You are currently viewing There Was A Problem With The Expected Trusted Certificate Error.

There Was A Problem With The Expected Trusted Certificate Error.


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  • I want to create a private public key partner and convert the public key to a certificate that can be integrated into my trust store.

    To generate a private and public key openssl: rsa -in private.pem -outform PEM -out -pubout public_key.pem

      openssl -outform x509 der -in public_key.pem-already available public.cer 
      7962: error: 0906D06C: PEM routines: PEM_read_bio: no start point line: /BuildRoot/Library/Caches/ / pem /pem_lib.c:648: Expectation: CERTIFICATE OF TRUST 

    expecting trusted certificate error

    All tutorials show that I need to convert Pem to CRT before I can add a trust store.

    requested on 10 February 2017 at 5:30 pm.


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    You cannot “convert” public information to a certificate. The certificate includes the public key, but also includes other information such as equipment, issuer, when the certificate is considered validetc. And certificate a is now signed by the issuer.Instead, you need to create a Certificate Signing Challenge (CSR) that contains the public key but also contains additional instructions. This CSR must then be permanently signed with a Trustworthiness Certificate (CA), which then leads to the license.

    To create a simple self-signed official document that is not trusted by almost all browsers, see How do I create a new self-signed certificate with openssl?.

    answered Feb 5, 2017 at 5:38 PM


    You cannot publicly convert a good trusted key to a certificate.

    The original commands do not work because encoding / building the file PEM requires a password-protected certificate text as shown below:


    Certify computer files here


    So, if you are looking at your original .PEM file and you see something else (like .BEGIN .RSA …. then) this is usually wrong.

    expecting trusted certificate error

    Now you want to convert the PEM to a CRT configuration file based on the location header. Please note that x509 certificates can have two encodings – and PEM. In addition, PEM can be in .CRT, .CER, as well as .PEM format. If

    This way, your whole family can see that it is quite possible that there is an error converting a DER encrypted certificate to a suitable PEM encrypted certificate. You will probably try to find out if it is actually DER encoded by following the instructions on this page.

    Idle on February 8, 2017, 10:47 pm.




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