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Troubleshooting Disk 3 Not Found Error Easily

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    In some cases, your computer may display an error code indicating that disk 3 was not found. This error can have various reasons.

    drive 3 not found error

    When I start my computer, sometimes I get the following message:


    drive 3 not found error

    In this case, drive E (DVD-RW) does not display my computer screen. This is an ongoing problem that Dell has never been able to solve lately. You replaced your DVD-RW drive and IDE, but the nightmare continues with cables.

    Dell also advised me to try the following, but that didn’t fix I:

    > asks you to follow these steps to resolve each issue.
    > 1) Enter System Configuration (BIOS):
    > – To add BIOS to your computer, start with the computer off,
    > then start the sneaker computer, at the same time pressing F2 or Uninstall on the Dell Scatter
    > screen until the “Internal Configuration” part appears.
    > 2) Scroll down to the exact “Disks” section.
    > 3) You will soon see several options:
    > – – Floppy disk drive
    > – Disk 0 – 3
    > 4) Go to options Disk 0 – and change the parameter – “OFF”.
    > 5) Bootable computer and therefore you should becan normally use your DVD player and
    > community.

    >>> The following steps will help you solve any problem:
    >>> 2200, 2400, 4300, 4300S, 4500S, 4500C, 4550, 4590, 4600, 4600C, 4700,
    >>> 8100, 8200, 8250, 8300, 8400, XPS 6. –
    >>> Click Start – Shut down – OK or click Start – Turn off the computer –
    >>> Turn off.
    >>> * Turn on your new computer and see the keyboard gadgets. As soon as they
    >>> blink, press the F2 key
    >>> * The word “Enter Settings” should appear
    >>> * Press [Caps Lock], [Scroll Lock] or [Num Lock ] to turn on
    >>> on
    >>> three LEDs on any keyboard
    >>> * Press the [Alt] key with

    Keys at the same time
    >>> * Simultaneously press [Alt]
    >>> 3. Down arrow to integrated devices [press Enter]
    > >> * All activated except USB emulation designed for
    >>> NO
    >>> BOOT
    >>. must be installed> 2. Press the [Esc] key, then [press Enter] to save the changes and
    >>> reboot the system

    So I only saw two hard drives when I removed the access door on this side of the tower. There are probably two connectors for connecting to two hard drives. One of them -it is definitely a flat cable, and it could be other real wires; which contains five different strands from left to right (orange, black, red, black, yellow). I am assuming the Seagate 80gb has windows. Unfortunately, I could be wrong. It “starts” and POST when it was found that a black screen was stuck with copyrighted material, and before I started diagnosing it, right after the POST.



    We need to confirm which disks are actually present and which ones have Windows XP installed

    If the person has an IDE / PATA drive as a serving device, it will need another IDE / PATA disconnect as a master on a comparable flat cable

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  • 1. Download and install ASR Pro
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  • It seems that your boot sequence is configured such that you boot the SATA hard drive first. The point is that Windows is no doubt your C: drive?

    If you are sure that this is the case, you can disconnect the fixed workwich arc PATA cable and see if it boots from SATA drive

    If you have two PATA hard drives connected to the same cable and they are faulty or defective, it may prevent the correct drive from working

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