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Tips To Fix Grub Boot Error 15

Sometimes your system may display an error message about starting grub 15. There can be several reasons for this problem.

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    If you encounter a Grub 15 boot error, the customer must ensure that all kernel files are present on their workstation. Here you need to shut down your computer and then boot from the Live CD. Then you can mount / boot from someone else’s partition and then do: cd / dvd / boot | ls to check the exact name of the kernel file.

    What Is GRUB

    GRUB or GNU GRUB stands for Unified Total Bootloader. This is the recommended bootloader on multi-OS computers and shows users the choice of the operating system they unfortunately want to boot from, not the computer. Boot variable loaders may be required for different operating systems. For example, NTLDR is the boot loader for Windows NT operating systems, and LILO is the boot loader for Linux. GRUB is any bootloader for Windows and Linux that is commonly used on PCs with Windows and Linux installed.

    Here’s a quick overview of GRUB boot errors and the most common communication solutions. Skip to the part that interests you the most:

    Common Mistakes GRUB Boots

    However, using GRUB is fraught with serious problems. Many have come across the fact that when starting the computer, it was not possible to load GRUB. There are two versions of GRUB, and if you are using Stage 1.5 or Stage 2.0, you will most likely get a Grub 15, 17, 24, or 22 error.

    Error Loading GRUB 15

    The file was simply not found. This error is displayed whenever the specified file name cannot be found.

    Error Loading GRUB 17

    Unable to mount the desired section. This error appears when the requested partition may exist, but in general the file system type should not be recognized by GRUB.

    Error Loading GRUB 21

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  • The selected storage medium does not exist. This error is displayed if the drive is not recognized by the system BIOS.

    Trouble Booting GRUB 22

    There is no such section. This error is displayed when the requested partition does not exist on the selected hard drive.

    What Are The Causes Of GRUB 15, 17, 22 Boot Errors

    Since 21 people install Windows and Linux on almost every computer, you need to properly configure GRUB to successfully boot Files from a system linked to operating systems. Or you may encounter GRUB boot errors corresponding to errors 15, 17, 21, and 23. The most common GRUB boot errors can be caused by the following:

    • Incorrect GRUB configuration
    • Wrong GRUB installation location
    • Accidental deletion of GRUB
    • Damaged MBR.

    How To Fix GRUB Boot Error 15, 17, 21, 22

    The solutions depend on which error you are experiencing. Please include the error message you are experiencing and try a new solution if necessary.

    Boot GRUB 15 Correctly

    Be optimistic about the kernel being. To find out the exact kernel concept, boot from the Live CD and mount / boot based on the entire partition, then do the following: cd / boot | ls

    Fixed GRUB 17 Boot Error

    Make sure your Root (x, y) modules in Grub.conf are correct. You can use a distribution CD, possibly a Live CD, to set up Grub as shown below. (h0,0) means some first hard drive and first papart on disk.

    Fixed GRUB 21 Boot Error

    $ sudo -s
    grub> find / boot / grub / stage1 (then cmd might return something exactly like “hd0,0”)
    grub> root (hd0,0)
    grub> configure (hd0)
    grub> exit

    Fixed GRUB 22 Boot Error

    grub boot error 15

    Step 1. Restart your computer and press “F8” until you and your family members see options.

    grub boot error 15

    Step 2. Return to the menu where you can select your operating system.

    Step 3. Select “Microsoft Windows Recovery Console”. (You may need a Windows installation CD to access the Recovery Console.)

    Step 4. When owners are prompted to select a person’s system drive, enter the number on their vehicle’s system drive.

    Step 5. Enter your account password as soon as you need it. Run the fixmbr command by typing “y” to confirm a specific operation.

    How To Recover Lost Data After Fixing GRUB Boot Error

    Applies to: Recover all lost files and data immediately after fixing GRUB boot error for Windows 10/8/7.

    Applying a patch to the finalbooting grub on Windows may result in a granular error. For example, some operations will undoubtedly format a hard disk partition or remove a hard disk. Therefore, it is important to learn how to recover search data after fixing a Grub startup error on your computer.

    Reliable hard recovery software – EaseUS Data Recovery Assistant specializes in comprehensive file recovery in Windows operating systems. This allows you to efficiently recover data lost due to GRUB boot failure with a few clicks.

    Learn how to recover accidentally deleted data from a formatted hard drive while recovering easily from a GRUB boot failure on your computer:

    Run the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, hover over the missing data and click Scan.

    Wait for the exact scanning process to complete. You can use a filter or search bar to find your lost files.

    Then select a location for the recovered data and click the “OK” button. You need to keep the danwith something else and not with the traditional.

    In addition, you can also apply this data recovery software to lost files on desktop computer, laptop, internal hard drive, external drive, removable USB drive, dog drive, memory card and many other storage devices.

    End Result

    GRUB boot failures always occur on dual-operating systems, and any error code is considered informative as it indicates a possible cause. Apply the fixes provided to resolve the issue with the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard and use the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard to recover data in the event of data loss.

    Possible solutions Step by step troubleshooting
    Fixes otherwise. Error loading GRUB 15 Boot from the Live CD, mount / boot and depending on when your partition … Follow the steps
    Fix 2: Grub 17 Boot Error Use a distribution or just liveCD to set up grub as sudo grub> root cause (hd0,0)> exit config (hd0) … follow steps
    Fix three main ones. Error loading GRUB 21 Boot the computer system from the Ubuntu installation disc> Run Command Prompt as Primary Administrator … Follow Steps
    Fixed loading error 4.GRUB 22 Restart your computer and press “F8”. You will see the options, go back to the menu … Follow the steps

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