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Troubleshooting Dbexpress Invalid Time Error The Easiest Way

Sometimes your computer may display an error code indicating that dbexpress has an invalid time error. There can be many reasons for this error to appear.

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    Delphi developers

    Sun Jul 4 2002 18:36:11 GMT

    DBX Error: No (space) Valid Time 24:00:00 Not Accepted As


    I have long dreamed of sharing this. Talking about mySql server with absolute dbExpress sqlClientDataSet (and probably almost every other component) you get “DBX error: Invalid if time” error, you get a nice “time” field in the client database you are trying to open if there are retrieved records refer to an invalid time, for example, despite something, 24:00:00.

    In short: mySql assumes 24:00:00 is within the allowed time, dbExpress of course won’t and won’t even read the record.

    Quick and easy solution: get rid of the following SQL where the date needs to be cleared: be das as much as date tablename timefield set =”23:59:59″
    so where timefield> “23:59:59”

    dbexpress error invalid time

    (no, I didn’t write it, you see, the original application accepts 24:00:00 as a valid time ;).


    DBX Error: Valid Non-duration 24:00:00 – Not Accepted As Per S

    Just share it. When communicating with the mySql server using the robust dbExpress sqlClientDataSet (and possibly the rest of the components) you will get a “DBX Error: Invalid time” error if you actually have a “time” field in the database which is open they try in case of any -either received entries have an invalid time, such as 24:00:00.

    short: mySql accepts 24:00:00, given this is a valid time, dbExpress doesn’t accept it and therefore doesn’t even play the movie.

    Quick fix: Open the following SQL to clear the date: up-date tablename set timefield =”23:59:59″
    any timefield>”23:59:59″

    (no, I didn’t write in the original that the application accepts 24:00:00 valid as time;).

    Dave Knottag

    Delphi developers

    Sun Jul 4, 2004 20:43:51 GMT

    Re: DBX: Error – Invalid Free Time Available 24:00:00 Not As Accepted Time


    “TC” wrote:
    > In short: mySql accepts 24:00:00 as a valid time

    < p>..and software: <

    dbexpress error invalid time

    br> So I guess there is a bug in dbExpress. Usually a short
    compiled example

    Dave Nottage

    Error Re: DBX: Invalid Time – 24:00:00 Not Reported As Time

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  • So Accepted

    I guess we have a bug in dbExpress. A limited and compilable
    example would be special


    “TC” wrote:
    > Long story short: mySql accepts 24:00:00 as the correct time

    October 17, 2006 at 9:35 pm #46<аname=”46″>

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