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An Easy Way To Fix Winamp Problems

Here are some simple ways that can help you fix the Winamp connection issue.

Quick and Easy PC Repair

  • 1. Download and install ASR Pro
  • 2. Open the program and click "Scan"
  • 3. Click "Repair" to start the repair process
  • Enjoy a faster

    What do you need.In the Source DSP window, select the eye output signal.In the Output section, select the Catalog tabs.Now select Encoder Invoice – Under Encoder Type, select MP3 Encoder.Before broadcasting, make sure you have a live stream scheduled, otherwise you will need to be able to join the live stream at any time.

    Special Step 1 – Winamp Installation

    Download and install Winamp (if you don’t already have it). Is it possible to download Winamp for free?

    Step Related To Installing The Shoutcast Dsp Plug-in

    Download and install the Shoutcast dsp plugin for Winamp. This is any free plugin for Winamp that you distribute, for example, on the Internet.

    Why is Winamp dead?

    Winamp’s user base ended and in 2013 AOL decided to shut it down completely. This opinion changed at the last second when Nullsoft was sold to Radionomy. The Winamp site has since announced that a new version is “coming soon”, but five years later we’ve all seen nothing.

    Run the file you just downloaded as this will install the DSP directly into Winamp.

    Step 3. Launch – Shoutcast DSP Plugin

  • Launch Winamp
  • Press Ctrl – P (Ctrl and P together). The method page opens.
  • (a) Click “DSP/Effect” in the left stream – you may have to run downstream.
  • (b) Select “Nullsoft SHOUTcast Source DSP”. The “SHOUTcast Will source” window will appear.
  • Step 4. Enter Shoutcast Server Settings

  • (c) Select the Output tab type.
  • (d) Click Login
  • (e) The “Address” field usually specifies the Shou servertcast, as well as the host listed in your Shoutcast Webmail or Fast Serv account under Services -> Shoutcast.
  • (f) In the “Port” field, enter the port of the Shoutcast server, relative to what appears in your Shoutcast email message or sometimes in your Fast Serv account under Services -> Shoutcast.
  • (g) The “Password” field must accept the DJ’s password from the Shoutcast server for the reason stated in your Shoutcast email for the Fast Serv account under “Services” -> “Shoutcast”.
  • Note. You can sign in to your company portal account to get the required Shoutcast server details for these steps (in case you don’t need to update them):

    Step 5. Set Up The Encoder

    The encoder is the heart of Shoutcast. It takes audio from Winamp (or a microphone, or a product line recording) and converts it into an MP3 assembly to send to the appropriate listeners.

  • (h) Click on the “Encoder” tab.
  • (i) In the Encoder field, click Encoder 1.
  • (j) “Specify MP3 on Encoder” in the Encoder Type menu.
  • (k) Select the appropriate bitrate in “encoder settings”. You can choose the value”kbps” equal to or less than the “kbps” bitrate in the Shoutcast package you purchased.
  • connect with winamp

    Note. Be very careful when choosing encoder settings. The bit rate (kbps) MUST be the same or lower than most of the streams you intend to purchase.

    Reason For Step 6 – Set Up Station Details

  • (l) Click on the “Output” tab.
  • (m) Right-click the Yellow Pages button.
  • (n) Give your station a nice name.
  • (o) Enter your website address, including the http:// part of the name.
  • (p) Enter the type of music or content. You will probably list more than one with commas.
  • (q) If you want the in-game song titles to be available to members, click Enable Title Update.
  • Step 7: Select A Sound Source

    This is where we really get to choose whether we’re going to stream what Winamp is actually playing, or whether we’ll inject each of our sounds live into your home PC (mic, line-in, etc.).

  • (r) Click input tabs.
  • (s) If you want to move the files being played inWinamp, find Winamp in the input device menu. If you want direct audio streaming or microphone instructions instead, select “Sound card input”.
  • Note. If everyone selects “Sound Card Input”, you can use the standard recording method in the Windows Control Panel to stream. You will most likely be controlling levels within a certain “input level” range – it is recommended to keep the input level lower – not one, but two dB, to avoid distortion.

    Step – 4. Start Streaming

  • (t) Click on the Output tab.
  • (u) Click Connect.
  • (v) You should immediately parse the number of bytes around the “Status” field. If bytes are found to be 0 or remain “Not Connected”, see the troubleshooting section below.
  • (w) If you want the Shoutcast DSP to automatically connect every time you start Winamp, check the “Connect at startup” box.
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