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Solution For Backup Exec Error ID 33152

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    In the past few weeks, some users have encountered error message with error ID 33152 backup Exec. This problem occurs for a number of reasons. Let’s discuss it now.

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    Last Published: 04.12.2017

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    Backup Exec Appliance and Support will not start with error 0xe0008144 and Event ID 33152 logged in Adamm Event Viewer and showing database event: Failed to connect to open database!.

    Error Message

    An attempt to start Device Media and Service fails with the above error.

    Source: Backup Exec®
    Type: error
    Event ID: 33152 Description.
    Database Event Adamm: Failed to open login database!
    Server means “LOCAL”
    Active node = “”
    instance = “BACKUPEXEC” Database
    corresponds to “BEDB”
    Connection string is equivalent to “DRIVER = SQL Server: SERVER = LOCAL.
    The Backup Exec Appliance and Support could not connect to the required database. Make sure the specified list is running.


    1. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SOFTWARE Symantec Backup Exec For Windows BEDatabase registry hive.

    Disclaimer: Incorrect use of the Windows Registry Editor on your computer can cause the circuit to malfunction. Almost any changes you make to the Windows registry should be handled with extreme caution. Changes to the registry can only be made by persons who have experience using a laptop or computer editor. It is recommended that you perform a full backup of your laptop or computer and workstation before making any changes to the registry.

    2. Check the width in inches.Database server name “,”Database instance name “and” ODBC driver connection “Key values ​​are defined correctly.


    • “database name” = “BKUPEXEC” (this is the current Backup Exec holiday)
    • “Database server name” = “Veritas” (name of the server hosting Backup Exec)
    • “ODBC Driver Connection” = “DRIVER = SQL Server; SERVER = Veritas BKUPEXEC; DATABASE = BEDB” (with previously used server phrase)

    3. Sometimes it isnot “PreviousDjmPrimaryServer” followed by a value The “Database Server Name” is the same as in the previous Event ID description. This is because the Multimedia Internet Hosting Server was installed with the CASO / MMS option and was not completely removed from CASO / MMS afterwards. To resolve this key issue, correct the above registry values ​​and start your business.

    4. If only the registry values ​​are correct and the problem still persists, be sure to read the document below to try the solutions it contains.

    error id 33152 backup exec

    6. If the issue persists and you are using Windows 2003 as the standby media, patch the Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC) monthly as described in the following article:

    error id 33152 backup exec

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    Fehler Id 33152 Backup Exec
    Id Errore 33152 Backup Exec
    Error Id 33152 Copia De Seguridad Ejecutiva
    Id De Erro 33152 Backup Exec
    Identyfikator Bledu 33152 Wykonanie Kopii Zapasowej
    오류 Id 33152 백업 실행
    Fout Id 33152 Back Upexec
    Identifikator Oshibki 33152 Rezervnoe Kopirovanie Exec