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Solution For Specifying The Path To The Error

Here are some easy ways to fix the path error issue.

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    If the branch was undoubtedly created by someone else AFTER you originally cloned the repository, this error will be thrown because there is no information about this new branch in your zone’s repository. Just change – master it and do many abominations. So try a new branch.

    I’m not the reason I can’t check out a real branch that I worked on before. See Commands below (note: co is an alias for checkout ):

    How do I fetch origin branch?

    If you need a professional connection, use the –track option. “Git fetch” to ensure that the repository is updated with remote links, then “git checkout –track origin / Discover” should be sufficient. You can then checkout with that branch and “git push” to sync the remote with the appropriate changes.

      ramon @ ramon-desktop: ~ / source / unstilted $ git branch -a* develop  / Datts_right function  User controlled function / menu  feature / user_controled_site_layouts  Master  Remote / origin / HEAD -> origin / master  Remote control / origin / development  Remote control / origin / function / datts_right  Remote control / origin / masterramon @ ramon-desktop: ~ / source / function $ git corp unstilted / user_controlling_site_layoutserror: pathspec 'feature / user_controled_site_layouts' doesn't even match one or more known files that git can do. 

    I don’t quite understand what this means, and I can’t find anything on Google that I understand.

    How can I checkout this branch, what have I done to successfully break it?

      97e2cb33914e763ff92bbe38531d3fd02408da46 refs / Heads / developc438c439c66da3f2356d2449505c073549b221c1 links / chapters / functionality / datts_right11a90dae8897ceed318700b9af3019f4b4dceb1e refs / Heads / functions / user_controled_menuc889b37a5ee690986935c9c74b71999e2cf3c6d7 Refs / Heads / Masterc889b37a5ee690986935c9c74b71999e2cf3c6d7 Links / Remote / Origin / HEADe7c17eb40610505eea4e6687e4572191216ad4c6 Links / Remote Control / Origin / Developmentc438c439c66da3f2356d2449505c073549b221c1 refs / remotes / origin / function / datts_rightc889b37a5ee690986935c9c74b71999e2cf3c6d7 Refs / Remote controls / Origin / Master23768aa5425cbf29d10ff24274adad42d90d15cc links / stashe572cf91e95da03f04a5e51820f58a7306ce01de links / tags / slow_dev 
      $ refs / tags / menu_shows_published_only429ebaa895d9d41d835a34da72676caa75902e3d ls. git / links / heads / function /datts_right user_Controled_menu user_Controlled_site_layouts$ cat .git / refs / heads / feature / user_controled_site_layouts3af84fcf1508c44013844dcd0998a14e61455034 
      $ git demonstrated 3af84fcf1508c44013844dcd0998a14e61455034Author: 3af84fcf1508c44013844dcd0998a14e61455034commit Ramon Tayagh Date: Thu, May 12, 19:00:03 next year +0800    Removing website design migrationdiff --git a / db / schema.rb b / db / schema.rbIndex 1218fc8..2040b9f 100755--- a / db / schema.rb+++ b / db / [email protected]@ -10.7 +10.7 @@ # Number It is highly recommended that you view this file in your version control system.-ActiveRecord :: Schema.define (: version => 20110511012647)+ ActiveRecord :: Schema.define (: version =>2011050340056)  create_table "attachments": effort => really do | t |     the character string "name"@@ -205.15 +205.6 @@ ActiveRecord :: Schema.define (: version => 20110511012647) do     t.integer "old_id"  end- create_table "site_layouts",: force => definitely correct | t |- the character string "name"- T. Component "Description"- T .tex t. "Content"- t.integer "site_id"- t.datetime "created_at"- t.datetime "updated_at"- Finish-  Create_table "site_styles",: force => true do | t |     t.text "published"     t.datetime "created_at" 

    Have you ever received this message when users were sure that the branch you are trying to fetch exists? Even after getting git suck origin Develop just doesn’t necessarily work?

    This shows that all branch families are referenced. When viewing the one you want to add to this list, run all of the following commands:

    This will successfully create a great new thread in your area and hence fill it with all the advice from the source.

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