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How To Fix Error 1500. Another Installation Is In Progress

Over the past few days, some of our readers have informed us that they are facing error 1500. Another installation is in progress.

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    Error 1500 will most likely be a generic MSI (Microsoft Installer) error message that you may be installing that will cause the Java installation process to fail. The In Progress key is missing when a faster install attempt is forcibly canceled using Task Manager (Ctrl+Alt+Del) during a successful transaction/installation process.


    How do I check Windows 10 installation progress?

    Try opening the app from the All Apps list in the Start menu. If it doesn’t open, go back to the setup .exe file and click “Run OK as administrator”. The app should show your progress as the house settles.

    Don’t worry if you get the error “Another installation is behind schedule” while downloading, in addition to installing some software, on your Windows 10/8/7/Vista PC. This MiniTool solution article will help you. This will give you 3 useful methods.

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    How do I fix another installation is in progress?

    Restart the Windows Installer service.Complete the Windows setup process.Disable the Windows Installer service and restart your computer.Run Disk Cleanup.Perform a clean boot again.Check your registry.Uninstall and reinstall Office.

    Having a problem with the Windows Installer service not being available? Here, try these 4 ways to fix Windows Installer error.

    error 1500 another installation is in progress registry

    Problem: How do I fix error code 1500 “Definitely another installation in progress” in Windows?

    None of these downloads could be completed because error code 1500 with the absolute message “Another installation was successful. You must complete the installation before continuing with this one.” I checked all lists of active downloads, but I don’t see any downloads. Can someone explain to me what an operation is?

    “It is believed that another installation is in progress. If you absolutely need to complete the installation before proceeding, this error alone is enough to prevent the 1500 code from being new, even among Microsoft users [1] Many have already encountered with this error on Windows Vista, XP, 7, and 6, but to date, the vast majority of error messages with code 1500 pcomes directly from people who own Windows 10[2] PCs and laptops. .

    error 1500 another installation is in progress registry

    The error occurs when the real owner of the PC tries to purchase software for the system. Loading an assembly or process hangs and all actions are displayed with the error “Another installation in progress”. As a message carrier, a particular application cannot be loaded because multiple MSI installers are supported on the system at the same time. Therefore, you should check the current list of current downloads, and wait or cancel them until there is no doubt that the download has been completed.

    However, most users claim that error 1500 appears even when the download is not in progress. In this case, all the culprits could be current active keys left over from a previous installation of the app. Therefore, to fix the “Any other installation in progress” error in Windows, you can perform several maintenance tasks manually.

    Image with error code 1500 "Another installation in progress" on load="lazy" windows

    Fix Error Code 1500 “Another Installation In Progress” On Windows

    How do I fix error 1500 Another installation is in progress?

    Close conflicting background processes.Disable the install link using Registry Editor.Restart Windows Installer.Run SFC (System File Checker) and use it to scan DISM.Troubleshoot Windows Store mobile app and Windows Update.

    Option 1: Disable Historical Past Programming Processes

    1. Open Task Manager and expand the Processes tab.

      What does “another installation is in progress” mean?

      Another item is under development. You must complete this installation before continuing. If you are reading this error message while trying to install an application, just wait for the installation already in progress to complete, or close the door installation already in progress and continue from the earlier one.

      Fix error code 1500 "Another installation will not continue" on Windows by ending functions in Task Manager< /li>

    2. Locate the msiexec.exe process, click on it, click on the subject and select End task.
    3. Why does it say another Java installation is in progress?

      “Another Java installation is in progress. Well, this error occurs because on Windows, whenever we create a Java MSI JDK installer, it usually creates a lock file to runinstaller twice, and when program d is run during the installation process failure, the lock file still exists.

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