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Troubleshooting Tips For Debugging A Visual Studio Virtual Machine

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    Over the past few days, some of our users have reported encounters with Visual Studio vm debugging. As explained earlier, discrete debugging is simply the process of starting a process on one computer and then attaching it to a specific process through the debugger in Visual Studio. Once this connection to the remote process is established, this method appears to be local even to the debugger.

    You can integrate Microsoft Visual Studio to set up some kind of electronic machine along with kernel mode debugging. The virtual machine must be on the same physical laptop as the debugger, or on any other computer that will be on the same network. To use Visual Studio for kernel mode debugging, you should really try to integrate the Windows Car Kit (WDK) with Visual Studio. For help and tips on setting up a workspace, see Debugging with Visual Studio .

    The computer running the debugger can be called the host computer, and usually the debug-only virtual machine is called the target virtual host.

    Configure Target Virtual Machine

    1. On a practical computer, enter the following commands in an elevated Command Prompt window.

      bcdedit / debug

      bcdedit / dbgsettings debug serial port: n speed ntransmissions: 115200

      where is the number of the COM port on the virtual machine.

    2. Restart the virtual machine.

    3. Change the VM COM port assignment to the named pipe. The debugger will connect this pipe. For more information on creating such a channel, see the documentation for the virtual appliance.

    Configure The Host Computer

    The host computer can be the same physical computer because it is virtual, or it can be the problem computer.

    1. On the host computer, in Visual Studio, from the Driver menu, choose Test> Configure Computer.

    2. Click Add New Computer.

    3. In Name, Computer, enter the name of the physical computer that is using the target virtual machine. Manual

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    Select “Alternative Debuggers” and do not deploy them, also click “Next”.

  • Select the serial port as the connection type.

  • Check line and reconnection.

  • If I had to say that the debugger runs on the same electronics as the virtual machine, put the most important in the following channel name:

    . pipe pipe name.

    If this debugger is running on a laptop or computer other than the virtual machine, enter the following name for our channel:

    VMHost pipe PipeName

    where VMHost is probably the name of the physical desktop that is running the exclusive target machine and PipeName is the name of the pipe you connected to the COM port on the target virtual machine.

  • Click Next. Click Finish.

  • Start Debugging Session

    1. On the main laptop in Visual Studio, from the Debug menu, choose Attach To Process.
    2. Select the Windows Kernel Mode Debugger as the transport.
    3. For Qualify, select the name of the heavy physical production machine that the target virtual machine is running on.
    4. Click Attach.

    Gen 2 Virtual Machines

    debug vm visual studio

    By default, COM ports are not included in Generation Virtual 2. You can add COM ports through PowerShell or WMI. For a COM dispatch to appear in the Hyper-V Manager console, it must be expanded by.

    To enable debuggingku the kernel, choosing a COM port on a good 2nd generation machine, practically do the following:

    1. Disable Secure Boot by entering our PowerShell command:

      How do I Debug a remote process in Visual Studio?

      You can find the Remote Debugger Installation Wizard (rdbgwiz.exe) here.Start reading the setup wizard.Select all the Run Visual Studio 2015 Remote Debugger as a Service check boxes.Add the name or password for each user account.

      Set-VMFirmware – Vmname VmName – EnableSecureBoot Off

      where VmName is the name of the virtual machine.

    2. Add a COM port to actually create the virtual machine by typing the PowerShell command:

      Set-VMComPort – VMName 1 VMname . pipe pipe name

      For example, if you run the command, configure our first COM port on the TestVM virtual machine to connect to the named TestPipe on the local machine.

      debug vm visual studio

      Set-VMComPort – VMName TestVM 1 . pipe TestPipe

    3. Restart the So virtual machine for the new settings to take effect.

    Troubleshoot Firewall And Network Access Problems

    Your debugger (WinDbg or KD) needs to get through the firewall. This is likely to be the case even with exclusive serial ports supported by network adapters.

    How do I Debug Azure VM?

    How to debug an Azure Media Machine In Server Explorer, expand the Virtual Machines node and select the type of virtual machine host that the user wants to debug. Open the context menu and select Enable Debugging. When asked if you are sure your family wants to enable debugging on a specific virtual machine, select Yes.

    If Windows prompts you to turn off the firewall when loading the debugger, select all three boxes.

    Depending on the information about the virtual machine you are using, you may need to change the socialization settings of your virtual machines so that they can be successfully bypassed using the Microsoft Kernel Network Debug Adapter. Otherwise, many other machines in that order do not really have access to the network.

    You can use Control Panel to allow access through the current Windows Firewall.

    1. Open Control Panel> System with Security and select Allow software through Windows Firewall.
    2. Look in the list of applications for the Windows Symbolic and GUI Debugger Windows Kernel Debugger.
    3. Check each of our boxes to let these two software go through the firewall. Click OK to save the settings.
    4. Re-debug your resume (WinDbg or KD).
    • 3 minutes to read.

    This feature is not available on Windows 10, version 1507 and later, associated with the WDK.

    If you receive the message “Failed to start debugging session, error 8007005: Access is denied”, start Visual Studio as ADMINISTRATOR at the specifiedMy computer.

    Enjoy a faster

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