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How To Fix VPN Connection Error 721 In Windows XP


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    g.VPN error 721 can potentially occur if the network firewall specifically does not allow GRE web traffic. Generic Routing Encapsulation Protocol is typically used in conjunction with Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol to create VPNs that connect a server and a client, or between clients.




    This Techquack article offers a solution to VPN error 721 that occurs even if you try to establish a VPN connection through a Windows Server-based private access server.

    When trying to establish a virtual private network (VPN) connection to a corporate network using a point-to-point tunneling protocol (PPTP) client, the connection to a Microsoft Windows Server-based remote access server may fail. You may receive the following error message:

    What Are The Causes Of VPN Error 721

    error 721 vpn connection windows xp

    VPN error 721 is a Microsoft error that occurs after an unsuccessful attempt to establish a VPN connection that the corporate network can establish using Client Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP). This error sometimes occursIt crashes after a remote connection failure when upgrading your computer from previous forms to Microsoft Windows XP.

    This issue can occur if the network firewall shuts down without allowing General Encapsulation Protocol (GRE) routing traffic. GRE is IP-Marvelous 47. PPTP uses GRE to tunnel data.

    Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol uses General Routing Encapsulation (GRE) to recognize tunnels. VPN-721 error can occur if the network firewall does not allow GRE traffic. Recommended in combination with point-to-point tunneling to create VPNs between a new server and a client, or between clients, for example.

    To Fix VPN Error 721

    Use a third party repair tool

    Third Party Repair Plan is a versatile tool that checks every step of your PC’s performance and fixes the problem if another error is found. It repairs corrupted PC files, system files, drivers and other problems.

    After your computer is restored Once a virus has been infected, it is recommended that you use this tool to recover from damage caused by a virus or possibly a malware attack. After optimizing your PC with this tool, you might get a broadband connection error or VPN connection error.

    Remove recently added drivers and product drivers.

    This issue occurs when other software or drivers are forced to use the port to successfully connect. To fix this problem, remove the driver you just added and modify your computer.

    Remove additional devices

    Optional devices such as Bluetooth, wireless keyboard and sensitive mouse, printer, game console, optional network devices may share the same port and cause VPN or broadband correlation error. You have to remove these many other USB devices to restore your internet connection.

    Temporarily disable your firewall

    Firewall is definitely in use To block intruders among friends, your PC and the Internet. If you are using Windows Firewall or third-party firewall software, you should temporarily disable them and try to connect to make sure you have Internet.

    Recover file

    If, in addition to the corrupted registry file, there is still an invalid entry in the registry file, almost all applications will no longer function as expected. You will need to use a third-party repair program to restore the registry file from a backup or malfunction fix.

    You are currently deleting the config file and modem driver

    Delete the previous modem configuration file via Control Panel -> Uninstall the program, then create a new copy of the hub driver. In the same way, uninstall the driver from the damaged computer and then install the latest and greatest driver.

    Update Windows operating system and installed driver

    This is required to help update the Windows operating system in conjunction withthe installed driver. Windows Update, which is plagued by driver a, fixes many issues and thus speeds up Windows.

    Make sure buyers have the right referrals

    Make sure you have the correct credentials and that your ISP account has not expired. Sometimes your ISP account may expire without your knowledge.

    Check cables, modem and other equipment

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  • Actually, configure your hardware correctly. Check the cable connection to your PC, the status of your modem and other hardware devices. A poorly connected cable is preventing you from connecting to the Internet.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Click the start link, enter the firewall and above it, select Network Security Firewall.
    2. Click the Advanced Settings button.
    3. Click Yes when prompted for a User Control Account (UAC).
    4. Select login rules.
    5. Open the Action menu. “and select” New Rule “.
    6. Define your own port rule type.

    A virtual business network (VPN) creates secure connections, commonly called a VPN tunnel, between a local user and a remote server, usually much broader than the Internet. If the VPN hyperlink does not work, the program client reports a severe error, which usually contains the program number.

    error 721 vpn connection windows xp

    You may be unable to connect to the remote computer. You may need to change the network settings for this connection in all cases.

    1. Use PIA VPN.
    2. Change the main day and time on the main system.
    3. Set up a VPN connection manually.
    4. Exclude the main VPN in your antivirus settings.
    5. Activate Windows VPN software for the appropriate firewall.
    6. Clear DNS / sterilizer cache.
    7. Reinstall the VPN Client.
    8. Enable the PPTP rule.



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