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How Can I Resolve Driver Error Fix Code 39?

Over the past few days, some of our readers have informed us that they have encountered Driver Fix Code 39.

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    The owner could be damaged or omitted. (Code 39) To fix a specific error, uninstall the device from Device Manager, then reinstall or update the driver. When an error occurs and you need to connect to your optical drive, you can edit the exact operating system registry to fix the problem.


    Error 22 is one of those Device Manager error codes . In practice, this is either due to the lack of one driver for that particular hardware , or due to a problem with the Windows registry .

    Although less common, a particular error can also be caused by your own corrupted driver or a driver-related file.

    Code 39 Error Message

    How do I fix error code 39?

    Restart your computer if you are stillthey didn’t.Did you host a device or made changes in Device Manager shortly before the post noticed Code 39?Remove some of the UpperFilters and LowerFilters registry values.Reinstall my device drivers.Update your major device drivers.

    The Code 39 error is always fixed the same way:

    Windows cannot load a device driver for this type of hardware. The driver may be damaged or missing. (Code 39)

    Detailed information about these error codes in Device Manager is only available in the device status in the device properties area. If you don’t know how to do it, enjoy your looking at the device status in the device manager .

    What is code 39 on my computer?

    (Code 39) “Complete error message. Windows cannot load some of the drivers for this hardware. The pilot can be damaged or fail. (

    This error can refer to any hardware software listed in Device Manager. However, in almost all cases it appears on optical drives CDs and DVDs.

    How To Fix Code 39

    1. Restart your computer if you haven’t already.

      There is always a suspicion that the Code 39 error you are seeing was caused by a lot of matches with Device Manager or your final BIOS . If true, simply restarting your computer might help.

    2. Did you set the perfect device, or did you make changes using Device Manager just before you saw Code 39? In this case, it is likely that the customization you made is causing the error.

      Undo the specific change, restart your computer and look for the error again.

      How do I fix USB 39 error on Windows 10?

      Delete the UpperFilters and LowerFilters registry keys. Open Registry Editor. To do this: Press Windows Key + R to load this Run dialog box.Remove USB controllers from Device Manager. Open Device Manager. Do it:

      Depending on the changes you made, here are some suggestions:

    3. How do I fix a corrupted driver?

      System Restore. Use System Restore on your PC to restore a previously installed working state.Run the blue screen troubleshooter.Remove faulty drivers.Reset Windows.How to check if the BIOS is damaged, update the BIOS.

      Remove the UpperFilters and LowerFilters registry values ​​. A common cause of Code 39 errors is file corruption in these two specific registry values ​​ that contain the registry keys for the DVD / CD-ROM drive classes .

      Deleting similar values ​​in their Windows registry can also fix your error on hardware other than your DVD or CD drive. The UpperFilters / LowerFilters tutorial linked above will tell you exactly what to do.

    4. Reinstall the drivers for this device . Removing and then reinstalling the shipping service from the defective device is a likely solution to this problem.

      If the USB device is likely to generate a Code 39 error, remove each device in the hardware category of Universal Serial Bus Controllers in the peripheral as a New Driver Installation Manager. This includes all hardware storage devices, USB host controllers, and hardwareFree USB hubs.

      driver troubleshoot code 39

      Correctly reinstalling the rider according to the instructions in this article is not the same as writing a simple rider. Reinstalling a driver completely involves completely uninstalling the installed driver, followed by a professional installation of Windows from scratch.

    5. Update device drivers . The issue may have been resolved by installing the latest device drivers provided by the manufacturer. If this happens, it means that the registered people you reinstalled in step 4-5 are likely corrupted.

    6. driver troubleshoot code 39

      Replace hardware. As a last resort, in the event of any other hardware malfunction, it is likely that the device will need to be replaced after a failure.

      It is also possible that the device is often incompatible with this version of Windows. You can check Windows HCL just in case.

      If you are really sure that the operating system component still has this Code 13 error, you can try installing Windows recovery , and if it doesn’t work, link to Clean install of Windows . We recommend that you do not perform any of these operations in advance when replacing equipment. However, you may need to do this when you have exhausted all your additional options.

    7. Your error should now be resolved.

    Do You Need More Help?

    If you may not be interested in fixing this error yourself, see How do I fix my computer? for a list of support options and help you determine the cost of a repair. Buying files, choosing service by status, and more.

    Device error manager codes apply only to Device Manager . If you encounter a Code 39 error elsewhere in Windows, it is probably a huge system error code that you should not resolve as a host computer problem.

    Removing similar values ​​from Windows-Konnte Registry also fixes an error that occurs on hardware other than a DVD or CD drive. The UpperFilters / LowerFilters tutorial linked above will show you exactly what you need to do.

    If the USB device generates a Code 39 error, remove each decoder as a device in the Universal Serial Bus Remote Hardware category in the main part of the driver reinstallation. This includes all USB mass storage devices, USB host controllers, and USB root hubs.

    Correctly reinstalling a driver using the instructions above is not the same as simply updating a specific driver. A call to completely reinstall the driver to completely remove the currently installed car and then let Windows reinstall the home from scratch.

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  • If you are sure that this code error still contains a working body component, you can try repair instead of Windows , and if that doesn’t work, a clean install of Windows . We do not recommend doing both before someone tries to replace the hardware. They may also be needed after you have exhausted all of your many possibilities.

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