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Suggestions To Fix Http 404.2 Error – Not Found

Here are a few easy-to-follow methods to help you get rid of the http 404.2 – problem not found error.

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    When accessing the Corticon Admin URL, the phone displays an HTTP 404.2 error. The page you requested is usually not served due to a list of ISAPI and CGI restriction settings on the web server. To fix the underlying error, open the ISAPI and CGI Restrictions tab in IIS Manager and remove both entries.

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    In The Article

    This article will help you identify an issue that may cause an administrative error when you click on a published web page on a computer that is running IIS 7.0. Production: product

    original Internet Information 7 services.0
    Original KB Number: Attempted 942040


    When you visit a Web page that is typically hosted on a computer that is typically running IIS 7.0, you may receive the following error message:

    erreur http 404.2 - not found

    Server error in application name”
    HTTP error “404.-2 Application not foundHRESULT: From 0x800704ec
    RESULT: The page you requested cannot actually be served due to restriction list settingsISAPI and cgi on each of our web servers.


    This issue occurs because the requested Internet Server API (ISAPI) resource or the requested Common Gateway Interface (CGI) resource is restricted to a computer that is running IIS 7.0.


    To resolve this issue, set this restriction for ISAPI and CGI page restrictions to allow the requested resource or the isapi resource for the requested CGI resource. Follow these steps to resolve this issue:

    1. Select “Start”, type inetmgr in the “Start” field, search for and if so, select Inetmgr from the list of programs.

      If you are prompted to create an administrator account or confirm, enter an account, select or Continue.

    2. Find the level you really want to customize.

    3. Double-click isapi Constraints cgi and Features Check.

    4. Right-click the restriction type that restricts the requested ISAPI resource or the requested CGI power supply and select Allow.

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    1. Go to my ISAPI filter settings and make sure our IIS has the aspnet_filter.dll module:

      1. Open this IIS Manager. To do this, click the “Start” desktop on the Windows desktop, i.e. type “IIS”.on

        erreur http 404.2 - not found

        Click image to enlarge

      2. Go to ISAPI filter:on

        Click image to enlarge

      3. Check if “ASP.Net_4.0_64bit” exists. If all filters other than are present, isapi, add is assigned.

        Click on image to enlarge

    2. After making sure the ISAPI filter is in place, make sure the asp.NET version 4.0 path extension can work:

      1. In Open iis, ISAPI Manager and CGI restrictions.

        Click image to enlarge

      2. Click on this asp.NET v4.0 extension path with “No restriction allowed”, the “Editor” window will appear.ISAPI CGI restriction” or as a special case.

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        Error Http 404 2 No Encontrado
        Erreur Http 404 2 Introuvable
        Fehler Http 404 2 Nicht Gefunden
        Erreur Http 404 2 Non Trovato
        Erreur Http 404 2 Hittades Inte
        오류 Http 404 2 찾을 수 없음
        Erreur Http 404 2 Niet Gevonden
        Oshibka Http 404 2 Ne Najdeno
        Blad Http 404 2 Nie Znaleziono
        Erro Http 404 2 Nao Encontrado