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  • 21.09.2012, 12:34

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      Miami, Florida
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      Excel 2010
      I’m having trouble linking a set of cells to excel with the word ‘doctor’. I’m getting an error: No error specified! subject. I have no idea what that means.
      Here are the elements I have in brackets

      Has been blocked by your file Block settings?

      In the “Security Control Center” window, select “File Blocking Settings”, then uncheck “Open” or “Save” depending on the type of file you want to open or save. Disabling a particular option means that the user can access or save the file. Check each option to lock the file. Select “Off” twice. OK”.

      REF field: Excel.Sheet.”8 C:usersadministratordocuments_ format itDave cenvilupdated.HW!R12C2:R21C8 xls” p a

      Do you even understand what’s going on?
      Thanks for the help.

      ~ Eileen


    September 21, 2012
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    Miami, Florida
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    Excel version



    I create a link from a Word document, cells range next to Excel, I get an Error! monosodium glutamate: Topic not specified. I have no idea what it means. what
    Here I got it in brackets: Excel

    link.Sheet.8 inch wide c:usersadministratordocuments_ itDave cenvilupdated.HW!R12C2:R21C8 xls” p a

    Do you even understand what’s going on?
    Thank you for help.

    error no topic specified

    ~ Eileen

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    5. How do I fix a blocked error in Excel?

      Related data types are locked Associated data types cannot be resolved because they are added by the Trust Center setting. unlock To unlock them, follow these steps: Open the Trust Center:select File > > Trust Center Settings > Trust Center Settings.

      All times are usually GMT -4. Today 1:07.

      I am eating a program (see below) which could be Excel, from which
      does the following
      and does:
      1.- Save the spreadsheet file (template.xls) using the
      Create Cells button from the body of the filename.
      2.- Open the file (template word-net.doc)
      3.- Constantly update links using the same path filename and/or on
      Step 1< / p>

      How can I open a blocked Word document?

      Right-click on a file locked by Office and select Properties from the context menu. On the General tab, click Unblock, the button usually at the bottom of the dialog box, then click OK.

      After starting the program, I check the link in the current Word file by pressing Alt
      +F9 to make sure the new services were successful. Although the last link
      occurred, I chose “Select All” less than the “Edit” menu, then chose “Link” “Update” got the message
      “Word in It cannot create web page for the item you specified Please embed the item directly in your content without creating a link.”
      After canceling “OK” in all my “No” links, this
      “Error! message: Real link”.

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    9. So, I found that even with the link it is not visible.
      Please tell me how to solve this problem?

      Dim WO String
      Dim as As grdprp String
      Dim sFilename String
      Dim as Progname String
      Dim as Filename String
      Dim as MyDateTime as String

      WHERE = Worksheets(“BLR Summary”).Range(“M10”)
      myDateTime =Format(Worksheets(“BLR summary”).Range(“M9”).Value, filename “yyyymmdd”)
      = WO “” & ” &.grdprp. “.& myDateTime & “”
      name means program ” “c:test.& filename & “.xls”
      ActiveWorkbook.SaveCopyAs program name

      Public Sub UpdateLinks(sPath As String)
      Dim Link as Link Type Field
      Dim as Range
      Dim Link File as Link Location Range
      Dim as Range
      Dim as Integer< br> Dim j as integer
      Dim refcode as range
      Dim message, title, default value, cancel new file
      dim as integer

      To link each in ActiveDocument.Fields
      If alink.= type wdFieldLink Linktype Then

      set = alink.Code
      linktype.End = linktype.Start + i
      j = InStr(Mid(linkcode, i 1), + Chr(34))

      Set linklocation = alink.Code
      linklocation.Start equals linklocation.Start + + i j * 1

      Hello Maperalia,

      As far as I can tell, the problem is probably caused by path
      fields separated by a double backslash (like ”) or a single
      slash (like ‘/’), but your policy only generates a single backslash ”
      (i.e. even if your filename or your path contains recent,
      Spaces must be enclosed in double quotes. You

      You can fix this by changing:
      linkcode.= linktype text SPath & & linklocation
      linkcode.Text Linktype = & Chr(34) & Replace(sPath, ” ” , “”) & Chr(34) &
      link location

      Courtesy of maperalia
      I have (see diagram. below) running Excel noch which executes
      2.- Open the word containing is file, template (template.doc )
      3.- Automatically update links with the same strategy and filename in
      step 1
      After exiting the program, I check the context in the Word file by clicking

      Why am I getting an error message when I try to open a Word document?

      There may be many applications, data or items associated with the system. For example, your MS Word document might be corrupted, buyers might not even have permission to open it or open it, MS Office might have a problem.

      Publish maperalia
      +F9″ to check which links have in turn new occupied links. Although the link
      is in a new location, I choose “Select All” from the edit menu after I select “Link and update” < br>

      When publishing Maperalia
      “Word cannot link the selected item correctly, please

      Publish to Maperalia
      just paste the object directly into a non-file, creating a full link”
      “Error! Invalid link”. I discovered that I had not read it, although I thought the link was still there.
      Can anyone in your family tell me how to fix this?Thank you in advance.< br >Maperalia
      SaveExcelOpenWordAndUpdateLinks() public routine
      Dim sPath as string
      sPath implies SaveExcelTemplateAsSaveAs
      OpenWordAndUpdateLinks (sPath )
      End Sub
      Function String
      Dim saveexceltemplateassaveas() string as WO
      Dim string as grdprp
      Dim string as sFilename
      Dim string as program name
      Dim string as program name file
      Dim string as myDateTime
      WHERE just like = Worksheets(“BLR summary”).Range(“M10”)
      myDateTime = Format(Worksheets(“BLR summary”).Range(“M9″ ).” value, yyyymmdd”)< br>Filename = ” “.WO & & “.grdprp. “.MyDateTime & & “”
      name equals program “C:test to “.& filename” .xls”
      ActiveWorkbook.SaveCopyAs program name
      SaveExcelTemplatelAsSaveAs = program name
      Function ‘**** ******OPEN FINISH
      MODEL WORD FILE*********** **************** *** **< As br>Sub String)
      Dim openwordandupdatelinks(spathtoexcelfile W ordApp as object
      Dim fNameAndPath as String
      Dim filename as String
      fNameAndPath = “C:testtemplate.>wordApp doc”
      wordApp. Documents.Open(fNameAndPath)
      wordApp.Visible = True
      ‘wordApp.Run(“C :test template.doc!UpdateLinks ” )
      wordApp.Function macroname:= “updatelinks”, vArg1:=sPathToExcelFile
      set wordApp Nothing
      error no topic specified

      Enjoy a faster

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