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What Are The Causes Of Error Abriendo Archivo El Archivo Est Bloceado 4 And How To Fix It

If you are facing abriendo archivo el archivo est bloceado 4 error on your computer, we hope this guide can help you.

The file is blocked when someone opens or saves the file in a Microsoft Office program. In this process situation, you may receive an error message that resembles one of the following:

  • You are trying to open an entry that was blocked by a better registry policy setting.
  • You are trying to use the file type , which is locked by all file blocking settings in the Trust Center.
  • You are trying to open another file from a very early version of Microsoft Office. This file type is blockedby setting your PC’s registry policy when opening this version.
  • You are trying to get a locked file while your retention policy is in effect.
  • You can save the template file. was blocked, which was recorded by your file blocking settings in your Trust Center.


To resolve this issue, consider the following general solutions to change your file blocking settings and remove the restriction on certain types of manual recordings:

  1. Select File> Options.

    If you are unable to make the file available in Office, open a blank document to start the Office application. Example: If you really can’t open a Word file, you are probably opening newer versions in a new document in Word 2016 to see this option.

  2. ¿Cómo desbloquear un archivo para modificarlo?

    En el grupo Proteger de la pestaña Revisar, haga clic and Proteger documento gym luego and Restringir formato y edición.Haga click on the editor Encontrar la siguiente área cual puedo o en Mostrar cada una de las áreas que puedo editar.

    In the Options window, select Trust> Trust Center Settings.

  3. In the middle trust window, select File Blocking Options, then uncheck Open or Save optionally for the type of directory you arewant to keep or keep without any prejudice.

    ¿Cómo saber si un archivo de Excel está bloqueado?

    A veces, también es mucho mejor recibir a mensaje, surrounding the errors that solve this problem: Archivo dentro de uso: {number of archivo] está bloceado para su edición por number made usuario. Abrir solo lecture “or click” Notificar to receive notifications containing a document you do not need.


    The delete option means that the user can open or collapse the file. Check the middle option to stop the file.

  4. Click OK twice.

  5. Try opening or registering the blocked download again.

Additional Information

¿Cómo quitar el bloqueo de edicion en Excel?

If possible, completely el cifrado por contraseña andel archivo.If possible, without a doubt, el Acceso restringido.

This issue can also occur if you save a Windows Embedded file or associated Office file in an Office application. For example, you might want a Visio object that was last embedded in a Word document. When you try to open a Visio object, your request receives a similar error message from Word. To fix this problem, someone has to change the file locking situations in the application that you see as the owner of the file locking type. In this illustration, you need to change the file locking settings in Visio instead of Word. If the error message says the file type is Excel, go to Excel to change the Startup Lock settings.

  • 2 minutes to read.
  • Applies to:
    Word 2016, Excel 2016, PowerPoint 2016, Visio 2016, PowerPoint 2019, Excel 2019, Word 2019, PowerPoint LTSC 2021, Excel LTSC 2021, Word LTSC 2021

Office 365 ProPlus has been renamed Microsoft 365 Apps for Many Enterprises. For more information on this change, see Read this blog post .

error abriendo archivo el archivo est bloqueado 4

Disable one of our options. Allow means the user can open or save the file. Activate the file lock option.

File blocking settings can be controlled for a Group Policy Object (GPO) and part of the specified Basic Security Settings . Enabling the default locked image type can improve security.

  1. Open the Team Management Design Console.

  2. Navigate to the following GPO:

    User Configuration Administrative Templates Microsoft Settings Security Trust Center File Lock

    error abriendo archivo el archivo est bloqueado 4

    Replace name> with this Office application name assigned to the situation and at the point of Word 2019.

You may need to use a GPO to load Administrative Templates to Files .


Al editar elementos en Fabricación, es mucho mejor aparecer el siguiente error:

I / O object “C: / usuario / / Appdata for local / Autodesk / Fabricación / / “Error 7 – there is no space in the archive.



Matches Quitar el bloqueo or cambiar el number andel .map:

  1. Platform Cierre cualquier de Fabricación si hay alguno dentro de ejecución
  2. On Windows:
  • actions and current Windows usage
  • is a product to be made and used (CADmep, ESTmep or CAMduct)
  1. Bus Qualquier. Lok archivos en la carpeta anterior free p excluarlos, si los hay
  2. Si number .LOK archivos los están introduced, CADTAKEOFF.MAP renamed to OLD.CADTAKEOFF.MAP.

CADTAKEOFF.MAP hangar el archivo sere recreado desde cero por d aplicación Fabricación cuando sea necesario.

C: / / usuario / Appdata / Local / Autodesk / Fabricación /



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