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Undefined Custom Type Compile Error Ms Access Troubleshooter

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    In some cases, your system may display a message stating that the compilation error is MS Access of a non-standard type that is not defined. This error can be caused by a variety of reasons. Currently, the reasons and solutions for this error are as follows: you tried to declare a variable or conflict with an undefined data type, you may have specified an unknown class and object. Use the Type statement throughout the module to determine the current data type.

    If you get used If you are programming Access 97, you might run into a problem if you are using Access 2000 or later and still want to start with the DAO object model in VBA. If you try in a hurry or compile your code, you will likely run into the following error: “Compiler error: user-defined type is far from definition” and you will see which of your DAO variables might be allocated.

    What is a DAO recordset?

    A Dynaset Recordset Entity is a dynamic set of information that can be used to publish, modify, or delete records from the exclusive underlying database tables. A Dynaset Recordset Object can contain segments from one or more tables in a database. This type corresponds to an ODBC keyset cursor.

    Luckily, it’s easy to manage. The problem is that your current database does not have a resource defined in the Microsoft DAO Object Library. In Access 97, the baseline was already installed by default; for Access 2000 and later, a link to the Microsoft ActiveX Data Objects Library is set instead. To set the required link, simply point to Tools – Links in the VBE Code Editor, as shown in Figure 1.

    Eventually, if you scroll through the current list of available libraries, users will find Microsoft library 2 dao.6, which is shown in Figure 2. (Version 3.6 is the available version we’re looking for). All you have to do is check box 2. About this libraryNext and press the OK button. You can now compile your procedure by choosing Debug – Compile from the main menu.

    How do I fix compile error user defined type not defined?

    EDIT: An undefined custom type is called “oTable As Table” and “oRow As Row”. Replace the table and string with an object to correct the error and restrict compilation.

    Sometimes the problem may be that Access cannot find the baseline, which is actually indicated by the word “Missing” next to the base locale. If so, turn off the link and close the link dialog box. Then reopen the link dialog box, find the library far from the list, and check the missing resource again.

    Even if relevant, it is a good idea to explicitly reference the current DAO variables using the “DAO” tag. as shown in the runtime example below, in case you decide to add ADO code to your database (this is called disambiguation – and is shown in all of the examples below). below).

      '------------------------------------------- - ----------- -------------------------------------- - -----------------'Procedure: exampleDAOQueryDate and time: 01/31/2003By: Jamie Chernik'Purpose: open a tblExample with the largest DAO model, return the sum'A collection of datasets for this function. Safely destroys object variables', whichTo free up system resources.'------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -Farewell functionDim dbs as DAO.DatabaseFirst darken like DAO.RecordsetDim strQry as stringIn case of error GoTo sampleDAOQuery_ErrorSet dbs to = CurrentDb ()strQry "SELECT Count (Column1) As numRecords from tblExample" 'SQLSet rst is dbs.OpenRecordset (strQry)From the first   ExampleDAOQuery =! NumRecords' Returns the protocol number of the function    ... 'Close the complete DAO Recordset.End withdbs.Close 'closes the DAO database connectionSet rst is Nothing 'Free up system resourcesSet dbs is equal to Nothing 'Free system resourcesIn case of error 0Exit goto functionexampleDAOQuery_Error:    MsgBox "Error" and error number & ("" & error description & "), vbCriticalEnd of Ob function  

    Finally, it is also a good idea to schedule before Access 97, 2000 or higher to explicitly close and destroy your DAOs after use to maximize system resources and avoid data overload. This is usually done by using the close method and setting the object diff to Nothing, as shown at the end of the function example above.

    (This item is provided “AS IS” with little or no warranty.)

    How do I fix compile errors in access?

    Be sure to save deactivated referrals. Then click OK. Then go to the help window (Tools> Links) and check the links you just deactivated. Access will redesign its links and the error should now be gone.


    compile error user defined type not defined ms access

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    I converted a 2003 trusted database in 2010 and the VBA script I created in 2003 never worked in 2010. I was definitely experimenting with VBA scripting, moreover, I didn’t write the script, but I understood the action this guy was doing on the database. The specific element it allocates is considered DIM adoConn As ADODB new.Connection.

    I’m adding a few helpers to the script as the steps taken are definitely a great addition to our workflow.

    compile error user defined type not defined ms access

      Private Sub Error_code_exit (Cancel as integer)    If there is an error GoTo Error_code_exit    Dim strSQLErrorCode as string    Dim adoConn as new ADODB. unite   Dim adoRSErrorCode as new ADODB.Recordset    Set adoConn = CurrentProject.Connection    strSQLErrorCode = "SELECT [error matrix1]. [error code], [error matrix1] .CTC FROM matrix1];" [Error adoRSErrorCode.OpenstrSQLErrorCode, adoConn, adOpenKeyset, adLockOptimistic    Not so adoRSErrorCode. Then eof games            If adoRSErrorCode.Fields = Me.Error_Code.Value, then                If IsNull (adoRSErrorCode.Fields ("CTC")) then                    Me.chkAgree = Correct                    End                End if            End if            adoRSErrorCode.MoveNext        Loop to adoRSErrorCode.EOF    End if   AdoRSErrorCode .Close    teenConn.CloseExit_code_exit:    UnderError_code_exit: Exit MsgBox Error Description    Continue Exit_code_exitThe end of the submarine 


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    You should put a good link to the ADODB library. This:

      Microsoft is an ActiveX x.x Data Objects Library 

    In the code window, select Tools> Links, navigate to the study you want and check it off. You might have another problem with your final code when using DAO Recordsets and you don’t want them to be DAO.Recordset

    answered Aug 9 12 at 18:41

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