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How To Fix The Following Error When Trying To Login To A Domain

This guide will help you if you encounter the following error while trying to join a domain.

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    SMB1 support is disabled on the client computer. One of the most common reasons for this error to occur is that SMB1 support is disabled on all computers attempting to join a domain. If this is the main case, you can easily enable Ganz in the smb1 windows features screen (method 1).


    Sometimes your computer may not be connected to the network and you receive the message “The following error occurred while trying to connect to the domain” on. To help you get rid of the problem, the Partition Minitool Wizard has compiled several reliable methods in this article.

    This article is written for the love story between this workstation and the original Domain Trust Failure issue and offers many practical solutions.

    This guide provides instructions on how to resolve the following issue when you try to connect a Windows computer to an old domain: “The specified domain does not exist or cannot be contacted.”

    How do I force join a domain?

    Press the actual Windows key to access the start menu, PowerShell, type, then press CTRL + SHIFT + ENTER.In PowerShell, the reason is type add-computer –domainname ad.contoso.-Credential com ADadminuser -restart –force and press Enter.

    The “The specified domain does not exist or cannot be contacted” error often occurs because the actual DNS settings are not on the side of your current desktop.ns because Active Directory requires you to use the DNS of the domain in order for you to work properly (not the router address).

    Decision. The Specified Domain Does Not Exist Or Cannot Be Contacted.

    Let’s assume that your Active Directory domain controller (and DNS server) is a different computer with Windows Server 2016 that is actually in charge of the “wintips.local” domain and also the IP address behind “”.< /p>

    In this particular example, the IP address and preferred DNS address on the primary controller (Domain Server 2016) must match, for example Readabilitydatatable=”1″>


    Computer name: Server2k16
    Domain name: (server WINTIPS.LOCAL
    IP address (static):
    Subnet mask:
    Default gateway:
    Preferred DNS Server:
    Method 1: Set the preferred DNS server address to actually match the IP address of the domain controller (on the client computer)

    To fix the error “The specified domain does notdoes not exist or cannot be contacted”, you can set the preferred DNS ip address to point to the IP address of the primary domain controller on each workstation. program you want to join the domain. To do this :

    following error occured attempting to join the domain

    1. network Open the folder and center it.
    2. Click “Local Area Connection” on the right, then click “Properties”.
    3.Double-click Advanced TCP/IPv4.
    4. Change your preferred DNS web address to match the IP address of the PDC (for example, “192,.168.1.10” in this example).
    6. Optional double click close ok, all windows.

    Method 2: Specify the IP address of the WINS server on the client.

    If your Active Directory domain controllers also serve as WINS devices, set the WINS IP address to point to the WINS server (the IP address of the domain controller on the primary)* computer running the desired program in the mill domain. To run this:

    *Note. This method even works if the PDC is not acting as a WINS server.

    What causes a computer to lose trust relationship with domain?

    Trust relationships can be broken if a computer attempts to authenticate to a domain with an invalid very good password. This usually happens after a Windows reinstall.

    1. network Open the folder and center it.
    2. Right clickclick “Local Area Connection” and select “Properties”.
    3. Double-click Internet Protocol TCP/IPv4.

    6. In the WINS Server IP Address field, enter the public IP address associated with the WINS server (for example, “” as an example only) and click Add.

    7. Click OK three (3) times to accept the changes and close all windows.

    He’s there! Let me know if this helpful information helped you comment on your experience. Please share examples from this guide to help others.

    Have exceeded the maximum number of computer accounts you are allowed to create in this domain?

    If you try to create more than 10, you will probably get an error message: “Your computer cannot be joined to a domain. You have exceeded the maximum number of computer accounts you are allowed to create on this site. Contact your system. administrator, if this one is reset, the limit is increased or.”

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    How do you fix error the following error occurred attempting to join the domain?

    Enable SMB1 support. Press key + windows R, thoby open “Run”.Check for third-party computer viruses. Third-party antivirus programs are known to cause the above errors.Use a system restore point. You type the system restore defined in the search bar.

    Does the following error occur when trying to connect to any server or workstation in the entire Active Directory domain?

    following error occured attempting to join the domain

    The following error occurred while trying to connect to the domain “domain.:
    Request tld” is not supported.

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  • Also, if you look at the EventViewer, you will see the following firewood entries in the following unsuccessful log location:

    Computer tried to join . Error code: 50.
    The computer attempted to join the current but failed. The code was error 1332.

    In my case, the machine was managed by a secondary domain that was not properly maintained and properly even permanently blocked from dcpromo. Of course, I had to force restart the device and that caused a few problems.

    Attention! lead Make a full file backup of the registry before doing anything. You also suggest that everyone maintain the key you want to change or remove.

    3.1. Find the following string values ​​and remove any (they must match your Dominion’s Content):

    3.2.Find keys losing weight delete them completely.De create new keys with the same name. :

    Note that in my case these were the only ones you could remove. Uses the “Find Next” feature to find the registry’s location. I strongly recommend that you do the same if you still have something to throw away.

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