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Tips For Troubleshooting Epson C4000 Error Codes

You should read these troubleshooting tips if you receive an “epson c4000 Error Codes” error message.

Quick and Easy PC Repair

  • 1. Download and install ASR Pro
  • 2. Open the program and click "Scan"
  • 3. Click "Repair" to start the repair process
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    1700 Description: built-in interactive hardware error
    0017 … 0800 Description: 0017 CPU (interrupt exception from skipped step) 0088 CPU error (system refers to exception) 0089 CPU error 0091 (interrupt exception) CPU error (floating point exception disabled) 0300 CPU error (reserved exception (undefined)) 0301 CPU error (Ch Machine
    106 Description: Firmware error
    1800 Description: SPD DIMM Error
    0998, 0999 Description: 0998 Engine word swap error (auxiliary only) voltage 0999 No engine program data in flash ROM
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    1700 Description: Built-in network computer or laptop error
    0017 …0800< /td >

    Description: 0017 CPU Error (interrupt exception) 0088 CPU Error (system call exception) 0089 CPU Error (system call exception) breakpoint t) 0091 CPU Error (floating point exception disabled) 0300 CPU Error (reserved)Thrown exception (undefined)) 03 01 CPU error (machine che
    106 Description: Firmware error
    1800 Description: SPD DIMM module error
    0998, 0999 < /td>

    Description: 0998 Motor communication error ( return only at power-up) 0999 No program data from motor flash ROM

  • Code: 101
  • Description: Merge error.
  • Remedy: 1 Initial setup Do the following checks indicate a problem? • Assemble the fuser unit. Replace the appropriate parts. Go to step 2.2 of the Fuser Assembly and Harness Assembly FSR2 Connectors 1. Remove the Fuser Assembly. (See Chapter 4- 2. Check frequently here whether the connectors of the fuser unit and FSR2 harness unit are bent or broken. Are the terminals of the FSR2 connector of the fusing unit and wire harness bent or broken? or Go to step 3. Replace critical parts. Fusing unit 3 1. Replace the fusing unit. (See chapter 4- 2. Turn on the device. Does an error occur? However, if you don’t want to continue, you can skip to step 4. Complete the procedurefour almost FSR harness assembly 2 12. Remove the fusion assembly. (See chapter 4- 2. Disconnect the information connector P/J138 between the front assembly part harness and 1 assembly FSR2 harness. 3. Disconnect the p/j162 lvps connector. 4. Check the integrity of the following lines. J232-A2 <=> J232-A1 p138-4 <=> P138-5 J232-3 <=> J232-1 j162-2 <=> J162-1 Are all lines continuous? to skip step 5. Replace FSR2 assembly wiring harness. 2. Constantly check the 6 LVNC wire harness assembly A1. Disconnect the connector from p/j61 of each drive board. 2. Disconnect the connector from p/j165 LVPS. 3. Check continuity <=> between j61-4 J165-5. Is there a continuity of J61-4 over <=> J165-5? Takeoff 7. Replace the LVNC wiring harness assembly. 7 Dual beam assembly or update with three drivers 1. Disconnect the P/J12 connector from the HVPS board and MCU. (See chapter 4- 2. Disconnect connector p/j42 a from PWB. 3.Check continuity by comparing <=> J42-11 j12-20. Is there continuity on the J12-20 <=> connection leading to J42-11? go to step 8. Replace harness assembly in 2nd actuator .8 PWB actuator continuity. Check P42-11 for continuity between <=> P61-4 reader board. Is there continuity between <=> p61-4? page 42-11 Go to stepgu 9. Replace the PWB drive. (See Chapter 4- 9 LVPS 1. Replace the LVPS with a new one. (Refer to Chapter 4- for help.) 2. Turn on your own power supply. Does the problem persist? MCU Replace and connect HVPS. (See chapter 4- Problem solved. most important for the following lines. J138-5 <=> J13-17 J138-4 J13-18 <=> continuity in all lines? to Go to step 1. .Replace .front .wiring harness .assembly .and ..
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