You are currently viewing Steps To Fix Createobject Word.application Error While Loading DLL

Steps To Fix Createobject Word.application Error While Loading DLL

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    You may encounter an error code indicating an error loading createobject word.application while loading the DLL. There are several ways to solve this problem, so let’s talk about it now.

    So, I had this macro file that didn’t work until lunch after another colleague of mine ran your current macro.

    createobject word.application error in loading dll

    Not very familiar with dot reference libraries here, but are there just some quick fixes for this?

    I have considered deactivating the missing 16 word MS product, but it is better to reset it after clicking OK

    When I try to automate an Office application I get an error
    DLL loading
    I tried the fullreinstallation and nothing. The difference is that the same performance of the
    code on other computers that I have. Code

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    Does the family have the same version of Office downloaded on all computers?
    You Can Use Late Binding – Dim WD Page As Object

    Posted by Kostas kousinovalis
    When I try to automate an Office application, I see an error
    DLL loading
    I tried a clean and good installation, but nothing. The weird thing is that the same
    code almost certainly works on other computers I have.
    Dim Wd as word new.Application
    Set Wd = CreateObject (“Word application.”)
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    post-translation process by Kostas kousinovalis
    When I try to organize my Office application, I usually get an error
    DLL loading
    I was trying to find a clean place to find and nothing Ho, it will be strange that the same code with images of other computers that I have.
    Dim Wd as word new.Application
    Set BV equals CreateObject (“Word.Application”)

    This seems to be in line with my view of the problem codes. Replace entire declaration with:

    Good morning !
    I’m generally good at figuring out these things, but I’m stuck. I just got a new laptop with XP Pro and everything is just fine. I ran a program that focused well on my old desktop computer systems, but now it seems to be missing a good, solid DLL.

    It is a VB6 program that seems to take data from the printer database and paste it into Word (I have Office 2000). The error is on the line where I use my word document for the first time, so I am initializing Word.Application accordingly. Here is the actual code segment:

    “” Open a new important Word document
    Graduation of projects as a new word Application
    projects from
    .WindowState means wdWindowStateNormal
    .Documents.Add,.,.,. True
    . . . .. Visible = True
    … I

    When I run it I get an error stating runtime error 48: DLL n was loaded. When debugging, the line “with projects” is highlighted.

    So my guess is that the old SKUs don’t make a living in XP, but I don’t see how to tell which DLLs are causing the problem or what needs to be done to improve it.

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  • createobject word.application error in loading dll

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    Runtime Error 48 With CreateObject (“Word.Application”)

    Organization / runtime question”>

    itemprop = “author” itemscope = “” ItemType = “”> jlsmithhartfiel (programmer)

    How do I fix Runtime Error 48 in loading DLL?

    Currently, get the equivalent Microsoft Windows DLL including the. The file is an excellent first Microsoft Windows DLL that is truly incompatible with the Microsoft Windows protection application. Get an updated version of the current DLL. The DLL points to another DLL that does not exist.


    I’m trying to do an actual mail merge with Word and found some examples here and Microsoft’s website. My problem is that I am getting ’48 errors at runtime. use “try to run this basic code.

    Explicit option
    Dim wrdApp Word as.Application
    Dim wrdDoc as Word.Document

    Private Sub Command1_Click ()
    dim wrdSelection Word as .Selection
    Dim wrdMailMerge like Word.MailMerge
    dim wrdMergeFields like Word.MailMergeFields

    Dim StrToAdd like strings
    ‘create eczemathe most commonly associated word and make it visible
    [product color # ff0000] Set wrdApp = CreateObject (“Word.Application”) [/ color]
    wrdApp .Visible = True
    End Sub

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  • red wine line sneakers. Any ideas?

    How do I fix error in loading DLL?

    Solution 1: Try to register Dao360 and Msado15 DLL files.Solution 2: Update Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC)Solution 3: reinstall the program.Solution 4: Repair and remove the registry.Solution 5: Fix DLL load error using access recovery software.

    I am using VB6 SP4 and Word 2000. I added the Word 9.0 library to my project.

    Hope this tutorial helps you,

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