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Need To Get Rid Of Errors Issues With Outlook Express Mapi

If you notice the Outlook Express Mapi error, this user guide will help you.

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    If you may have uninstalled Outlook before exporting messages from Outlook Express and are receiving an Outlook Express Mapi error, you need to reinstall MS Outlook. After that, try exporting emails from OE this time and you will see what kind of error occurred while initializing Outlook Express MAPI.

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    When you try to import messages into Outlook Express, you may receive the following error message:

    Messages generated by the MAPI client cannot be imported. An error has occurred.
    When you try to export information from Outlook Express, you may receive the following error message:

    How do I install MAPI?

    Open the Mail Setup dialog box by selecting Control Panel > Email.Click the Show Profiles button.Add a MAPI profile.

    Export failed. An error occurred while initializing MAPI.
    This can also happen if one of the following conditions is true:
    You configure Outlook Express as the default Simple Messaging Application Programming Interface (MAPI) client.

    It looks like you are importing emails from Outlook into Outlook Express, but you have uninstalled Outlook from your computer before trying to import emails into Outlook Express.
    To resolve this issue, select the options in this section in the order in which they almost always appear.
    Temporarily reinstall
    If you are sending email from Outlook to Outlook Express but have already uninstalled Outlook from your computer, please reinstall Outlook and try email import.
    Change your MAPI settings
    Set Outlook to not be the default Simple MAPI client before importing certain mail items. To do this, follow these steps:
    Restart your computer and simply start Outlook Express.
    In tool paste, click Options.
    On the General tab, click to clear the “Set Outlook Express as default for simple MAPI client evaluation” check box, and then click Apply. OK
    Click when prompted to restart your computer.
    Click OK, close Express, Outlook and restart your computer. in..

    You can now import or export commercial messages.
    NOTE. After the service or export process is complete, you can stop using Outlook Express as a MAPI client. For more information about configuring Outlook Express as the default MAPI client, click the article number below to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

  • Unknown error when customers try to set up Hotmail using Outlook Express

    I haveI have a close (newbie) remote friend and I’m trying to set up Outlook Express for him, it’s XP Home. (here Hotmail). I followed your instructions above and used Hotmail as the server. However, when sending an email message using Outlook Express, an error message is displayed:

    How do I fix MAPI failure in Outlook?

    Restart your computer, and then restart Outlook Express.From the Tools menu, click Options.On the General tab, if you need to uncheck (uncheck) “Make Outlook Express just scan the default MAPI client”, click , and then click Apply.Click OK when prompted to restartzit the computer.

    An acknowledged error has occurred. Account: ‘Hotmail’, Web server: ‘’, protocol: SMTP, server response: 421 won’t establish SMTP TLS with web server, SSL_connect error 5′, port: 29 , secure (SSL) : server yes, error: 421, admin number: 0x800CCC67.

    error outlook express mapi

    I tried to validate 25 and 587 on all outgoing emails (incoming email .995). POP3 is also created.

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  • Hi EddieTL,

    You can follow your current article mentioned below and see if it helps.

    How do I fix MAPI?

    Launch the Windows Lookup application, then enter Mapi32.Right click on our own “Mapi32.Enter “mapi32.Locate the fixmapi.exe file and run it from the main search results screen.Reboot the netbook and let the operating system boot up again.

    Fix error messages someone gets when trying to forward and receive emails in Outlook instead of Outlook Express

  • When trying to copy tweets from Outlook Express to Live Mail, Copy all .dbx files except .dbx folder OK. My new computer can’t read the disc to showRelevancy messages (probably because this .dbx folder is actually missing?)

    I followed Ms. Website’s instructions to forward my OE messages to my latest version of LiveMail on my new PC. Mention the instructions to make sure that if you copy the message directly to a CD you can transfer the files so you can transfer them to a new computer that really needs to put them in the .dbx .dbx folders”.

    I can see why the new PC CDs don’t have messages to import between them (although I can see they are all exactly .dbx files).

    Why am I having problems copying folders.dbx in the morning because of this import deployment issue?

    Does Windows 10 mail support MAPI?

    Windows Mail is not really MAPI compliant.

    Create a new character in OE and import messages. This is the new place to switch to WLMail. All dbx files are likely to be new, so there shouldn’t be any corruption.

  • error outlook express mapi

    If you send a good email using Outlook Express, At that time I received this message; “When processing the requestedhello, some errors happened. See the error list below for more details”

    When your company sends an email using Outlook Express, I receive the email immediately; “Some errors occurred while processing the requested tasks. See the list of errors below for more information.” Unfortunately, no errors are indicated there and the green bar froze on the screen without any doubt. The message was found in the Outbox and repeated over and over again. There are definitely no records or sent files in the Outbox folder. TIA – Ernie

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