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Easy Way To Copy Msconfig Settings

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    In this user guide, we will identify some of the possible causes that may cause msconfig settings to be copied, and then we will suggest possible solutions to this problem. The original boot configuration simply tells Windows to migrate with the original configuration obtained during the first installation. It overwrites any settings you have made and uses only the default settings.

    As you can see in the below, my system only has one boot until I use the original boot configuration service. Let me clarify that in the current state, I have no issues. I’m just curious what the other three bootloader entries are for. As already mentioned, these are probably historical records that are no longer valid and therefore causing download errors. Also note in the previous MSCONFIG screenshot that the top MSCONFIG image that runs all three boot loaders is not shown in the screenshot below, which is just what I’m using.

    I’ve done all these suggested steps in the past until wmic restore matched autoreboot=false as I’m just not familiar with what it does at the end. Do a little research.

    What is Wini INI for?

    INI is the underlying INI database used in versions associated with the Microsoft Windows Operating Environment in Air up to and including Windows 3.11 for clean storage and easy-to-understand settings at boot time. Bypassing all fonts, communication background drivers, images, and screen saver language settings, windows were stored in WIN.

    By the way, do you include peopleth, which have a normal start when? checked yes, the use of the old layout is inactive?

    How do I edit a msconfig file?

    You also modify boot. ini with a configuration utility (Msconfig system.exe). To run the System Configuration Utility, click Start, click Run, type Msconfig in the Open box, and clickOK”.

    Microsoft Windows but [version 10.0.18362.329]
    (c) Microsoft Corporation 2019. All rights reserved.

    How to set MSConfig to default in Windows 10?

    You can follow the tactic of setting MSconfig to default.Press the Windows key + X key. Msconfig Type in the Run box and press Enter. In the General Loss of Service area of ​​the System Configuration dialog box, tap or click to select Hide All Microsoft Services, and then tap or click Enable All.

    C:Windowssystem32>bcdedit all

    copy msconfig settings

    Firmware /enum Download Manager
    IDshow bootmgr
    orderDelay 1

    Windows Boot Manager
    Device Partition=DeviceHarddiskVolume3
    Path Manager
    Description Start window manager
    Language options en-US
    inherit standard from global settings
    Normal Current
    SummaryObject 7f215fa1-b895-11db-b50c-c8f94e3b1201
    Show current order
    toolsdisplayorder speicherdiag
    Waiting time 30

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  • Windows Loader
    Current ID
    Device Partition=C:
    Path windowssystem32winload.efi
    Description of Microsoft Windows Fr-US
    Bootloader settings regionsOsdevicepartition=C:
    Options 10
    inherit object resume 7f215fa1-b895-11db-b50c-c8f94e3b1201
    nx OpIn

    copy msconfig settings

    resume hibernation
    ID 7f215fa1-b895-11db-b50c-c8f94e3b1201
    Device Partition=C:
    Path windowssystem32winresume.Windows efi
    Description Request CV
    Locale en-US
    Inherit settings from CV
    Loader path to hiberfil .sys
    yes yes
    debugging capability No

    Windows Tester
    Storage ID
    Device Partition=DeviceHarddiskVolume3
    Path bootmemtest.exe
    Description of Windows Memory Diagnostics

    What is Noexecute optin?

    /NOEXECUTE=OPTIN. Optin includes for dep the main system images and the specified images, in the DEP configuration discussion. Optin allows DEP to target only system components, including the kernel and Windows drivers. Administrators can enable DEP for selected executables.

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