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Fix Dropdown Creation In Outlook 2010

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    These fixing tips are worth reading when you learn how to create a drop-down list in Outlook 2010 error messages. Click on the “Control” toolbar, then click “Mix” when the toolbar appears. Field Create a combo box almost anywhere on your form. Right-click and select Properties.


    Looking for the perfect way to create a list of omissions in an email design template? How about selecting multiple items? And is it possible to populate this dropdown list from a database? You will definitely find all the answers in this tutorial.

    Email templates are a great way to save time on routine correspondence. But very often we still stick to manually entering certain variables when preparing an email to send. If you are introducing a unique element into each message, an email structure with fillable text fields is a good solution. When choosing from presets, there’s nothing better than a drop-down menu and more.

    Unfortunately, it’s usually not easy to create a drop-down menu in the Outlook concept. Perhaps you could start by creating a userform, have a ComboBox dto manage it and somehow insert the selected value into the message. But even for an experienced programmer vba is not a good solid trivial task. Wait… did I say “not easy”? I didn’t design the simple traditional way 🙂 Get a little creative and most people will have a working solution in no time!

    Add Dropdown Or 18m Combo Box To Outlook Message

    While it’s not really possible to create a drop-down list directly in an email slogan, there’s nothing stopping you from creating the items in Word and then simply copying them to Outlook. Because Word is used as the global Outlook email editor, this copied drop-down menu retains all of its functionality.

    Create The Dropdown Again In Word

    Because all controls are on the Developer tab, they must first be added to the Word ribbons. We have a detailed Excel guide: how to activate each of our developer tabs. This is usually done the same way in Word.

    While the Develop tabClick” is active, follow most of the steps to create a drop-down list:

    1. Open a beautiful blank document and enter my text from email web design, copy/paste or from Outlook.
    2. Place the cursor where you want the dropdown assembly to appear.
    3. On the Developer tab, in the Controls group, click:
    4. Dropdown control: allows you to select only predefined values.
    5. Combo box content control A: A combination of a drop-down list and an editable text box that allows you to either select an item from the list or enter a custom value that is not in the list.
    6. how to create a drop down list in outlook 2010

      In this example, we could instead restrict the user input to a predefined set of values, we have specifically included a dropdown control:

    7. With a control selected, click the Properties button in the Controls group.
    8. In the Email Properties window,Content Control Menu, click the Add tab, then enter the first item in the Value field (the Display Name field will fill in automatically) and click OK. Repeat these steps for any other items you want to include in the list.
    9. Remove the current “Select Entry” setting, so click OK to save the custom list.

    If you click the person’s arrow in the field, make sure everything is in place.

    Copy The Drop-down Menu In Outlook And Save The Message As A Template

    In Word, simply select text from the drop-down list of the template you just created and press Ctrl + C to copy it to your clipboard.

    In Outlook, create almost any new message and press Ctrl + V to paste the copied parts. Make sure your list is fully functional and has all the elements.

    Then save the specified message as an email template by clicking File > Save As > Outlook Template (*.oft). If you need more detailed instructions, check out how to create email design templates in Outlook.

    To open a template, select Home tab > New Items > More Items > Select Shape and locate the Custom Templates file on your system. You will most likely find more information in the How to use Outlook email templates section.

    That was a low-key decision, wasn’t it? However, it has one major drawback. With full content control in the messaging system, you are not prompted to create a selection and can simply select an item. It would be much more convenient to place each dropdown menu on the right form so you can’t miss, which is probably what we’ll do next!

    Insert Outlook Email Template Dropdown

    how to create a drop down list in outlook 2010

    In this example, the dropdown list we created will probably be displayed as a small tree. And youthe value you choose, such as a list, will be automatically inserted into the appropriate part of the particular message.

    Please don’t be scared – there will be no VBA and, of course, non-standard forms. We all often need common email templates. If you really don’t have this add-in in Outlook, you can quickly download the simple version from the Microsoft Store and follow these steps.

    In order to add a proper drop-down menu to an Outlook template, you need the following type of help:

    Quick and Easy PC Repair

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