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Steps To Troubleshoot Comsol Working Set Virtual Memory Issue

If you’re getting a comsol working set virtual memory error, this blog post was created to help you.

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    The operating system creates a virtual stack of memory, which, unfortunately, COMSOL considers contiguous space for free memory. This contiguous block of virtual memory can be mapped to different physical cities, so some of the content can be stored in RAM and another part is further stored on disk.

    comsol working set virtual memory

    One of the most frequently asked questions is, what size model are you going to solve in COMSOL Multiphysics? It turns out that the answer is quite difficult. In this blog post, we’ll discuss memory requirements, model size, and then how to predict the memory balance you’ll need to solve large problems with 3D matter.


    Let’s Look At Some Data

    The graph in this article shows the amount of memory required to solve various tasks with 3D-specific elements, depending on the number of degrees of confidentiality (DOF) in the model.

    Memory schemes (with a second polynomial curve) given two degrees of freedom for many representative case types.1:

  • Case Problem of thermal monitoring of a spherical shell. Radiant heat transfer occurs between almost all surfaces. The model has always been solved by default with itsolver.
  • Case 2: Structural mechanical problem behind a cantilever beam, solved with the default direct solver type.
  • Case 3. Electromagnetic wave problem solved with an iterative implication solver.4:
  • The case. The same physical-mechanical problem as in case 2, so an iterative solver is used.
  • Case 5: Heat problems in material line transfer. Only the high temperature of the conductive transmission is taken into account. By default, the model is modified with an iterative solver.
  • From this table, you should see that on machine a with 64 GB of RAM, you can solve problems of this magnitude, from 26,000 degrees of freedom to almost 12 million degrees of freedom. So what exactly is this wide range of numbers? Let’s see how to interpret such data…

    Degrees Of Freedom Explained

    In most cases, COMSOL Multiphysics solves a set of basic partial differential equations using a new finite element method that takes your amazing CAD model and divides the sites into elements essentially defined by a set of nodes at all boundaries.

    What is degree of freedom in COMSOL?

    In other words, the number of degrees of autonomy is equal to the number of nodes times the number of dependent variables. The relationship between this particular number of nodes and the feature area depends on feature detection and differs between 2D and 3D.

    There is definitely at least one unknown in every node, and the number of those unknowns will likely depend on the physics your organization decides. For example, if you are working with temperature, you only have one unknown (called T by default) at each node. When solving a structural fidelity problem, you instead compute areas and resulting constraints, and therefore solve with three unknowns (u, v, w) which are the displacements of each node in or xyz space.

    To obstruct turbulent flow, find solutions called velocity (also called u, v, w times the norm) and pressure (p), as well as additional available unknowns describing turbulence. If you are solving a diffusion problem with many different species, you may have as many unknowns in terms of nodes as there are chemical species. Also, different physics in the same element can have a different sampling order, which means thato There can be alternate nodes along the edges of the element, as well as within sections.

    The second order tetrahedral element solving the temperature field T has a final number of unknowns of 10 per part, while the first order element solves your laminar Navier-Stokes equations for velocity and mathbfu=(u_x,u_y,u_z), pressure, p, has a total of 16 unknowns per element.

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  • COMSOL Multiphysics uses information related to physics, material properties, boundary value problem, element and type, element shape to put together a system of equations (the vegetable garden matrix) that requires a bit more solution to get an answer that will help you with the problem with end accessories. The area of ​​this matrix is ​​the number of degrees of freedom (DOF) associated with the model, where the degrees of freedom of the array are a function of the exact number of elements, the discretization investment used in each physics, and some variables allowed for .Systems

    These equations are usually rare, which means that most thoughts in the Matrix are zero. In mostIn finite model types, each node is connected to its neighboring nodes as much as possible. Note that the shape of the element is important; A robust mesh of tetrahedra maintains a matrix other than a sparse matrix of hexagonal elements (bricks).

    How much RAM do I need for COMSOL?

    A minimum of 4 GB of RAM is recommended. 2-13 GB of hard disk space depending on your license gadgets and installation options. Adobe® Acrobat® Reader for viewing and copying COMSOL PDF documentation. 64-bit Intel® or AMD® processor based on Intel® 64 or AMD64 architecture with SSE4 instruction set.

    Some vendors include non-local links between nodes, resulting in a relatively compact system matrix. Radiant heat transfer is a typical problem, exhibiting a kind of dense system matrix. Radiative heat exchange can occur between all surfaces that do not see each other, so each node on radiating surfaces is usually connected to all other nodes. The result of this can be clearly read in the charts I shared at the beginning of this blog. The thermal model with radiation has much higher storage requirements compared to the thermal model without radiation.

    comsol working set virtual memory

    By this point, you should definitely see that the problem lies not only in the number of degrees of freedom, but also in the lack of a system matrix, which will affectthe amount of memory required to solve your COMSOL Multiphysics model that you see today. how your computer manages memory.

    Why We Get Out of memory error message from the operating system?

    Out of Memory (OOM) is an error message that occurs when the computer runs out of almost free memory to allocate methods. One of the most common reasons for getting this error message is running out of RAM. The system does not have much RAM for operations, so it runs out of memory.

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