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Troubleshooting Windows XP Flash BIOS


This blog post is designed to help you if you receive a Windows XP Flash BIOS error message.

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    g.Reboot your computer.Find the downloaded instruction 45CN38WW.exe.Double-click the 45CN38WW.exe file.Click Install.If the window is on time, click OK.Press Enter to start blinking.After the update is complete, the user’s computer will automatically reboot for the situations to take effect.




    There are very few tips and some information here – since I succeeded You can find an answer on Google in minutes, but the details are usually missing.

    First, there is a whole class of similar motherboards using this chipset for BIOS – unfortunately I can’t link right away – but go here and keep looking for the MQ96510J. You will try to find a utility to update Windows BIOS and other BIOS utilities in 12 steps. Pick one that works for your particular motherboard, I’m fine (although I suspect they all do download the same thing) and you might not be good with anyone.

    Here’s a question for Darryl N.’s drive regarding the XP boot disk:

    “I poptried the method you described to successfully get DOS boot from disk

    Windows XP computer to flash my BIOS. After

    booting from a floppy disk and executing the flash command, I received

    an error message, but not the BIOS that can currently run the flash program

    now with loaded memory managers. Config.sys above autoexec.bat are empty files

    . What is loading the memory impresario and how can I remove it as follows

    Can I sometimes flash the BIOS? “

    I saw this before using the Windows 98 boot floppy; however, this disk

    was probably loading the storage manager.

    I decided to update my BIOS a boot floppy disk created by XP to see if I found a flaw

    but I had no problem with it. Flash. Like

    you say some config files and autoexec are dumps. I even checked the file

    msdos.sys and didn’t find anything there that could cause problems.

    Although I haven’t seen how much it can download, I have almost everything deleted files

    , other than those required at startup (since msdos.sys

    was empty, I also deleted it), then the BIOS was flashed again. Here is

    the contents of the floppy disk from which I flashed several other Asus BIOSes:




    This trick was fine for me, it still worked fine before almost all the extra files

    were deleted. If you have access to a Windows 98 computer, you can try

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  • to create a bootable floppy disk for that computer. However, if you decide to follow these instructions,

    be sure to remove the autoexec.bat and config.sys files. In fact,

    just leave io.sys, and msdos.sys.

    If that doesn’t work, you can download a recently purchased copy

    of your Flash program just in case.

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    Here is Darryl Reeder N.’s question regarding the XP boot disk:

    “I took the time you described to create a DOS boot floppy to find mine

    A Windows XP machine is trying to tweak my BIOS. After

    Start on a floppy disk and run the flash command I received

    an error message indicating that the BIOS flashing program is currently almost unable to run

    about loaded memory managers. Config.sys and autoexec.bat are empty

    files. What loads the memory of bosses and how to remove these animals

    I’ve seen this before when using a Windows Boot 98 hard drive; but this

    I decided to update the BIOS from an XP boot floppy to see if

    flash bios from windows xp

    was able to find the problem, but I couldn’t have any problems with it. Like

    The Autoexec and Config files are said to be empty. I even checked

    msdos.sys and has not currently found anything to cause problems.

    Although I don’t understand what the Internet might be like, I deleted all files

    Except for those required for the hike (since msdos.sys was

    nya hundred, I erased it too) then I re-flashed our BIOS. Here

    The contents of the floppy I purchased are flashing in my Asus BIOS:

    It served me well, but it was going well before I removed the others altogether

    files. If you have access to a Windows 98 computer, you can try

    Create a bootable machine disk. However, if you choose this approach,

    Make sure to remove the autoexec the.bat as well as the config.sys files. Valid

    If this great job doesn’t work, it might be worth uploading a new photocopy

    This story “Flashing the BIOS from a Windows XP Boot Disk” was originally published ITworld .

    flash bios from windows xp



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    Can I flash BIOS from Windows?

    In this BIOS update process for Windows 10, you need to send a bootable USB stick and copy the last type of BIOS you want to install on the system. After that, you will need a unique script code that will flash the BIOS of your entire motherboard. Ideally, download the latest BIOS file along with the script file.

    How do I install BIOS on Windows XP?

    Call up BIOS setup during the boot process by pressing F2.Depending on your card, you can do one of the following: Go to Configuration> SATA Drives and set the Configure SATA option to IDE. Go to Advanced> Drive Configuration and set ATA / IDE mode to Native.Press F10 to save and exit.

    How can I safely flash my BIOS?




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