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How To Fix Exchange Error 550

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    If you see replacement error 550, this guide will help you. Usually your error indicates a safe area in your organization, or the recipient’s organization is preventing your message from reaching the recipient. Example: You are not authorized to send what the recipient wants.

    It is impractical to receive an error message when sending an email. This written article describes what you can do when you see 550 error codes 5.1.1 means 5.1.20 in the return description (also known as non-delivery report, inflatable return message, delivery status notification, or DSN).

    I Received This Bounce Message, How Do I Fix It?

    Here are some options that You can try to decide for yourself.

    exchange error 550

    If you are not satisfied with the troubleshooting steps in this section, please contact your email administrator and refer them to review this article so they can easily try to fix the issue while you solve it.

    Solution 1. Confirm The Recipient’s Mailing Address

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  • 1. Download and install ASR Pro
  • 2. Open the program and click "Scan"
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  • Sounds too simple, but I would say that the wrong email address is the most common problem causing problems with 5.1.x. Check your spelling and retype your message if there is a mistake in the mailing address.

    To resend a message in Outlook, Resend you will see an email .

    Solution 2: Remove The Recipient’s Email Address From The Entire Auto-complete List

    What is a 550 email error?

    The error “550 requires authentication for routing” indicates that your mail server requires SMTP authentication to send outgoing e-mails.e-mail, but not all mail clients used to send e-mail were authenticated with the new username and password.

    Your autocomplete contact list (also known as a cache alias) may have an invalid entry to help identify the recipient. For example, the email recipient might be from a large on-premises Exchange organization at a. moved toExchange Online or vice versa. Although the recipient’s email message has the same address, the recipient’s other inherent identifiers can be changed, thereby breaking your cached lookup for the recipient.

    Fix database entries for autocomplete in Outlook

    To remove invalid people or all recipients from the AutoComplete list in Outlook 2010, finally read Manage Intended Recipients in To, Cc, and Bcc Using AutoComplete .

    Fix your AutoComplete list entries in Outlook on the web

    To completely remove recipients from the AutoComplete list in Outlook on the web (formerly Outlook Web App), do one of the following:

    Remove one recipient from Outlook on the web AutoComplete list
    1. In Outlook on the web, go to New Email.

    2. Start typing the recipient’s logo or email address in most of the field until the recipient appears in the drop-down list. Alt = “Screenshot

    3. Use the up and down arrow keys to select a recipient, then press each of our delete keys.

    Remove all recipients in your Outlook on the web family from AutoComplete **

    You can only delete an AutoComplete publication in the light version of Outlook on the web. To open any mailbox in the light version of Outlook on the web, follow these steps:

  • Open your mailbox in an old web browser that only supports the lightweight version that usually connects to Outlook on the web (for Internet Explorer 9 type).

  • Configure Outlook on the web settings to use only the light version of Outlook for the web (the change will be applied the next time you open these mailboxes):

    1. In Outlook on the web, click Options.

    2. exchange error 550

      In the Find all alternatives box, enable and select Outlook inInternet of all results.

    3. On the page that appears, select Use Outlook on the web, then click Save.

    4. Log out, close the web page, and reopen your mailbox in Outlook on the web.

  • How do you fix 550 5.1 1 The email account that you tried to reach does not exist?

    Solution 1. Confirm the recipient’s mailbox address. Sounds too simple, but a new, wrong email address is the most common problem that causes 5.1. time error. Check your spelling and resubmit your message if you actually find a mistake in your marketing email address. For more information about resending a message as part of Outlook, see the article Resend email correspondence.

    After starting your mailbox in the light version of Outlook on the web, follow these steps to completely remove entries from the AutoComplete list:

    1. Select Options and make sure Messages is selected.

    2. Under Email Name Resolution, select Clear Last List, All Recipients and click OK in the check dialog box.

    3. While you’re still in the options to revert your mailbox to this full version of Outlook on this web, go to the Outlook version, select the Use a specific light version check box, and click to save. Disabled

    4. Sign in and disconnect from the Internet. The next time you open your own mailbox in a supported web browser, you will be using the full versionOutlook on the web.

    To remove invalid recipients or all recipients from your own AutoComplete list in Outlook 2010, see Manage suggested recipients with AutoComplete To, Cc, and Bcc >.

    Solution 3: Make Sure The Device Won’t Automatically Forward Messages From You To Another (possibly Invalid) Email Address

    Is the recipient’s email address in the original personal message exactly the same as the recipient’s email address on the NDR? Compare the recipient email address in each of our NDRs with the recipient email handling in the message in the Sent Items folder.

    What does this error mean 550 5.4 1 Recipient address rejected Access denied?

    The mail server that generated the error will not accept email messages from the sender’s domain (for example, @ This error is usually caused by incorrect configuration of the mail server or DNS.

    If the addresses do not match, contact the recipient’s phone (via person, etc.) and ask if you see that they have configured an email rule to prevent incoming emails from your address to another target. Your rule may have tried to save your message to a malicious email address. If the recipient isFrom such a rule, he must positively correct the target email address or remove the rule sequence to finally avoid errors when converting 5.1.x messages.

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