If you know how to draw in Windows Live Messenger 2011, this tutorial will help you.

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    g.Msn Messenger may not have been able to withstand so many changes and lose users quickly until Microsoft decided to replace it due to Skype and announced its final shutdown during Octo (Msn Messenger fans should cry too).




    Tired of the Windows Live Mail Default 2011 template? This tutorial will show you how to change the theme or create your own.

    2. Right click at the top of the WLM user in native UI -> Change Theme. You can also access the function via Tools-> Edit Base В

    3. In the theme window, select the appropriate theme and click OK.

    4. If you don’t like these topics, people can create them simply by clicking the browse button …

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  • Note. If your friend found “Show My Contact Subject” (right click at the top of the chat window) how will he see your design in a specific chat window


    Softonic Review

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    Windows Live Messenger, formerly known as MSN Messenger, changed its name to Microsoft and moved from Hotmail to an online community forum. The world’s most popular mobile instant messaging application has finally reached version 2009.


    Windows Live Messenger will end on April 8, 2013.

    Users will then probably need to use Skype with the entered contacts to continue receiving Windows Messaging Live Messenger contacts. N

    how to draw in windows live messenger 2011

    Windows Live Messenger offers a variety of emoticons and winks to root your conversations. You can easily expand both collections by adding the best sets that can be found in the hundreds in ANDthe Internet. Business personalization options include changing the inheritance of the chat window or even adding a personalized nickname, but not personalized status messages. In addition, Windows Live Messenger status messages have now been abbreviated to Online, Away, or possibly Busy. – So no more “on the new phone” or, for example, “somewhere to eat”.

    Chatting isn’t the only thing you can do with both Windows and Live Messenger. You can also video chat using a webcam and make calls over IP. Another great feature of Live Windows Messenger is the ability to view and share images in a chat window without having to buy files from your contact.

    For message lists, the new Windows Live Messenger creates specific groups created by various users from groups originally known as Groups, now renamed Categories. These groups allow you to have multiple chats with several contacts at the same time. Another new feature in Windows Live Messenger Help is Favorites, witha special category that allows you to keep the people with whom your whole family communicates close at hand.

    Ease Of Use

    Windows Live Messenger 2009 has many exciting new features, all designed in a convenient way with a beautiful user interface. Not sure if these few new advantages are the reason why the system weighs in at almost 70MB.


    The most striking feature of the new innovative Windows Live Messenger is a completely new user interface with a colorful design that clearly differs from the traditional Windows application. You can customize it by examining your own design and color scheme.

    how to draw in windows live messenger 2011

    To keep the most typical clarity of this design, the menu bar has only been named vizio player under some of the buttons in the upper right corner of your current Windows Live Messenger – however you can temporarily show the default menu weight by pressing the Alt key. While I understand why they did this, it makes the choice a little awkward.


    Windows Live Messenger comes out in 2009 due to the updated user interfaceface, many functions for beginners and some additional functions.

    IMPORTANT: Microsoft is replacing Windows Live Messenger with Skype. All the best contacts are automatically moved. Your best bet is to check out our complete guide to migrating from Messenger to Skype for more information, alternatives, and tips.


    • Beautiful customizable user interface.
    • Great photo sharing service.
    • New options for managing contacts
    • Lots of smilies, blinks and other candies for cats


    • No custom status messages
    • Inconvenient menu buttons
    • The setup file is bloated
    • Ads in the main interface


    • Beautiful, personalized user interface.
    • Great photo sharing service.
    • New options for managing contacts.
    • Tons of emojis, blinking eyes and other sweet eyes for cats


    • No status message.
    • Inconvenient menu buttons.
    • SetThe egg file swells.
    • Advertising in the user interface is the most valuable thing.



    Enjoy a faster

    Can you still use Windows Live Messenger?

    Microsoft’s MSN Messenger, or Windows Live Messenger as it is now called, will be completely corporate. October 31. Software grill originally announced plans to work on Skype over the past decade, but Microsoft has allowed the service to work in China.

    How do I use Windows Live Messenger?

    In the same Windows Live Messenger window, double-click the account to start a chat session. Click Video in the chat window to start a video chat. Your chosen customer will receive a better notification asking them to accept this invitation via video chat.

    When did MSN shut down?





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