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Solving The Problem Of Denied Access To The C # Event Log

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    Over the past few days, some of our readers have come across an error message that denied access to the C # event log. This problem occurs for a number of reasons. Let’s discuss some of them below.

    This article will help you resolve an issue where an unexpected error usually occurs when writing the Windows event log from an ASP.NET application or a service application provider (ASP).

    Initial hardware version: Internet Information 9 services.0 and higher
    Original Knowledge Base Number: 2028427


    You have ASP.NET, also known as legacy ASP, running or deployed in Internet Services Information (IIS) 8.0. Your application writes events to the logs of the actual event window. Writing the event log to a positive state fails with a nice error message similar to the following example:

    System.Security.SecurityException: Access requested by the registry was not allowed.
    System.ComponentModel.Win32Exception: Access Denied
    InvalidOperationException: A more open protocol could not be created for the original application. You probably don’t have write access.

    event log access denied c#

    Authorization denied.


    This malfunction occurs due to the fact that the default currentThe n application user does not contain the necessary rights for the user to write articles to the Windows event log for restricted secure access.


    To grant the actual stream ID the specific required permissions, change the security of the conference protocols using the following keys in the Windows registry on your computer on the server. In fact, you select the event log that our application writes to:

    • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE System CurrentControlSet Services Eventlog Application CustomSD
    • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE System CurrentControlSet Services Eventlog System CustomSD

    The Windows registry value CustomSD is of type REG_SZ and also contains a security description in the Security Descriptor Definition Language (SDDL) syntax. A lot of information about SDDL syntax can be found by following the links in More Information below.

    The following example is an SDDL example showing the standard SDDL string for an application flag. Access rights (in hexadecimal) are in bold:

    O: SAC: SYD: (D ;; 0xf0007 ;;; AN) (D ;; 0xf0007 ;;; BG) (A ;; 0xf0007 ;;; SY) (A ;; 0x5 ;;; BA) (A ;; 0x7 ;;; SO) (A ;; 0x3 ;;; IE) (A ;; 0x2 ;;; BA) (A ;; 0x2 ;;; LS) (A ;; 0x2 ;;; NS)

    • O: The owner of the BA built-in object is the Administrator (BA).
    • G: SY main group is system (SY).
    • D: This is a Discretionary Access List (DACL) abbreviation, not an audit entry or possibly a SACL.
    • (D ;; 0xf0007 ;;; AN) Deny (AN) all permissions anonymously. (1 = read + 2 = write + 4 = delete) (first line of ACE in SDDL).
    • (D ;; 0xf0007 ;;; BG) Deny any access for integrated guests (BG).
    • (A ;; 0xf0005 ;;; SY) Allow the system to read plaintext and (1 = Read + 4 = Clear) including DELETE, READ_CONTROL, WRITE_DAC, combined with WRITE_OWNER (denoted by 0xf0000 ).
    • (A ;; 0x7 ;;; BA) Integrated allows the administrator to READ, WRITE and DELETE.
    • (A ;; 0x7 ;;; SO) The server allows operators to READ, WRITE, and then DELETE.
    • (A ;; 0x3 ;;; UI) Allow interactive users READ and WRITE.
    • (A ;; 0x3 ;;; SU) Allows the account service to READ but WRITE.

    Don’t forget to add the correct ACE line so that your web page can collect event logs.If your website is running anonymously (in other words, anonymous authentication is the last one), you must grant each IUSR or user anonymous wallet appropriate permissions to write the CustomSD item key. However, an authenticated corporate user must have the required permissions when using Integrated Windows Authentication.

    To do this permanently, under the entry add the default CustomSD , which corresponds to the event log chosen by the audience.

    • For a group of authenticated users (if integrated Windows authentication is possible): where (a ;; 0x0003 ;;; au) AU = authenticated users.

    • For IUSR or a specific configurable anonymous account, if it could be anonymous authentication, find the SID of that account, then expand the one that looks like this (A ;; 0x3 ;;; S -1 -5-21-1985444312-785446638-2839930158-1121) especially when the last field is the SID of the IUSR account on the small computer.

    • If authentication is enabledand Windows and ASP.NET impersonation is enabled for your specific account, find the SID of that borrowed account and then create an SDDL string that works like this: (A ;; 0x3 ;;; S-1-5-21 -1985444312-785446638-2839930158-1121) where the last subject is the SID of this fake account. Enter

    To read, read and write to your group, at the end of the current CustomSD line, add the following to any CustomSD value:
    (A ;; 0x1 ;;; [your group name / merchant account SID])

    To grant the group read and write permissions, at the end of the current CustomSD line, add the following directly to the CustomSD value:
    (A ;; 0x3 ;;; [your group name / user account SID])

    Instead, in Windows Server 2008, if you give drivers and groups all the event logs to read, you can simply add them to this integrated event logs disk group. However, if you do not want to view all the event logs, you will have to resort to the handy SDDL, which you can help for with the WevtUtil utility . The following example shows how to configure access to Windows 2008 Server system functions for logon:

    1. Open a command prompt and run the following command to replace SDDL from a text file on behalf of shutting down the system.

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      wevtutil gl system> C:  temp  out.txt 
  • Open this text file and copy some channel access: Enter

      channelAccess: O: BAG: SYD: (A ;; 0xf0007 ;;; SY) (A ;; 0x7 ;;; BA) (A ;; 0x5 ;;; SO) (A ;; 0x1; ;; IE) (A ;; 0x1 ;;; AU) (A ;; 0x1 ;;; SU) (A ;; 0x1 ;;; S-1-5-3) (A ;; 0x2 ;;; LS) (A ;; 0x2 ;;; NS) (A ;; 0x2 ;;; S-1-5-33) 
  • Add your user or crowd to this chain and run one of the following commands to apply the new SDDL. Replace O: BAG: XXXX with your main SDDL chain created in the previous step:

      system information wevtutil sl 
  • additional protocol

  • Security descriptor string format

  • Event log key

    • 4 minutes to read.

    event log access denied c#

    This section, method, or step contains steps that show you how to best modify the registry. However, withSerious problems can occur if you modify the registry incorrectly. Therefore, be sure to follow these steps carefully. For added protection, back up the entire registry before editing it. Then you can restore the registry if you run into problems. For more information and methods for backing up or restoring the registry, see Backing up and restoring your computer’s registry on Windows .

    There are three different permissions for creating an SDDL guitar string, most of which are related to event logs: read, write and delete. These rights correspond to the following bits in the Rights Received field of an ASCII-Compatible Encoding (ACE) character string:

    • 1 = read
    • 2 means record
    • 4 = can be deleted.

    You are currently configuring the security protocol in the same way. However, you can only change the read and delete permissions. Only the Windows Local Security Authority (LSA) has write access to the security log.

    As soon as you arePlease change this definition and restart your computer, the last setting you made will take effect. Before your site uses this procedure, make sure you understand the SDDL and therefore the standard permissions used for each event log. Also, be sure to thoroughly test any changes when deploying them in a production environment today, as you could accidentally process access control lists (ACLs) with a log event so that no one else can access it.

    Enjoy a faster

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    Handelselogg Atkomst Nekad C
    Otkazano V Dostupe K Zhurnalu Sobytij C
    Accesso Al Registro Eventi Negato C
    Acceso Denegado Al Registro De Eventos C
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