You are currently viewing Event ID 1030 Windows Server 2008? Fix It Immediately

Event ID 1030 Windows Server 2008? Fix It Immediately

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    The Event Viewer uses event IDs to pinpoint which uniquely identifiable events a great Windows PC might encounter. For example, the PC may generate an event ID 672 whenever the user fails to authenticate.

    What are events 1030 and 1058 in Windows 10?

    –Event ID 1030- Windows cannot work with the GPO list. – Event ID 1058 – Windows cannot access the gpt.ini file for the GPO. Well, the ten events are very common errors caused by one of many different causes. I often see questions on Experts Exchange about how to overcome these cases.

    Hi, we have 2 domain controllers (Server 2008 R2 and next year’s Server R2). Usually, when you log in to world computers (Windows 10) with a user logged in with a domain account, or authorize them on a domain controller (Server 2012 R2) with a domain administrator account, sometimes we get the following error:

    How do I fix the processing of group policy failed?

    Check if a specific computer account is active in Active Directory;Delete the file C:WindowsSystem32GroupPolicyMachineRegistry. Pole;Reboot each of our computers.

    All computer GPOs work because none of the custom GPOs are used for Win 10. There is no GPO filtering. The Computer and User GPOs work well in Windows 7.

    event id 1030 windows server 2008

    I ran dcdiag domain controllers and they are okseemed clean.

    I can successfully ping or access dc.domain.comnetlogon ordc.domain.comsysvol from computers address.

    Event ID: 1030 - Group Policy processing failed. Windows attempted to restore new Group Policy settings for this valuable user or computer. Be sure to look for the error code along with a description in the Details tab. Windows will automatically try to use it again in the next endless update cycle. Domain-joined computers have proper name resolution and a way to connect to an available domain controller to discover new bodies and group policy settings. The event must be logged on the group if the policy can be successful.
    gpupdate /strengthUpdate policy...Computer policy update completed successfully.A user access policy failed recently. The following errors have occurred:Policy group processing error. Windows attempted to obtain new Group Policy settings for this user or computer.  systems. Check the Details tab for the error code and description. Windows will likely repeat this process automatically in a future update cycle. Domain-joined computers must have the appropriate alias permission and network connectivity to the appropriate domain controller in order to recognize progressive objects and Group Policy settings. The event is logged by the group after the policy is applied successfully. DiagnosticsIf that fails, check the event log or run GPRESULT /H GPReport.html from an online control to access the results group policy information.

    Quick and Easy PC Repair

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  • 1. Download and install ASR Pro
  • 2. Open the program and click "Scan"
  • 3. Click "Repair" to start the repair process

  • GPRESULT /H GPReport.htmlINFO: User "domainuser1" has no RSoP data.

    What is Event ID 0 in Event Viewer?

    When you view such events with ID 0 using the Event Viewer, the Event Viewer reports that the item is corrupted and needs to be reinstalled. Either the component that raises this event is not installed on your local machine, oro The installation is corrupted. You can install and, if necessary, restore the component on a localized computer.

    We’re stuck on Event ID 1030, Error Code 55, which occurs on all domain-joined machines, including domain controllers.

    How to resolve event ID 1030?

    On the Details tab, find the prefix and description of the error. Windows automatically repeats this process on the next seed cycle. Computers connected to the site must have proper name resolution and then a network connection to the domain operator to discover new objects and group policy settings.

    Failed to process group policy. Windows attempted to restore new group settings.New policy for a user or computer. Look in my “Details” tab for code errors and a more detailed description. Windows will automatically repeat this task on the next restart cycle. It is important that domain-joined computers have proper name resolution and the ability to connect MLM to a domain controller by detecting new accessories and group policy settings. Sometimes an event is logged in a group when a policy can be successful.

    [name] Microsoft-Windows-GroupPolicy
    [Manual] AEA1B4FA-97D1-45F2-A64C-4D69FFFD92C9
    1030 Event ID
    Version 0
    Stage 2
    Task 0
    Transaction Code 1
    Keywords 0x80000000000000000

    [System time] 2012-06-12T00:19:31.734258300Z
    Event record ID 191165

    for correlation
    [Activity ID] 464CBB72-656C-4632-A2AA-31E797F0A8DE

    – Execution
    [process id 908]
    [ Stream ID ] 2368
    Channel system
    Computer DC1.domain.local

    – Security
    [User ID] S-1-5-18

    event id 1030 windows server 2008

    SupportInfo2 2070
    Processing mode 0
    ProcessingTimeInMilliseconds 515
    error code
    58 ErrorDescription The specified server cannot becan perform the requested operation.
    DCName DC1.domain.local

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