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Fixed: How To Fix Websense Log Server With Event ID 4096

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    Sometimes your system shows an error with Websense Log Server event ID 4096. There can be many reasons for this error.

    I have Websense 6.3.3 Racing on windows 2003 Pix r2 with integrated. However Websense works but I keep getting event code 4096 when using my Websense server for domains that are not in use.

    System errors, also a list of domain controllers. Domain: WORKGROUP: ecocode 2107: Message: Not Hardware connected.

    event id 4096 websense log server

    System error while enumerating domain controllers.domain:mshome:ecode:2107 Message: Device not connected.tried

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  • I’m figuring out where Websense gets this information from. When I return to my network, I see a list of individual networks associated with the domain. We have four Websense instances running 4 in locations on different subnets. The message is more than annoying because all 4 servers usually log the same error. My dc_config.txt file contains a good domain controller, but I think Websense got the idea from Active Directory. Can anyone suggest me where to look?

    This model evaluates the reputation and overall health of WebSense Web Security services and performance.

    Component Monitors

    Click here for an overview of SAM application tracking models and component monitors. The SAM API template polling tool is also available.

    This overview returns the CPU and memory usage of the Websense management service. This will be the service responsible for configuration and therefore administration.

    event id 4096 websense log server

    This monitor shows CPU memory usage and/or the Websense filtering service. It interacts with your native integration add-on and network agent to filter internet requests. A filtering service that allows part of the Internet, or a request sends a message to the user that it is effectively denied.

    This monitor displays data about the CPU and memory usage of the Websense Log Server. It sends records about the Internet activity to the log database. In addition, in category names, log names and threat class names from the success database are transferred to The az of journals.

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    Id Evento 4096 Server Di Registro Websense
    Identifikator Sobytiya 4096 Server Zhurnala Websense
    Handelse Id 4096 Websense Loggserver
    Identyfikator Zdarzenia 4096 Serwer Dziennika Websense
    Ereignis Id 4096 Websense Protokollserver
    Gebeurtenis Id 4096 Websense Logserver
    Id Do Evento 4096 Servidor De Log Do Websense
    이벤트 Id 4096 웹센스 로그 서버
    Id D Evenement 4096 Serveur De Journaux Websense
    Id De Evento 4096 Servidor De Registro Websense