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How Do I Fix An Invalid I386-asms Error Message Parameter?

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    Sometimes your system may display an error indicating that the asms i386 error message parameter is incorrect. This error can be caused by a variety of reasons.

    Where can I get SATA drivers for Mobo?

    I suggest you create a new thread and post your personal questions there. Have you cracked a DIMM in your RAM when it is only slot 1 and your favorite OS boots this way? You can easily enter BIOS and increase the memory voltage one notch and / or set the memory voltage to mfg. Specifications. Memory is a common cause of system crashes when trying to run software, such as installing an operating system. This has happened to me over and over again.

    Open MB support CD in another browser. Double click My Computer, enter the MB CD and open the files in the Drivers folder. From there, you can see the Sata folder and everything from the Sata folder to the floppy disk except the GUI and the readme file.


    The system is very hot, Intel DG33BU motherboard, SATA required but no RAID. XP originally ran the SP1 install disc,transferred it to “Install devices”, and then went to the blue screen. I have talked to some consumers and it seems to me that SP1 does not support my personal motherboard. So I had to find the SP2 CD. Ok, I bought the SP2 cd, booted, installed and can’t get to the SP1 cd, immediately it says:

    Error: Components that experts believe Windows needs to proceed with installation cannot simply be installed

    Now I have a large floppy drive, but I don’t have a SATA driver floppy. Is that why XP SP1 didn’t survive this with SP2? Why did I break before? Where can I get SATA drivers for some mobile devices? You are not on the Intel site; (

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    I just replaced my MOBO and am in the habit of switching the boot of the organization’s IDE drive to my SATA drive. I have completely disabled the IDE drive. The inserted CD-ROM was inserted as CS, and the inserted SATA HD was inserted into the main SATA 1 connector. After Windows has played all the necessary files, restart and boot the Windows screen to complete the installation, I get a fatal error message.

    Fatal error message
    “An error has occurred that prevents the current configuration from being used.

    One of the components that Windows needs to continue with the installation may not install for a long time.

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  • The log file says:
    Installation failed. D: I386 asms. Error message: Invalid parameter.

    Fatal error. From
    One of the things Windows needs to continue building cannot be installed.

    – ASUS P5GC-MX motherboard with Intel 775 MicroATX socket and therefore Intel Pentium D 940 3.0 GHz OEM processor
    – WIN XP PRO
    – 5 GB RAM 533 MHz
    – MAXTOR 300 GB SATA
    – WD 80 GB IDE
    – NVIDIA 7300 geforce GT 512MBPCIe
    – 600W CoolMax Power Supply

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    d i386 asms error message parameter incorrect

    Could you download drivers for your SATA drive when prompted during device installation? It’s at the bottom of the screen and says something, “Similar to F6, if you need to configure your drivers for RAID / SCSI,” press F6.

    d i386 asms error message parameter incorrect

    My browser caused a huge stream of traffic and my IP was blocked. Hope to fix it soon. I’ll get back to posting as soon as I can.

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