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Steps To Troubleshoot Error 742 Vpn Xp

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    If you are getting 742 vpn xp error, this guide was written to help you.

    I have an 831 router in addition to the c831-k9o3y6-mz.123-2.XC2.bin software image. I have configured my router for an inbound PPTP tunnel, which works great on Windows XP desktops. I also use Windows Vista 7 to connect through the machine, I get “your computer on any network”. : The remote computer does not provide the required type of data encryption “fails.

    vpdn group 1
    ! Default PPTP VPDN Group
    Accept Incoming Calls
    Processing pptp virtual template

    error 742 vpn xp

    Interface Virtual-Template1
    Unnumbered Internet Ethernet1
    Location of the default IP address of VPNUSER
    no keepalive
    ppp-mppe protection required automatically
    ppp Authentication ms-chap ms -chap -v2

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    I have 3 computers and need to integrate several of my client systems into a VPN. Windows computer 1 has XP and a good VPN for all sites.
    Computer 2 is using Windows Vista Home Premium – I get error 691- I know the error is not actually the username or password. The last part of the message indicates that the selected certification protocol is not allowed on some remote servers
    Windows Firewall is disabled.

    I have used this. advanced settings and only included version 2 of Microsoft CHAP – this guy fixed error 691 and resulted in error 742

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    Problem In Addition To Pptp Client

    Hello everyone
    Actually I have a pptp server created by a router that is most often related to setup.
    Anyway, when I test this pptp client whether it works or not
    I am testing all Windows XP to create a new connection related to VPN recording and recording username, personal details and public IP ..
    If you have a login error, I visited
    Error 742: The remote technology does not support the type of encryption required for web data.
    Note that you are changing this connection parameter next to pptp properties.
    That I commit to connect to pptp client including XP-Windows.


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    Subject: Problem With Pptp Client

    You may not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this message type.

    Did the PPTP server choose MSCHAP and MSCHAP v2 in Mikrotik?

    Also check which certification methods are selected on the PPTP client.

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    Subject: With Pptp Client

    Has the PPTP server already selected MSCHAP and MSCHAP v2 in Mikrotik?

    Also check which authentication products are selected for PPTP.


    Did the PPTP server choose MSCHAP and MSCHAP v2 in Mikrotik?

    Also make sure that the authentication methods for actions on the PPTP client are clearly selected.


    recently tried Windows 7 x86 on my personal laptop. As a security measure, it is always dual booted, so you can use Windows XP. I started a VPN at my job from Sans XP. In version 7Windows first attempt failed with computation error 742. I searched the net and changed in the forums as suggested on “Additional encryption”. However, the connection will now be disconnected after 15-20 seconds with a pop-up message “VPN Connection Failed”. During this connection, I can ping the Office server. There is often a link on the windshield that allows you to diagnose, but a 20 second report is better than 50 pages and I have certainly tried unsuccessfully to find related articles. just because it is still using XP, as is the main OS here (user cas1). The decision the man said did not suit me. VPN while my Cisco 3620 office is in the device. This may be the latest Cisco end settings. Hopefully someone has an answer to my problem. Thank you.

    Hello!Uninstall the VPN before connecting and follow the guidelines in the link below to set up the VPN again.VPN setupHowever, if the problem has not been resolved, follow the stairs to get an event log to investigate.1. Click Start, type eventvwr (unchecked com) in the search bar and press Enter.2. Expand the “Windows Logs” node in the left pane, right-click “Application” and select “Save All Events As”; Throughout the entire pop-up window, click the desktop icon in the installed frame, type “application” in your “filename”, then click “Save”.3. Right click on “System”, save “sys” for each method.4. Find the two log directories saved on your desktop and upload them to (skydrive and), then share the link with me.Thank you,Novak

    Thanks for your reply. I followed the link you provided to configure the VPN. Few of the options were still on different tabs in Windows 7. Since I never knew the pre-shared L2TP key, I chose the exclusive wireless standard “User certificate when accounting for authentication.” When I tried to connect the problem I got the following error message – Then I changed the VPN type to PPTP. The following pop-up appeared – Finally, I removed the ‘Enable software compression’ error caused by ‘setting mi PPP “. And of course I changed Data Encryption to Advanced Encryption. This allowed me to connect to the VPN for 20 seconds, during which time I could ping the internet hosting server in the office. Then in the short link if it breaks with the next popup – And then app.evtx and sys.I evtx are uploaded to SkyDrive (I didn’t understand SkyDrive, that’s cool :)) http: // cid – 0dfe86a6d019e0f1 .skydrive. / self.aspx / .Public / app.evtx (1.1 MB) (68 KB) Thanks for an effort.

    First of all, I would like to confirm the questions:1 when. Please let me rate if the problem PC is a home or work PC? If this is a work PC, is it on a domain connected via a router?2. Can we now normally access the Internet on this problem PC?After analyzing the event log, I found that error 742 in event ID 20227 was truncated. I suggest temporarily disabling the Windows 7 device and router firewall (if needed) so that we can test the result.For more information on the error, we can contactSee the following link:Event ID 20227, ras connection establishmentIf the problem persists, you can contact your Connect administrator or Cisco support as they have a Cisco VPN. With this type of search for VPN servers and connections, not everyone can guarantee that the built-in Windows connectivity feature is compatible with Cisco VPN (this may be due to some specific settings).Thank you,Novak

    error 742 vpn xp

    Here you can formulate your questions. 1. The problem is that my laptop, which I usually use at home, connects to the servers in the building. Yes. Internet works fine with Windows 7. Stopping Windows 7 policy didn’t help. It turns out that this is on the Cisco side. My sys admins are looking for this issue and will eventually enable L2TP with PPTP. Hope this solves the problem for sure. Thank you.

    Since the problem persists after configuring the Windows 7 firewall, we may stop thinking that incorrect or incompatible Cisco VPN installations might be the cause of the problem. Take time to email or call Cisco Support & Services To dark operators for help. Thanks Novak

    Enjoy a faster

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