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Best Way To Fix Entity Framework Error 2098

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    If you are facing Entity Framework Error 2098 on your PC, this guide should help.

    EF4: Errors 2098 And 2037

    I looked through Julia Lerman’s book on Entities Framework ( in a different way and found your current errors in chapter 8:

  • Error 2098. Function mapping for identity reservation “to” is invalid because it is a foreign key mapping.
  • Error 2037: The mapping function binding specifies each BreakAwayModel.Store.UpdatePayment function, but does not map the following parameters to the Google function: reservationID.
  • This will most likely be a student error caused by choosing Reservation.ReservationID instead of ReservationID (the first one is the primary key of the booking object and the second one is the foreign key in the payment settings which we need as an exception!)

    I found another post here about the correct, more general version of these errors, but MS closed it anyway as it won’t fix it.

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    IList _bookService listbook=.GetListById(BookViewModel);  (BookViewModel for each side in ListBook)        Apart.Status implies "Published";    _bookService.Update(aside);    
     public net TEntity Update (TEntity update object)                    this.GetDbSet().Attach(updatingObject);            this.SetEntityState(updatingObject, EntityState.Modified);            this.UnitOfWork.SaveChanges();            return an update object;        
    public IList GetListById(BookViewModel bookVM)                    Expression> Criteria = Celsius => c.IdBook == bookVM.Id Book;            Tax return this.GetList(criteria);        

    Could not associate business type ‘Model Type.Book’ after another essence of the same form already has the same primary key of profit. This can happen when using the Attach method parameter or all statuses an entity that becomes “immutable” or “modifiable” when the entities behind the diagram have conflicting key beliefs. This may be because some organizations are new and have not yet received the key values ​​generated by the database. V In this case use the Add method or just the state of the added object to follow the graph and then set the global state change non-new entities to Unmodified or Modified for you s.

    Does anyone need a suggestion on how to move the code to change? I have already read many plans, but this is different. thank you!

     $SYSTEM do.Status.DisplayError($SYSTEM.Status.Error(101,"5","10","2.7"))

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    An error occurred while searching for the selected code generator:
    ‘A little or more Entity Framework is required, but for which the current operation is not available. Make sure the project has a higher search level in Entity Version Framework 5.

    1. Create a new MVC site

    2. Connecting to a SQL Server database

    3. error 2098 entity framework

      Create a model (with all tables/views) (Models -> Right Click -> Add -> New ADO.NET Object Model -> Database Code First
      < /p>

    4. Select customer database -> Select all tables and statistics -> Done

    5. error 2098 entity framework

      No issues reported, click Compile. See my links:

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    6. 1. Download and install ASR Pro
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